Cultural Equivalency

“Deluded, you blindly followed the call of a false doctrine.” (Milton Meyer)

I have never seen an entire nation so eager to give away and destroy their country and their American exceptionalism in exchange for the progressives’ cultural Marxism promoted in American textbooks and taught by academia’s promise of equality. It is all right for the masses to be equally poor and miserable in the failed communist societal model, so long as the elites are exempted from this equality nonsense.

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen…,” said our president to a fawning crowd in Virginia.

I was listening dumbfounded that the President of the most successful country on the planet, built by American entrepreneurship, by Americans who took huge financial risks, mortgaged their homes, worked 18 hour days, spent their lives’ savings to build their American dream, could say such a preposterous lie, belittling the business acumen and accomplishments of millions of hard-working Americans, without being challenged by the adoring audience and the lapdog main stream media. Instead of being laughed out of the room, he was applauded!

America has helped billions in the world with its generosity of food, shelter, money, medical care, construction, advice, exploration, and financial aid without the expectation of repayment in times of trouble, war, occupation, emergency, natural disasters, and pandemic disease.

Our exceptional military has been the “policeman of the world” and got to a troubled zone in no time at all. “The Americans are coming” was music to the ears of those in need of help because they knew salvation was close.

Search which country in the world has most patents, discoveries, technological developments, medical procedures breakthroughs that save millions of lives, and Nobel Prizes, and you will find the United States of America. You will also find that Marxism has killed more people in the world than any armed conflict.

According to educators and writers of Nebraska social studies standards, all “cultures are equivalent.” Has anybody seen lately women being stoned to death in this country if found or suspected of committing adultery? They do in Muslim countries. Do we practice genital mutilation in women? Are seventh century cultures equal to our twenty-first century culture? Do we live by seventh century rules of conduct? Of course, cultures are not equal! Just because liberals are brainwashing our children with ridiculous lies in textbooks, does not make it a fact. Unfortunately, children look up to these “educators” and believe their teachers’ constant misinformation and alteration of our history and introduction of events and discoveries from cultures dear to progressives’ hearts that never took place.

As Joe Dejka reported, “America’s Founding Fathers, as well as other historical figures and dates will be restored in proposed new Nebraska social studies standards.” Their absence from an earlier draft, which focused instead on broad concepts and themes, drew criticism from the public and some members of the Nebraska Board of Education when released in April.” (World-Herald News Service, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 11, 2012)

Why would the public even allow that the Founding Fathers and historical figures be taken out of the textbooks in the first place? Because there is no accountability in education, the agenda of the few progressives and the National Education Association trumps the truth and the wishes of parents. The writing is done behind closed doors in a few large states such as Texas and California. The historical truth falls victim to the cultural Marxists’ agenda.

Educators and teachers are people who have never set foot in a communist country and have not experienced firsthand the horrors of living under such a dictatorship. They believed the revolution drivel and romanticized version of Marxism told or taught by their college professors who were also insulated from any experience with totalitarian regimes. They just thought Castro, Che Guevara, Stalin, Mao and other dictators were “cool,” promising equality for all and everything for nothing. They forgot to mention the millions of innocents who were slaughtered because they did not go along with the program and despised the communist ideology.

The draft standards included manmade global warming as a fact, not theory; it advocated for global government, the linchpin of the environmentalists’ UN Agenda 21; the draft standards failed to emphasize American exceptionalism, and diminished the role of the U.S. Constitution and of our Founding Fathers.

These liberal/progressive standards were re-written by 45 Nebraska educators for teachers of history, economics, civics, and geography in 250 school districts in the state. “The draft also encouraged students to “engage in appropriate civic activities” such as advocating for personal rights, the rights of others and influencing government action.”(Joe Dejka)

Board member John Sieler of Omaha complained that the draft standards suggested, “All cultures are equivalent.” He used a news article about an Afghani woman accused of adultery, who was shot to death before a crowd of men, as an example that such deed is not a “cultural equivalent to American beliefs.” He continued, “Standards should talk of capitalism and free enterprise as positive forces.” (World-Herald News Services)

I hope that the new draft will be written with public input instead of behind closed doors. Then again, our own lawmakers have set a precedent for murkiness and lack of transparency, in spite of empty promises of openness to the public – they have written and discussed Obamacare, the 2,700 page healthcare law, behind closed doors.

In spite of obvious massive failures of leadership, high unemployment, transparency, and a disastrous economy, the Obama campaign is not giving up its “hope and change” motto. His supporters are marching over the cliff to communism. We will keep our “hope” for a prosperous capitalist America, while liberals can take their phony “change” and spend it in Cuba.

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