Silence Is Not “Golden” When Defending Liberty

“Silence is golden,” says the old proverb. The silence in defense of liberty is deafening. American voices are silent or drowned by the liberal agenda of the main stream media, the approved elite talking heads, and the progressive academia.

Stifling free speech and political debate by using political correctness and unfounded accusations of racism are the favorite tools of the progressive movement. Every facet of the American way of life is under attack by the fringe in power. Yet, it is so quiet on the right, you can hear crickets.

The anti-American political posturing of Democrats in this presidential campaign and the Republicans’ weak defense of what has made America a superpower is a reminder of how much is at stake and how much can be lost in November – the heart and soul of a nation, her very existence.

The American “arrogance” for which this administration is constantly apologizing to the world is found in cemeteries across Europe in which American heroes are interred, having died in the defense of liberty for ungrateful and cocky European socialists who have forgotten the ultimate sacrifice paid by ordinary Americans who preserved their way of life and freedom there and around the globe.

There is a strong disconnect between the interests of the political class and the interests of “we the people.” We want to save our nation and our Constitution. Politicians are only interested in gaining and retaining power and wealth during their “service.” Their ultimate goal is to remain in office for life by pleasing constituents who send in large donations and endorsements, and by pretending to care for the downtrodden. Throw supporters a bone in the form of welfare, amnesty, or union support, and they will vote Democrat forever. Build a bridge to nowhere or a short railroad to a swamp and you gain the citizens’ undying devotion.

Politicians prefer a dumbed down electorate, uninformed, with little education, no courage, easily duped and pliable so that representatives can retain their privileged status. Politicians lie, misrepresent, sell their conscience, betray the voters’ trust, betray their country, and sell it to the highest bidder in order to keep their power and office. Should they lose an election, civilian life can provide even more spoils in the form of lobbying, in exchange for knowledge and insider information gained while in office.

History is conveniently erased or re-written to favor the latest education mandate sent in by the mighty Department of Education who decides what facts are important and what perception of reality shaped by those in power is acceptable and politically correct in order to graduate more drones.

Students are socially promoted and encouraged to attend colleges where they are advised to pursue worthless degrees in social studies, women’s studies, ethnic studies, communication, and journalism with a communist bent and social justice activism, for which there is little demand and certainly little pay or employment opportunity unless Occupy Wall Streeter is considered a serious profession.

Who wants to study hard and struggle to pass math? Liberals say that “mathematics is man-made, arbitrary, and good solutions are arrived at by consensus among those who are considered experts.” By this logic, 2+2 may equal 5 if there is enough “consensus.”

Easy As in fluff courses are guaranteed in this progressive ideology that permeates humanities and social sciences. I never understood why they call them sciences – there is nothing scientific about a subject that derives its “wisdom” from opinion surveys.

Innovations, inventions, most favored status and strategic technology are sold or made available to rogue nations and enemies while allies are slighted or ignored.

If you happen to be “rich,” and the definition of “rich” keeps changing, you did not pay your fare share. You now work for your government, the government no longer works for you. Social justice demands as much confiscation of wealth as possible from you until redistribution of wealth and social engineering is satisfied. Only then will social justice/equity reign supreme.

If you have a small business for which you had worked very hard for many years or perhaps generations, you did not build that, someone else helped you because the government built roads for you to travel on and engage in commerce. Never mind that you were levied confiscatory taxes by the government, thus paying for the construction of roads and for the right to travel on them.

Government spending is out of control. Congressmen in both parties cannot help themselves in the drunken deficit spending frenzy. They are so irresponsible, they have not passed a budget in three years, one of their primary missions.

Yet Congress and the government would like to tell you how irresponsible you are with your finances, how much more taxes you must pay, what to eat, what to drink, how much salt to consume, what drugs to take, what kind of insurance you must purchase, what vaccines you must receive, what engineered foods you must eat via Codex Alimentarius, what supplements to take, what cars to buy, where to live, what to do with your own property, where to work, how to raise your children, and what schools to attend.

Meanwhile, Congressmen exempted themselves from Obamacare, protected themselves against the very fraud they punished their constituents with, and were lawless and unaccountable for their misdeeds, protecting each other like thieves in the night.

We’ve lost our Space Shuttle program with the stroke of a presidential pen, but landed successfully the rover Curiosity on Mars. The fantastic journey took 8 months and millions of miles. It boggles my mind how precise and tedious the entire process was. Nobody paid much attention to this momentous occasion in the history of our nation or cared to rejoice in such an accomplishment, except for the jubilant and marvelous engineers at NASA. Everyone else was busy with mundane living or tired of hearing the MSM disingenuous non-stop praises of a failed administration. Why spend money on our stellar space exploration program when we can rent a chair on a Russian shuttle like a poor and distant relative who cannot afford a car.

Silence may be golden in some cases, but, in defense of liberty, we must hear more than a whimper from our pro-America politicians if we are to save our constitutional republic – it must be a roar in order to protect our country from extinction.

2 thoughts on “Silence Is Not “Golden” When Defending Liberty

  1. Oh my God, I’m in tears over the truth you speak!

    Thank you… I for one will never give up on our Great Country! God bless you for covering the undeserving back of this Irish son of immigrants who actually passed through Ellis Island!

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