My Trip to Obama-Mart

Yesterday was an interesting excursion into the future of our new country. As many liberals have told me, the earth is still spinning and I need to grow up, the people have spoken, and they are in control now. Even in victory, Democrats are unhappy; they must completely squash the opposition. I cannot help but think of California, a one-party state ruled by liberals, what will happen to this once prosperous secular state.

We had gone grocery shopping and decided to walk over to the newly renovated Wal-Mart, bustling with shoppers of any nationality possible, most speaking their native tongues in a cacophony of foreign sounds. The first encounter was the two large posters on the front door, telling customers the shopping days for SNAP.

We felt out of place, alien, and dirty, as if this was not our country anymore. The few black and white people who spoke English were “rara avis.”

A lady was walking around with her belly hanging out, proudly announcing to the world that she was very pregnant. Grotesquely fat people with overladen carts with food were moseying around the isles. I never understood how Americans claim they are so poor and exploited yet they eat the most, as exemplified by their girth. Other nations spend a large percentage of their incomes to buy food, yet we shout that we are poor. Maybe this is an expression of what we now do in this country, accepting the lowest denominator as the norm – no more American exceptionalism.

Liberals told us that things are going to be great now that they rule the new country. We are going to have expensive “free healthcare,” higher taxes, more spending, less military, leaving us more vulnerable and less respected in the world, but, we are going to be just like everyone else, mediocre and dependent on government.

The future is not about “bringing people up;” it is about lowering the bar because the bar was unfairly set too high. We are the American Union, soon to catch up with the European Union. We are all Europeans now, excited at the prospect of total socialism. Why should someone who worked hard their entire lives, made right decisions, and saved, should have more than someone who self-indulged on drugs all the time, did not show up for work, but kept having babies out of wedlock? We have to spread the wealth, willingly or by executive fiat.

On a busy Saturday afternoon, brand new banks of cash registers were empty while the available ones had long lines of impatient people. Could it be incompetence or the fact that Wal-Mart is cutting down employees in order to avoid the expensive compliance with Obamacare?

One lady, frustrated by the long wait in the fast checkout lane, was shouting to the ceiling, I presume to the cameras, “It’s idiots like us who have to pay.” In a disjointed speech, she continued, “Six men own 40 percent of the wealth, we should all storm and take it. Management, come to the cash register! My time is valuable too.” She explained to the entire line that she could not shop at the union-owned grocery stores because prices were too high. She did not need the bulk of Costco either. Following her logic, she should have been happy with Wal-Mart – their low prices have allowed many American families to buy their food and necessities while leaving disposable income for other expenses. It is not Wal-Mart’s fault that both Republican and Democrat Congressmen de-industrialized America by approving NAFTA, GATT, WTO, allowing free trade with China, and resulting in multinational corporations moving their factories overseas, firing workers, and destroying millions of manufacturing jobs in the process. The spectacle I was witnessing was a sad expression of the dumbed down electorate who are changing the face of America for the worst.

The opportunity cost of standing in this line at Wal-Mart was higher than what I was shopping for but I was learning a valuable lesson. I am not sure most people would understand or care what opportunity cost is. We live in one of the most educated areas in the country yet this is the result of our dumbed down educational system. Nobody wants to work $12 an hour jobs so they hire foreigners who do not speak English.

Our paper currency claims proudly, “In God We Trust.” Is this still the case? Are we still running the new country on Christian principles or are we now running it on secularism and statism, the new SS? Are atheism and mother Earth our new gods? If we held a referendum today and there was no voter fraud, would God and Christianity win? Are we still a Judeo-Christian nation?

Did we peak as a nation before 9/11? Did Osama bin Laden succeed in taking us down? Do we now worship the god of “self,” whatever is best for me and makes me feel good is my new god?

If Democrats get enough rope, they will hang themselves with it and I think, we should let it happen. It will be painful for us and the rest of the world.

Do the “evil rich” need to be taught a lesson in sharing by the Democrat largesse? History will tell. To mirror the recent special, “The Men Who Built America,” our children and grandchildren may watch a special years from now on the history channel, “2030 – The Men Who Destroyed America” – Woodrow Wilson, FDR, bankers, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Richard Nixon, Treasury Secretaries, some recent Presidents, the Supreme Court, and the Federal Reserve may feature prominently.

8 thoughts on “My Trip to Obama-Mart

  1. Dear Dr. Johnson. Your “Trip to Obama-Mart” absolutely blew me away. You so eloquently express my sadness for my country, and for my childen and their children. I am 73 yrs. old and I am so grateful to be healthy, active and still able to work. Never along the way did I ever feel sorry for myself as I raised my three children alone. I would have been mortified, humiliated and downright embarrassed to apply for any sort of aid. It was my responsibility, and I took it on. It’s called self respect. My parents were Italian immigrants, so proud to be part of the United States, expecting nothing more than opportunity and freedom. When did the people of our great Nation go from Pride to Entitlement? The same time we took God out of our classrooms?

    May God bless us all, and be with us in our profound mourning for the country we remember and love!

  2. “Even in victory, Democrats are unhappy; they must completely squash the opposition.”

    Do you remember when Dubya was reelected? I’m not saying it’s the right way to act, but, considering all the garbage that the left has put up with, I’m not one bit surprised to see it…

    • I remember when President Bush was re-elected quite well. I saw no “garbage the left has put up with.” GWB won twice, fair and square. It is the left ( JFK, LBJ, Algore, Christine Gregoire, Stuart Smalley, Obama, Allen West’s punk opponent , etc.) who have stolen or tried to steal elections through massive fraud. They are sore losers who truly do, as Doctor Paugh so eloquently states, wish to destroy their opposition.

  3. Dear Dr. Johnson…. I agree with Antoinette….. I am 66 years old and am so sad about what happened to our country on November 6. My deep concern is for the future of my children and my grandchildren. Thank you for your article….. I am not alone with my sadness.

  4. “We felt out of place, alien, and dirty, as if this was not our country anymore.”

    Exactly my sentiment. Where does a working, law abiding, self reliant, thinking, taxpaying, Christian male fit in anymore in America?

  5. Ileana–As you know, I’m a conservative and I frequently shop at the same Walmart. I never leave there feeling alien and dirty though. In fact on my last trip to Walmart I had a really enlightening conversation with the store manager sharing thoughts about the Free Market and the effect of Union encroachment on business, keeping VA a “right to work” state, etc.

    • Debbie,
      I understand. We definitely did not shop at the same Walmart, there are three within driving distance of my house. I am glad the one you visited was promoting the “right to work.”

  6. I am 71 yrs old and have never taken any welfare or even unemployment. I know many people with this work ethic but most of them are over 50 years old. For many years we have been slipping toward a nation of workers wanting stuff handed to them. Since Obummer came into office he has exponentially expanded the welfare state, take from those who have and give to those who do not want to work. He has infiltrated our school systems promoting communist/socialist agendas, set race relations back 20 to 30 years and created a society that is dependent on government, taken God out of government buildings and schools. This is exactly what Hitler
    did. Now they are on the last step of dictatorship by governing by executive order and now wanting to take our guns. God help this nation while we still have one.

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