Immigration Reform – Why Immigrate to the U.S.

We are a country of immigrants – we all came here legally or illegally for different reasons, to escape political and religious oppression, unfair taxation, to find wealth and prosperity, for personal safety, to buy land, to farm, to find a wife, a husband, to educate oneself, to escape tyranny, to escape the law, to escape hanging. Whatever the reason was, freedom and economic opportunity became the principal common denominators.

The Obama administration indicated that this term it will give amnesty to twelve million illegals/undocumented workers/paperless citizens. Is this move intended to help legitimize people who broke the law or are these people just voter-pawns in the chess game of power and control? If so, perhaps they should not be allowed to vote for the next six presidents.

Why do immigrants, legal or illegal, still want to come here? What do we have to offer that nobody else can offer them? Mexico has 4.7 percent unemployment, why cross the border into U.S. where unemployment is in the double digits?

We no longer have economic freedom; there is no longer an opportunity for the best and the brightest but for quotas, this minority group and that minority group. The many agencies of the federal government split us into so many groups that we are no longer just Americans. We are divided on purpose by the color of our skin, geographic origination, gender, age, religious preferences, ethnicity, and sexual preferences. There are euphemistic and politically correct categories invented by liberals just so nobody is offended.

The government has suffocated the productive layers of society, rewarding sloth and welfare dependency, while taxing the middle class to the max in the name of the “rich paying their fair share.” And the rich are laughing all the way to their offshore investments where their wealth is secure.

Congress has allowed so much outsourcing of American jobs, building other countries economically from the ground up, while neglecting our infrastructure and allowing it to crumble.

Our influence in the world as an economic superpower is dwindling – we are no longer a success story to emulate. Our military is shrinking and so is its mission – we are now a “force for good.” But domestically, we are arming to the teeth.

Large corporations do the government’s bidding and vice-versa, fair competition is slowly disappearing. With so much stimulus money, the “too big to fail” syndrome, the troubled asset relief program (TARP), three quantitative easings (soon to be ad infinitum), how can a small company compete?

The bloated bureaucracy in Washington has become glaringly expensive, taxing all Americans who earn an income excessively, while protecting the wealth of the elites, large banks, monopolies, and oligopolies.

Our elected representatives no longer serve the citizens who voted them in but protect the interests of those who put them in power with large donations – the corporatists.

We no longer own our land and the right to farm or build on it – the U.N. Agenda 21 has taken care of that bit by bit since 1992. We are now in the phase of Green and Sustainable everything, choked by EPA and Department of Energy regulations and generous taxpayer-funded grants.

Our productive sector, what is left of it, is controlled by unions who have so much money, are able to buy and influence elections, even taking to court corporations in states that have the right to work laws and getting rid of any honest politicians who stand in their way.

We no longer have a stellar education, it is mediocre at best. Indoctrination, including environmental brainwashing, is controlled by the government through the State Department of Education, interest groups, environmental groups, Muslim groups, progressive groups, and anti-American groups. Universities are fast becoming the playground and stage of overt American Marxism and liberal perversions packaged as “social equity” and “social justice.”

We no longer have the best health care in the world either – it is replaced by Obamacare, a socialist experiment that has been tried all over Europe and failed miserably. We just did not get the memo and are thus becoming Europe – a path to mediocrity and inconsequence.

We are not being served and protected by the police anymore. We have so many agencies that have vilified and scared into compliance ordinary patriotic Americans that I have lost count. We now fear the police and our government just like immigrants feared the police in the totalitarian paradise they escaped from.

We are no longer innocent until proven guilty and the law does not protect the innocent. Judges practice judicial activism from the bench because the Constitution is just an outdated piece of paper written by foggy old men centuries ago.

Lincoln freed the slaves but our government enslaves the free with unpayable debt, robbing citizens yet unborn to pay for lavish spending now.

We no longer control what we eat or drink or how much. Portion control is already implemented in restaurants and cafeterias around the country. We are too fat, have no willpower and the government must intervene to do what is best for us and “ration” our food intake.

Obesity is being discussed at the Davos World Economic Forum – perhaps they will tax fat people as soon as they can devise a devious and complex plan to do it. Maybe they will charge higher health premiums.

Fewer places allow Americans to smoke. Obamacare will penalize smokers by charging them 50 percent higher premium rates. Taxing tobacco sales more has not persuaded many to stop smoking. Paradoxically, tobacco stocks fund health care for children and supply a good portion of pension funds with revenue.

We no longer control what our entertainment is – Hollywood does. We have to accept their moral values or lack thereof, their pompous hypocrisy, their socialist/Marxist movies that revise and twist history, and their constant know-it-all attacks on conservative values and derision of our Judeo-Christian faith.

Even churches are moving in the direction of accepting and embracing the minority liberal views in order to survive. Environmentalism and worship of Mother Earth (Gaia) to the detriment of humans is the religion of progressivism.

Abortion is becoming the norm, forced by Obamacare on Americans and groups that believe the killing of the unborn to be murder.

We no longer have a press; it is now the propaganda arm of the current administration. We have citizen journalists and talk radio for now.

A different point of view labels anyone automatically a terrorist and a racist, maligned ad nauseam by the MSM. Vitriolic talking heads repeat the same false narratives, revisionist history, made-up events and quotes, and replay doctored videos and spliced audios enough times until the low information Americans believe and swear that it is true.

We no longer control what we drive or what kind of fuel we buy. We no longer control what kind of electric meters, appliances, bulbs, commodes, and windows we install in our homes. We are told how much water we can use, where we can fish, camp, hunt, where we can and cannot build a house on the land we own, whether we can use our land, and if we are allowed by local zoning officials to sell the crops we grow.

Our parental rights are being challenged in many places – United Nations wants to take that decision away from us because Government Mom and Government Dad know best.

The right to live and die will be decided by a 15-member “death panel” as part of the unfortunately named Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The upside is that few people with a conscience would want to be members of such a panel. On the downside, the government will find professionals.

U.S. is no longer about freedom, about the opportunity to be the best that you can be. And immigrants no longer come here for that. Instead, they come here because they believe that the source of wealth and prosperity IS the government. And we do have a very large government that is very generous with other people’s money.

No amount of pandering is going to sway illegal immigrants to vote a certain way. They will vote for bigger government every time. Case in point, Ronald Reagan gave 3 million illegal aliens blanket amnesty in 1986. Only a small percentage voted for Republicans because they are not the party of big government, Democrats are.

We have lost so much of what has made this country great that one ponders the obvious question, why bother to immigrate to the U.S. and leave everything you know behind? So much has eroded; it reminds me of a huge dam trickling drop by drop until suddenly it gives way and explodes into a massive torrent of water that destroys everything in its path, carrying mud, debris, and lives far away until its fury and power have dissipated; at this point, no one can recognize the land as it was.

One thought on “Immigration Reform – Why Immigrate to the U.S.

  1. This is an open invitation to the Drug Cartel, how stupid can a leader be. Remember Mr. President, you work for us we don’t work for you.
    If this happens our country will become another Mexico, where killers rule and good people have to hide. Where will the Americans go to find jobs, have you thought of that Mr. President. Do we also have to cross the border of another country to make money to support our family? Why don’t you try and walk in our shoes Mr. President, you’ll see how uncomfortable they really are.

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