The Green Growth Sustainability of Washington, D.C.

The Green Growth Sustainability of U.N. Agenda 21 has finally arrived in our nation’s capital. Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced last week his “Sustainability D.C.” plan to make the District of Columbia “the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States” by 2032.
He plans “zero-net buildings that generate at least as much energy as they produce,” reducing the amount of salt spread on the roads, and charging residents per bag of trash pickup. (Washington Post, Mike DeBonis, February 20, 2013)

The environmentalists are dancing with joy at the prospect of reducing the city’s potential impact on the manufactured global warming/climate change they’ve been pushing for decades. Reasonable minds wish that the D.C. Mayor would address instead the high crime and poverty rates, real problems in the District.
The capital will have “250,000 more residents, use 50 percent less energy, emit 50 percent fewer greenhouse gases and produce 15 percent less waste.” D.C. will plant 150,000 trees, citizens will have more rooftop greenery, and CFL bulbs will light miles of bike paths.
Regulations will be lessened to allow residents to build more high-rises in transit corridors, convert basements and over-garage space into living quarters, all with the intention of moving people together as compactly as possible.
Building codes will become more stringent in order to reduce carbon footprint, and a percentage of the city’s electricity will have to come from renewables, as well as demanding more investment in public transit. The idea is that over time, cars should become obsolete, moving everybody into public transportation or bike riding.
Mayor Gray plans to use city funds to finance a nearby wind farm and invest in orchards for local food. Even the liberal Washington Post questions why the mayor is not addressing “the true costs and trade-offs” of the ambitious plan.
The op-ed asks, what is more pressing, “quintupling the number of green jobs, or meeting low greenhouse-emissions targets cheaply and on time?” I say, there is no such thing as a green job; it is a fabrication of the Green Growth, Sustainability schemes of U.N. Agenda 21, the plan to confiscate and redistribute wealth to third world nations. (Washington Post, The Green City, February 24, 2013)
The global warming/climate change is a hoax. Environmentalist fibbers conveniently leave out the role of the sun and solar flares on our planet and of the oceanic currents. Environmentalists are nothing more than opportunists making billions and trillions over carbon swaps, taxes, EPA regulations, and carbon footprint regulations. They are using lower-wrung activists who have been brainwashed to promote the man-made global warming/climate change agenda to the low information voters.
The suspect science of human-caused global warming was highlighted on Douglas Carswell’s blog and mea culpa. “My biggest regret as an MP is that I failed to oppose the 2008 Climate Change Act. It was a mistake. I am sorry.” Britain’s Climate Change Act of 2008 has had serious damaging effects on the economy. (Principia Scientific International, February 25, 2013)
Rajenda Pachuri, the United Nation’s chief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), acknowledged that temperatures have not risen in the last 17 years. Britain’s Met Office confirmed the data. (
Dr. James Hansen, NASA’s most prominent and vocal global warming/climate change doomsayer, also acknowledged that “The 5-year mean global temperature has been flat for a decade.”(
Dr. Klaus L. E. Kaiser translated a new German study by Professor Heinz Hug. Citing peer reviewed sources, Dr. Hug states, “IPCC assertion that increased greenhouse gas water vapor causes global warming, is wrong.” (
Dr. Kaiser said, “The reality also is that all the models used by the IPCC and their followers make untenable assumptions, contain internal inconsistencies and totally disregard the physical basis necessary.” (
Science is exact, it does not work by “consensus” as declared by United Nations or activist environmentalists. “Consensus is a societal or judicial term which has no place in science.”
(Dr. Klaus Kaiser)

In the same article, Dr. Klaus Kaiser gives a very good explanation why the tropospheric CO2 causes a net cooling effect on our planet, not a greenhouse “blanket.”
“Look at planet Mars. Its atmosphere contains 950,000 parts per million (ppm) CO2 versus 400 ppm on Earth. Yet, on the side of Mars facing the sun, the temperature is about 30 °C like on Earth, but on the opposite (night) side it is well below MINUS-100 °C (approximately MINUS-200 °F). The thick layer of CO2 on Mars does not at all provide a “warm blanket” on its night side – au contraire – all that CO2 in the Martian atmosphere produces a cooling effect through outward radiation of IR energy its molecules.”
Al Gore’s global warming predictions that the sea levels will rise, flood, and swallow islands and lands opening to the ocean are also wrong. Nils-Axel Mörner, sea level expert, has recently criticized main stream media alarmists, including the United Nations IPCC, for claiming that Bangladeshi floods are caused by man-made global warming. Independent scientists have proven that floods in Bangladesh are caused by rain over the Himalayas and cyclones that push water inland. “This has nothing to do with the sea,” said Mörner.
Here we are, transforming our way of life fundamentally, our cities, District of Columbia included, at great expense and pain to all, based on environmental lies, scientific misinterpretation of data, and U.N. Agenda 21’s schemes to redistribute wealth and to control every facet of life. Would it not be easier if the U.N. and its ardent supporters just came in and confiscated our “ill-gotten wealth” (as they indoctrinate our children in schools) overnight instead of stealthily stealing from us in the name of saving the planet?

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