Our Children, Global Citizens, and the Collective

“Our Children Belong to the Collective” is a phrase that brings back bad memories and nightmares for survivors of communism. It is alarming when an MSNBC host says that your kid belongs to the collective. I’ve seen and experienced Hillary’s global village of “collective” children and did not like it. I do not like Agenda 21’s “collectivism,” global citizens, or Hillary’s secular village raising our children – it is a frightening prospect.

Former communist dictator Ceausescu and his wife brainwashed children through slogans in and out of school to believe that their parents were the President and his wife. Disparaging biological parents, community organizers and teachers encouraged the worship of the communist party and its absolute tyrannical leader as the only source of parental advice and guidance.

They were told to snitch on their parents; they were asked repeatedly how much money their parents had, what furniture, cars, hunting rifles, jewelry, paintings, cash under the mattress, conversations with each other, and who visited their homes.

Children, innocent and sincere, told the truth, without realizing that their honest answers would put away their parents for good, not understanding why their parents disappeared overnight, and heartbroken when sent to the many state orphanages where they would never see their parents again and the aggressive re-education into the communist utopia began.

At some point during his rule, the dictator forbade any form of contraception and abortion was severely punished. The population was dwindling because people could not afford to feed and support many children. The population was committing demographic suicide for financial and economic reasons. Food was hard to come by, living space was very cramped, and nobody had many possessions left.

An explosion of babies whose parents were too poor to support ensued. The dictator was happy to receive them in his many orphanages specially designed to educate the next cadre of communist apparatchiks and to train his personal army.

Ironically, one such baby, who was conceived from a rape and his mom gave him up for adoption to the communist training school, eventually became part of the firing squad that shot the dictator and his wife on December 25, 1989. He testified that no soldier knew who had the real bullets and who had the duds. He was convinced that divine retribution and karma coincided.

Would parents willingly give up their children to be raised by the state in this country? Perhaps some who are frustrated with unruly kids they do not know how to handle anymore or never knew how to raise properly because they were immature themselves and unprepared for the difficult job of parenting. The promise that the state will educate children who are out of control might be tempting to some.

Parents are already reprimanded by some states if they spank or punish their children by taking away privileges. Social services intervene and remove the children from such homes and put them in foster care. The state becomes de facto parents.

States give minor children birth control, the morning after pill, and Planned Parenthood counseling without the knowledge and consent of the parents. In such cases, parental rights are bypassed – they are made irrelevant by the state.

Parents are not allowed in classrooms to see what lessons and revisionist history their children are taught. In Texas, parents are not permitted to view the CSCOPE socialist-indoctrinating curriculum. Common Core is attempting to nationalize and control the education of our children.

At the university level the socialist “collectivist” mentality prevails. Columbia just hired a professor who spent years in jail as a domestic terrorist with the Weather Underground. Is this the role model we want to teach our students? Academia has been indoctrinating young minds for a long time with the tacit consent of parents – they are the payers of tuition and are not asking questions.

Everybody was outraged when the coach at Rutgers was seen on tape physically and verbally attacking his student athletes. Where is the moral outrage when conservative students are verbally abused and tormented by their liberal college professors?

The all-powerful teacher derides students’ views and opinions that are different from his/hers, threatens to fail them, or gives them bad grades. The students are often harassed the entire semester – the professor picks on them and makes insensitive and insulting remarks to intimidate them into submission. Some drop the class but many have no choice but to stay.

Benji Backer, a fifteen year old from Appleton, Wisconsin, was so bullied by teachers for his conservative political views that he had to switch schools. He was so tired of being told that he was a racist because his views conflicted with his teachers’ that he fought back the intolerant bullies from the left by going public with his plight. (Red State and Fox News)

Children do not belong to the state, they belong to a family, to their parents, and it is important to stress parental rights before it is too late. The “collective” will make pliant drones out of young minds that no longer can or are allowed to think for themselves as individuals with free will.

One thought on “Our Children, Global Citizens, and the Collective

  1. When you read this article think about Obama, Democrat Party, the RINO leadership in the Republican Party and where they are herding us!
    The Democrat Party is filled with nothing but communists, Democratic Hegemonists, Crony Capitalists, Fabian socialists, Marxists, progressives, liberals, Islamists, left-wing radicals, anti-capitalists, Anti-White Racists, un-American union thugs; Cultural Marxism is the glue that holds them all together in their effort to conquer the world and stop capitalism; it is also the flying carpet that allows them to progress and move freely throughout our society on their quest to destroy us. However, what everyone fails to do is their homework on Shariah/Islamic law and how Islamists intend to form a global Caliphate under Shariah/Islamic law. Keep in mind, the Islamists will use the ”useful idiots” in the Democrat Party until America we are destroyed and then Islamists take control and give America’s and the western world three options: Covert to Islam, pay a tax (jizya) or die.
    I suggest each American to take the time to get educated on the dangers we are facing. Start by going to TheBlaze/TheProject and view the two-part mini-series on how we are being destroyed. Take time to read and understand the three documents listed. Why hasn’t either the House or Senate held hearings on these documents and the Muslim brotherhood Obama has hired to become his advisors? Is Obama using the Muslim Brotherhood to form a global caliphate or are they using him to form it? Either way, we are headed for it and BOTH the Democrat Party and the RINO leadership in the Republican Party is allowing it and helping to replace our National/Homeland Security and Constitution with Cultural Marxism, more commonly known as political correctness.

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