The Boston Marathon Bombing and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

The Boston Marathon bombing was a glaring and painful lesson in the premise of the much touted gun-control legislation, which was thankfully defeated this week in the Senate. Liberals and the administration were angry that their own brethren, the Democrats, could not gather enough votes to pass the anti-gun legislation that only 4 percent of Americans supported. This legislation would have denied 2nd Amendment rights to 96 percent of Americans who wished to defend themselves against home invasions.

An entire town was in lock down, held hostage to the idiotic creed that somehow, leaving everybody vulnerable, without guns to defend themselves, shaking in fear behind closed doors, while one 19 year old criminal was on the loose, would make everybody safer and prevent harm to one’s family. I wondered how many citizens wished they had the non-existent “assault weapon” or any weapon to protect their loved ones.

On the other hand, how was it possible that a goofy-looking 19 year old required a massive man-hunt comprised of an entire SWAT team, police, and National Guard, armed with semi and fully automatic rifles, similar to semi-automatic AR-15 that liberals said that law-abiding Americans should not own?

Astonishingly, 46 Democrat and Independent Senators voted this week to give away Americans’ Constitutional rights to a foreign power, the United Nations. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty which had been promoted by the current administration would have placed a global ban on the importation and exportation of small firearms. All private gun owners in the U.S. would have been affected, requiring an international gun registry on all private guns and ammunition. Would criminals have abided by the treaty? I don’t think so. The narrow vote of 53-46 prevented the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty – for now.

The two Chechen brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged bombers in Boston, stole a car with a “COEXIST” bumper sticker. Liberals love to display this sticker on their Priuses and Smart Cars in order to show their tolerance towards other cultures and religions that are usually not so tolerant or peaceful. Ironically, the elder brother was taken to a Jewish hospital in an attempt to save his life.

Both brothers, devout Islamists, were not so tolerant after all and did not wish to “COEXIST” in peace. They thanked the Bostonians that took them in, gave them food and shelter, free education, scholarships, mentorship, a mosque to pray in, legal residence, and even citizenship, by killing and maiming Americans in cold blood on the day celebrating life, American history, and marathon tradition in Boston, on Patriot’s Day.

According to Glen Howard, president of the Jamestown foundation, there are less than 200 Chechen immigrants in the U.S., mostly in the Boston area. Seventy percent of the immigrants are women. The Treasury Department lists the Islamic International Brigade, the Special Purpose Islamic Regiment, and the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion as radical groups on a terrorist list. These groups were implicated in the Moscow theater hostage bombing that killed 129 people and the 2004 Beslan school massacre in which 320 children were killed.

The Tsernaev family emigrated to the U.S. as refugees after the outbreak of the 1999 Russia-Chechnya war. There were four brothers, mom, and an assorted number of relatives. The alleged bombers attended the Boston Latin School which prides itself as being the oldest school in the U.S., founded in 1635, “serving an economically and culturally diverse population,” with students representing 83 nations. The liberal ideology of diversity did not seem to work out so well with certain groups of immigrants.

Because they claimed refugee status, the Chechens, who are Sunni Muslims, were admitted into the U.S. when Dzhokhar was six years old. Educated in the diversity of Boston, where being American is feeling guilty for perceived past transgressions and wrongdoings of the “evil empire” against the rest of the world, Dzhokhar became an American citizen last year.

Tamerlan was absent from the U.S. for six months yet that did not raise suspicions. Ordinary, law-abiding permanent legal residents who leave the country for more than 30 days are flagged by Immigration and must be moved to the back of the line if they petition to become citizens.

It would seem that U.S. citizens should decide who immigrates to the U.S. What was the benefit of these radicalized Muslims to U.S. citizens? How has unchecked immigration benefitted Americans in the past? It encouraged chain migration of low skilled workers who brought their extended families and later became a financial burden to the U.S. taxpayers to the tune of billions of dollar each year.

Why do liberals insist on bringing refugees from third world nations for the sake of diversity? We are quite diverse and inclusive as a nation as long as people are willing to become part of us, to grow together. Why bring people in who hate America, its culture, its Christian foundation, religion, and its language? Why do educators teach anti-Americanism? What purpose does it serve to politicize tragic events and point leftist fingers at “right wingers” just because ideologies collide? When tragedy strikes, we are all Americans, regardless of skin color, religion, or ideology.

We are a nation of laws yet 11 million illegal aliens, mostly Latinos, who broke our laws and crossed the border illegally, demand to be recognized and rewarded with a path to citizenship while four million foreign nationals with visas are waiting patiently in other countries to come to America lawfully. How many potential terrorists are hiding among these 11 million illegal aliens?

The Gang of Eight senators promises that the border will be secured after these 11 million illegals come out of the shadows. Who stands to gain from this massive immigration bill? Big business, big labor unions, and representatives of “unauthorized immigrants” (the new euphemism which replaced “undocumented Americans”) such as La Raza (the Race) will benefit from “legislated amnesty.” Only four percent of Americans who were polled think that amnesty is a good idea. Ninety six percent of Americans oppose amnesty in any form.

It is not just the fact that illegals do not want to be assimilated and live in their own self-appointed enclaves, trying to transform America into the repressive country they’ve escaped from.

According to Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, amnesty would cost taxpayers more than $2.5 trillion and is currently working to revise the number upwards. Millions of illegal immigrants would qualify for federal benefits (welfare, Social Security, earned income credit, etc.), college grants, and would receive healthcare through Obamacare exchanges since they are not excluded from the Affordable Care Act.

Sen. Rubio said that amnesty would be granted without government benefits but that is just wishful thinking. As soon as illegal aliens get legal status, they will be transitioned to citizenship, to federal benefits, and, most importantly, to voting.

Millions of new Democrat voters will change the political landscape forever. Latinos may be conservative with their religious values but they believe that the source of financial success and prosperity is big government and that will never change.

When Ronald Reagan amnestied 3 million illegals in 1986 with the Congressional promise that the border will be enforced, the security never happened. The amnesty caused more illegal immigration which brought us to the 11 million illegals today. Only 37 percent of those amnestied in 1986 voted Republican. Furthermore, this 1986 amnesty caused Republicans to lose California to the Democrats.

Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and entitlement programs represent trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities to taxpayers. Adding more recipients to the welfare rolls and retirement benefits rolls will increase the already out of control national debt. Most illegal aliens have a tenth grade education or lower, collecting more in benefits than they pay in taxes. The broken immigration system should be fixed first before giving illegals citizenship and federal benefits. (Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint)

The inability and willingness to control the flow of potential terrorists among the illegal aliens is just the tip of the iceberg. We cannot afford trillions of dollars in extra government spending. We cannot afford millions of illegal aliens in front of the employment line when 20 million Americans who want to work cannot find a job. We cannot afford to sponsor an endless chain of relatives most of whom have no means of financial support or education to earn a living.

We cannot afford $900,000 to fund White House tours for our American children but the Immigration bill wants to spend $50 million to help illegal immigrants file for the “registered provisional immigration status.” Would it not be cheaper if we enforce the current immigration laws and deport the illegals back to their respective countries while stopping the “anchor baby” automatic citizenship which was meant for the children of slaves not illegal immigration?

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