Broken Immigration or Broken Laws That Are no Enforced?

Americans are bombarded daily by radio and television ads and politicians of both stripes, repeating at nauseam, “Our immigration system is broken.” What exactly is broken? The fence and the laws are broken? What is broken about the system? The fact that laws are not enforced? Why can we not fix that? Why do we have to import 11 more million people into a broken system? The system is not broken if we follow the rules, if we follow the law.

Lindsay Graham said that if we fail to pass comprehensive immigration law right now, come 2016 the Republican Party is dead. As if legalizing 11 million new Democrat voters is going to help the Republican Party. Hispanics don’t vote Republican, most vote Democrat because they believe in big government as a source of wellbeing and family welfare.

One of the few people who read the 850 pages of the Comprehensive Immigration Bill is Betsy McCaughey, former New York Lieutenant Governor. A pro-legal immigration advocate, she points out that the first 155 pages deal with immigration, the remainder address issues dear to everybody’s heart except what “Joe Q. Citizen,” the average American, wants.

Among Betsey McCaughey’s objections to the amnesty bill: (

– Severe impact on the over-crowded public schools compounded by the inability to assimilate too many people
– The necessary doubling of the legal immigration cases that are currently backlogged for 19 years, an impossible task, in order to absorb illegal aliens in the proposed ten year time frame of the amnesty bill (section 245c(c), the so-called back of the line provision)
– People with green cards are entitled to Obamacare subsidies, deductibles, co-pays under exchanges, $9,000 per year, per person, an additional $100 billion to the cost of Obamacare, an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office.
– Attorney Generals’ office will pay legal bills for asylum seekers, including individuals such as the Boston bombers.
– “Community organizations become the 5th estate” – they guide illegal aliens through the entire process without any public scrutiny or accountability, even registering them to vote, undoubtedly Democrat; same community organizers are also navigators for Obamacare, becoming very powerful decision makers in the community. Organizations like Acorn will receive a steady stream of permanent funding through Obamacare exchanges – revenues from healthcare exchanges go back to community organizers. “They will have the power to give out amnesty, voting, indoctrinating people, healthcare, etc. Lenin did this to favorite community organizations in the Soviet Union.”
– The Amnesty bill weakens our national security.
– Border agents are placed under the Office of Civil Rights at the DOJ
– Every provision of The Amnesty Bill is given the status of emergency, thus funding will never stop.

There are 101 million Americans on some form of assistance, more than the 97 million who are actually working. Should these Americans not be put to work first before we amnesty and bring in more illegal aliens?

Conservatism is dead in public policy, liberalism and democrat party rule, everything they wished to accomplish or do to this country has been done or is being currently done. The Republicans and Democrats are two branches of the same diseased tree, the tree of elitist power and control totally divorced from the will of the people.

“Mexico is outsourcing its poverty to the U.S.” Mexicans and other foreign nationals are pouring over the southern border. There are signs in every language possible, primarily in Spanish, teaching people how to come across the border, how to get food stamps, and many other benefits in the United States.

The open borders crowd is elated, including former President George W. Bush. In ABC News “This Week,” he commented, “I think it is very important to fix a broken system, to treat people with respect, and to have confidence in our capacity to assimilate people.”

1. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants but we came here legally, we did not sneak across the border, breaking the law. We also did not have anchor babies, did not expect the state to pay for them, and we assimilated into the American culture.
2. The system is not broken. The enforcement of our laws is broken.
3. Illegal aliens are disrespecting our laws by breaking them and taking advantage of our generous welfare; they disrespect our borders, us, and our culture.
4. Illegal aliens who are invading our country do not wish to assimilate into our culture, learn English, history, and become citizens. La Raza has promoted the Reconquista for decades.

How is the Gang of Eight going to enforce learning English, with the English police? How are they going to test 11 million illegals? Most are uneducated, are already or will be on the welfare rolls, and make, on the average, $40,000 a year. Any such applicant will retroactively receive earned income tax credit.

Sen. Rubio and the Gang of Eight are doing the bidding for corporations and farmers who want cheap labor and for Democrats who want new voters, a glaring reflection of a “confluence of elitist interests.” Open borders policy invites the invasion of our country by unwanted illegal immigrants.

Adding to the problem of overcrowded and underfunded schools, illegal children are not immunized, spreading diseases formerly eradicated into schools and bringing down the overall achievement because nobody speaks English at home.

Sen. Rubio stated that we must give illegals amnesty first, so they can start paying taxes and thus pay for the border protection. This is a disingenuous statement. Most illegals who do pay taxes, receive more benefits in public assistance, Social Security, WIC, SNAP, EBT, Obamacare exchange subsidies, and other welfare benefits. Most illegal aliens on proposed amnesty will be an immediate liability to the U.S. taxpayers.

Illegal aliens are not in the shadows, they are not afraid, they are not mistreated, they live around us, in our churches, communities, they shop at gas stations, grocery stores, malls, and are at the welfare office, ERs, doctor’s office, and Social Security office with interpreters in tow. They are hired first because they accept lower wages. Even lower wages are better than the wages south of the border. They bring gang violence with them, a culture of dependence on government, and an entitled mentality which progressives are more than happy to accommodate.

During the Braceros program of 1942-1964, 4.6 million guest worker contracts were signed with Mexicans. The Braceros program was scrapped in 1964 – people on both sides of the isle made pro and con assessments of the program.

A good proposal was made at CPAC 2013 in which a $5 electronic card, embedded with biometric information of a legal national, can match potential guest workers with employers, based on salary, qualifications, and the needs of a particular employer who cannot find Americans willing or able to do a job as is often the claim. Perhaps there is some truth in that statement, why pick a farmer’s crop when the federal government daddy is giving some type of assistance to 101 million Americans? Why bother to work?

Lisa Miller of the Washington, D.C. Tea Party chapter, described the frustration of the majority of Americans when the government no longer listens to the will of the people. This past Saturday “Arlington County government had a citizenship application drive for illegals. Our government is working hard against the American people as we suffer from the lowest labor participation rates since the 70s.”

Democrats and progressives from various Washington D.C. lobbies have infiltrated the Tea Party and conservative groups in northern Virginia with a platform of “immigration conservation and the environment.” Has anybody visited the border with Mexico to witness the mountains of trash and human waste left behind by illegals crossing the border into the U.S., causing severe environmental degradation? Others, posing as conservatives, have infiltrated school boards and boards of supervisors pushing immigration amnesty, more Spanish classes, more welfare, Latina Power, more after school programs, free child care, and other La Raza driven programs.

The 4 million LEGAL immigrants who have been waiting patiently in their countries the resolution of their status should be the topic of discussion. They deserve to come here first because they want to be Americans, are educated, and are interested in making positive contributions to our society, not changing America into the failed, impoverished society they are trying to escape.

Nobody blames LEGAL immigrants for taking jobs from Americans, but ILLEGAL immigrants, who have broken the law, have taken jobs away from lower skilled Americans and have contributed to the decline in wages. We are a nation of immigrants but law-abiding legal immigrants. There is a point of no return when our country can no longer absorb economically the mass invasion of illegals and their quest for financial assistance from the overly generous American welfare system. Multiculturalism is a failure and has broken Europe financially. We are watching our future unfold in the same manner that the socialist European Union bankrupted its member nations with its open border policy and unchecked immigration.

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