The American Dream, Just an Illusion

As a teenager, I used to day dream about escaping the oppressive communist society where we lived. I did not have a passport and a snowball chance in hell of getting one, I did not have any money, and our travel was restricted to a 20 mile radius, as far as our feet could carry us, as far as the rickety government-run buses would transport us, and as far as our pocketbooks allowed. We were so poor though, the wind whistled through our pockets most of the time.
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Rationed Food and Purposeful Starvation

Breadline photoI remember our daily food always coming from a long, long line at the end of which was a loaf of bread, a liter of milk, a stick of butter, a bottle of murky cooking oil, or a kilo of bones with traces of meat and fat on them.

The interminable lines looked like this bread line pictured here. We never knew what was sold at the end of a line we happened to come upon, but we knew we needed whatever people lined up to buy, so we joined the line.
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Benevolent Masters and Controllers of Water

IMG_2409A lot of Americans take water for granted because it is relatively cheap and readily available in most areas. They count on turning on the water spigot and the water flows. They also take for granted their water heaters – few people had to do without hot water in recent memory. Perhaps those who were the victims of tornadoes and hurricanes can better understand having to do without water, hot water, heat, and electricity for days and weeks at a time.
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The U.S. Post Offices are Golden Real Estate

I mailed a package of clothes overseas today. It cost $120. The same package cost $30-$40 to ship not long ago. So much for this administration’s highly advertised “non-existent” inflation. The service has not improved, nor did the sour demeanor and the speed of the government employees, but the cost went up at least three times. The pay is good and the benefits are stellar, but then, who wants to sort mail all day and deal with the stressed public?
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Trevor Loudon, Advocate for Freedom

Absolute power is when a man is starving and you are the only one able to give him food.”
– Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean dictator
(The Times, UK, July 9, 2004)

Trevor LoudonTrevor Loudon is a ball of energy. A New Zealander, Trevor is more passionate about saving America from the scourge of communism than most Americans are. Why would he care about what happens to America? He worries because without America, there is nobody to save the rest of the world in times of trouble and to carry the torch of personal freedom. Trevor should know because his country is run by socialists and progressives. Trevor wrote a very telling 688-page book about “The Enemies Within, Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”
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St. Armands Key StatuesIt’s five a.m. and the bright full moon is casting dancing shadows in the hawkish wind. The dense, tall trees are creaking in the back yard forest with giant limbs swaying. The air is cold and dry; it has not rained in several days.

It’s a far cry from the balmy Florida yesterday. We got up at 6:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Joan’s cottage is five minutes from the beach. In the salty damp warm air, the street greeted us with pitch blackness. The island has no street lights. The only ambient light comes from the moon and the stars and they were not providing much brightness. Our eyes adjusted to the dark and we walked in silence. I could hear the small geckos scatter in front of our feet. They were everywhere, like tiny beige Velociraptors. The lush tropical vegetation, especially the clustered and dense palm trees secluded any possible light coming from homes nearby. Many were shuttered for the winter season.
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Rain, God’s Water Regulated by Progressives

222The water you drink today has likely been around in one form or another since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, hundreds of millions of years ago.” – National Geographic

Water is life and it is recyclable, covering 70 percent of our planet; 2.5 percent is fresh water and “only 1 percent is easily accessible, the rest is trapped in glaciers and snowfields.” National Geographic tries to make the case that freshwater is in a crisis since its levels have remained the same over millennia but the human population has exploded to seven billion. No mention is made of animals that also need drinking water.
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Elder Abuse under Obama Care

Jane* went to bed one night last week, thanking God for her many blessings. She woke up next morning screaming, an entirely different person. Hallucinating, alternating between an imaginary world that only she could see and hear and lucidity, her family took her to the local hospital. She was admitted immediately and routine blood tests and an MRI were ordered.

Because Jane is 74 years old and a “unit” under Obama Care, her utility to society must be low in the complicated formula the bureaucrats have devised to kill as many inconvenient elderly as possible.
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District of Columbia, The Seat of Power and Corruption

Congress photoWashington, D.C. and its surrounding suburbs are interesting places to visit. Populated by over two hundred different nationalities, legal and illegal, it is a hodge-podge of humanity stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on most days and nights.

One of the most densely policed places in the world, it is easy to lose yourself in the many purposefully narrowed streets to make them difficult to vehicular traffic, the roads with double names, one name before it crosses a major highway and another name on the other side, the barricaded buildings, the check points, and the unmarked police cars and menacingly-looking plain-clothed police armed for urban assault.
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ObamaCare’s Personal Health Assessment

My 81 year old mom received a letter from her doctor, four days before the Affordable Care Act took effect. It was a two page questionnaire titled Personal Health Assessment (PHA) from the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) that her doctor chose to voluntarily participate in, thus enrolling all his patients onto this LLC (Limited Liability Company), a mixture of partnership and corporation. How was the group formed and why?
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