Now It’s “Biotic” and “Fossil” Carbon

Global warming/climate change proponents are a hardy, determined, one-track mind group. They were brainwashed by the elitist powers that, unless we fundamentally alter our way of life and de-develop to subsistence level economies of the Middle Ages, the planet will perish. “We can’t keep developing infinitely on a finite world,” said one of the organizers of a recent protest in Canada.

A group of 50 anti-oil pipeline and oil sands activists showed up in Calgary in a snow storm to protest man-made global warming. I love it when God sends a snow or ice storm every time these scare mongers gather. One of the participants was quoted as saying, “We’re seeing the effects of global warming and we can’t keep denying it because obviously something is happening.” (Renato Gandia, Calgary Sun, November 16, 2013)

I agree that something is happening; our climate is changing every day and has been changing for millions of years alternating between seasons, mini ice ages, severe ice ages, and very warm periods. And it had nothing to do with human activity on the planet.

The sun flares and oceanic currents are important variables accountable for seasonal or unusual weather events but are conveniently left out from the alarmists’ talking points.

Global warming alarmists even use dead people to propagandize climate change. The journal Nature printed an article, “Did climate change cause typhoon Haiyan?” while at the same time indicating in a sub-heading that “there is limited evidence that warming oceans could make super storms more likely.”

The global warming crowd, particularly those who gain financially from advancing this notion, tried to blame hurricane Sandy on global warming even though it was caused by “a clash of three separate weather systems over a heavily populated area.” (Lord Monckton, Exploiting the dead to hype climate change, November 2013)

IPCC’s 2012 “Special Report on Extreme Weather,” which found scarce connection between warmer weather and worsening storms, stated that there were “no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over past century.”

The sad truth is that most scientific findings are well within the range of normal variability of climate. Yet it did not stop the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to release for review a 29-page summary to member governments.

Chris Field, co-chair of the group writing the report said, “We see a wide range of impacts that have already occurred… on people, ecosystems and economies. Looking into the future, we see increasing risks that are more pervasive and more severe with greater amounts of climate change.”

IPCC sees a planet in peril due to buildup of greenhouse gases, the nutrient for plant life, and glaciers shrinking; plants and animals will be extinct; marine life will move to the poles; seawater will be more acidic; by 2100 hundreds of millions of people in coastal areas will be flooded and displaced by rising sea levels; arid subtropics will have less fresh water; the global food supply will be at risk; wheat, corn, rice reduced by as much as 2 percent; and extreme heat waves, deadly in urban areas.

If we look at the gloom and doom predictions of the last 50 years, we should have already been flooded, frozen, or burned to death, depending on which “scientific” prediction you read. Never mind that genetically modified organisms and the use of crops for biofuels as dictated by government agencies will affect our food supply more in the future.

It does not matter to the global warming crowd that the ice surface at the polar caps has grown this year by 60 percent. It does not matter that temperatures have cooled for the last 16 years around the globe. These are people who cannot accurately predict weather from day to day much less climate 100 years from now.

Reuters reported on November 11, 2013 that IPCC revised their numbers on greenhouse gas emissions. IPCC said the world “emitted half of the estimated 1 trillion tons of carbon seen as the maximum allowed to keep temperatures within safe limits.” It did not say how the author made such gross miscalculations. (Alister Doyle)

Meanwhile, the Global Climate and Health Alliance held its 2013 Climate and Health Summit in Warsaw, Poland on November 16. Some of the topics presented included:

– Expanding renewable electricity via the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for “climate finance flows from industrialized to developing countries” because many developing countries do not have Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs (REFIT). This is of course, more redistribution of wealth from the west to the rest of the world in order to satisfy the environmentalist agenda.
– An environmentalist from Ecuador introduced the notion of “biotic carbon” from living things and “fossil carbon” from things which have died. “Carbon from biotic pools is acceptable because carbon dioxide emanating from the forest or other ecosystem destruction can be compensated by planting trees but carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels is not acceptable. Really? Trees and plants can actually discern where the CO2 is coming from and thus only use CO2 released by living things?
– World leaders should have “commodified carbon” because “the on-going Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) indicated anthropogenic climate change is as good as irrefutable,” said Felix von Geyer, sustainable development journalist. I had no idea that “as good as irrefutable” constituted proper scientific evidence of global warming.
– Non-profits believe GDP to be a poor measure of economic well-being; instead Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) should be used, accounting for social factors and environmental costs. Apparently, “our ecological footprint began in 1978 to exceed the capacity to produce resources and absorb waste.” How the non-profit author arrived at this pronouncement is not clear. She suggested the phasing out of energy sources such as fossil fuels and radioactive fuels and replacing them with renewable energy.
– Micro-hydro installations in Africa to provide energy when connection to the grid is not feasible
– The burning of coal causes climate change and it pollutes the air we breathe, affecting hearts and lungs
– IPCC found that “the burning of fossil fuels is the main reason behind a 40 percent increase in CO2 concentration since the industrial revolution.” It is unclear how they determined this with such definite accuracy.
– The fact that the public and private sectors, from national to local governments, from companies and business associations to communities have jumped on the global warming/climate change bandwagon to adopt widespread policies and implement plans to adapt to climate change is NOT convincing evidence that climate change is man-made – it is just evidence that lobbying with taxpayer dollars and dollars from rich donors, fooling low information people into believing false narratives has been quite aggressive.
– “Rapidly growing slums could be the key to sustainable urban energy system transformation,” said Mukesh Gupta.
– The youth non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were indoctrinated into the UN Agenda 21’s “intergenerational equity,” socialist redistributive wealth under the guise of protecting the planet from man-made destruction.

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