On Being A Xenophobe

Humans are creatures of habit and do not like to uproot – unless of course, you are an American with a sense of adventure and pioneer blood cursing through your veins. With its vast lands, lakes, rivers, prairies, and mountains, mobility in America by any means is not a problem. Ask the die-hard pioneers who braved snow, rain, mud, droughts, deserts, mountains, wild animals, and predatory outlaws to find their magical piece of land where they could settle and raise a family.

The settlers left their homelands to find freedom in the New World, freedom to practice their religion, freedom from excessive taxation, and to find a piece of land they could claim their own in order to escape the suffocating tyrannies who exploited them, made their daily lives a tremendous hardship, and taxed them to death. They saved their last pennies, left everything behind that was dear to them, and embarked on a journey of salvation, not knowing how and where in the New World they would survive. But they had faith in God that, through hard work, opportunity, and perseverance, they would succeed. They did not have a safety blanket in the form of government welfare, there were no guarantees beyond their ability and willingness to work.

Fast forward to the end of the twentieth century. People disliked the regimes in their own countries so much that they moved to a more prosperous country, some legally, to get a job, some fell in love and married a foreign national, some joined the Army, some came to school and never left, and the majority of others crossed the borders illegally.

It would seem logical that, if you are so unhappy with your country of origin and leave indefinitely for better opportunities and a better life for your family, you would embrace the culture and the language of your new home. Why disadvantage and limit yourself economically by rejecting the new language? Keep your own culture and language intact at home, have clubs, festivals, holidays, or organizations to celebrate your culture and ethnicity, but make an effort to be part of the new society you willingly joined and help make it better.

We became a nation of legal immigrants from around the world who built America and made it great by assimilating into its way of life. We learned English and are proud of our Americanism. We respect the laws, the flag, the Constitution, the national anthem, its history, and are proud of its accomplishments as a nation and its exceptionalism.

A lot of immigrants today refuse to learn English (perhaps a few are unable to learn based on their advanced age) and expect everyone to learn their language so that they can function. Hospitals, Social Security offices, welfare offices, schools, DMVs, voting precincts, libraries, stores, cinemas, theaters, courts, legal offices, police stations, and doctors’ offices provide them free of charge with translators and/or documents in more than 150 foreign languages. If we immigrated to France, we could not do that, we would have to learn French or else we would be ostracized.

It is understandable why a lot of Americans are angry with these people who leave their third world dictatorships behind and want to drag all their customs and theocracies like Sharia Law, into our country. Americans do not recognize nor want such a barbaric code of law that runs against our Constitution and our Christian beliefs. If your cultural and legal practices were so dear to you and our culture and practices offend you, perhaps you should not have moved to our country where a majority of Americans find such practices unacceptable to civilized people.

The new wave of immigrants that the multicultural progressives are pushing in the name of diversity, have no intention of assimilating, they are here to take over our country because we took it over from them, long time ago, it is payback time, they say. And there is another group of immigrants who want to install a Caliphate here.

Multiculturalism failed miserably in Europe – both Chancellor Angela Merkel and former French President Nicholas Sarkozy acknowledged publicly that multiculturalism failed, but the diversity crowd in America forgets to mention that important fact.

Because we disagree with self-loathing liberals who grew up resenting America and push multiculturalism at all costs, we are called haters, bigots, and xenophobes. There is no room for diverging opinions or polite disagreement. It is the progressive way, there is no room for discussion or opposition. Our country must change in the image of the progressives. And this image resembles more and more the totalitarian communism I fled.

I don’t want to engage in Schadenfreude, but it appears to me that the communism-loving liberal brats don’t like the communist style accommodations at the Sochi 2014 Olympics and are complaining bitterly about it through tweets. They preach communism to the rest of us but want to maintain and enjoy the capitalist lifestyle. You can’t have it both ways, you must make up your ignorant minds.

I am a legal immigrant myself who became an American by choice and assimilated into society while helping pro bono countless other legal foreigners with paperwork translations, food, clothing, grocery shopping, hospital visits, and school. Am I still a bigot and xenophobe and how is that possible?

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