Historian Neagu Djuvara Discusses the “Muslim Refugee” Problem

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Neagu Djuvara, writer, historian, philosopher, journalist, and diplomat, was interviewed on his 99th birthday by Radu Turcescu from Evenimentul Zilei. Born in Bucharest on August 18, 1916, Djuvara studied at Sorbonne in Paris, lived in France, Niger, and Romania. http://www.evz.ro/vremea-intrebarilor-cu-robert-turcescu-neagu-djuvara-la-99-de-ani-hegemonie-americana-in-lume-este-o-certitudine-de-liniste.html
Djuvara confessed, the years passed by so quickly, it now seems that someone else lived his youth; he recounted when he was in World War II, how he was wounded, how he lived abroad so many decades, twenty years in Africa, and how it all flew by in a flash.
No matter where he was, he disclosed, he always loved his country and his people. His Romanian Bible and a volume of Eminescu’s poems kept his soul alive and his language unspoiled. After 45 years of absence from his beloved country, Djuvara was proud of his mother tongue, unspoiled by foreign inflections. So many leave Romania and come back with an English accent, he lamented.
When asked about the world today and about his views, Djuvara answered by describing how “All civilizations run through a similar cycle, a beginning, a period of maximum flourish, and an end. After the death of the Roman Empire, there were a lengthy Middle Ages and an Italian Renaissance of beauty and intelligence.”
Comparing the United States to the Roman Empire, Djuvara sees it as an “element of equilibrium,” a military and intellectual power. He imagines the next 200-300 years as free of revolution; future generations should be unafraid because this “supremacy, this American hegemony in the world is an assurance of peace.” Perhaps Neagu Djuvara feels safe, reassured, and wildly optimistic because there is a small American military base now on Romanian soil.
Turcescu asked him if he really feels this way even though there is a brewing conflict with Russia. Djuvara responded that Romanians are afraid of Russia because they have inherited this fear. But Putin and Russia are weak, he said, because “Russians, of all Europeans, have the weakest birth rate; in 50 to 100 years, in the giant Mother Russia, only one tenth of the population will be Russian, the rest will be Tatars, Kirgiz, and pagan tribes, including the Chinese and the Japanese in the far east. “As a European nation, the Russians are in a dramatic fall, and I am certain that Putin has no idea, he continues to believe himself big and strong,” Djuvara explained.
On the question of the Muslim “refugees” in Europe, Djuvara sees the flood of immigrants as an “invasion that cannot be stemmed because it is composed of a population that has no historical, intellectual, or soul connections to us, it is an invasion of barbarians.” Wistful that he is not going to live that much longer, he is very pessimistic about everyone’s future in the next fifty years. “The young people will see an absolute drastic change in Europe, with waves of foreign nations coming.”
Turcescu suggested that perhaps the Americans could save them. Djuvara agreed that they could be the European salvation again, politically and militarily. But the sad reality is that the United States of America could not save itself right now. The current American administration has shrunk the military to such worrisome levels but the conflicts around the world have escalated under the inept American foreign policy.
When asked about surviving the Maghreb invasion of Paris, Djuvara explained that, on a recent return trip to France, “he was horrified that the Parisian sidewalks no longer belonged to the French, but to the third world.”
“Can this Muslim invasion be stopped,” asked Turcescu. “Nothing can be stopped in history without God’s will. For us to stop it, it is impossible, they crawl under barbed wire and still enter!” added the famous historian Djuvara.
On the sizzling debate that is splitting the country right now, the building of the largest European mosque in Bucharest, Djuvara revealed that he was against the project given the fact that the Romanian people fought the Ottoman Empire for 500 years to prevent the building of even one mosque on the territories of Wallachia and Moldova. “I think it is a tragedy that we are now opening the gates for the largest European mosque to be built here and to allow thousands of Muslims to come here, with their morals and crimes which some of them commit. The Romanian government and future administrations must categorically oppose the construction of this mega-mosque on Romanian soil! People like Victor Ponta [Social Democrat Prime Minister] would not oppose such a mosque; other men must come to power.”
“Why is the mosque dangerous,” insisted the young reporter. “The Muslims claim that it will be a place of pilgrimage, of prayer, a place where courses will be taught.”
Djuvara schooled Turcescu on the fact that “the main danger is their invasion, the sheer numbers that would overwhelm a small country, just like it happened with the Germanic invasion at the end of the Roman Empire.” …”The Muslim world stretches over hundreds of thousands of kilometers and this is the greatest danger for us, Europeans, and Indo-Europeans.”
The country is split between progressives and conservatives on the issue of accepting “refugees” from the Muslim world. Many opine that they find the development suspicious that suddenly, after years of conflict, Muslims have decided in groups of 500-1,000 to request asylum in the rich west nations with generous welfare systems, in the very western culture they despise and have nothing in common with, instead of going south or east to oil-rich Middle Eastern countries that share their culture.
Others wonder why these immigrants, who are incorrectly labeled “refugees,” are so accepted and welcomed with open arms by EU communist puppets and liberal hypocrites who label anyone who opposes the “refugees” as inhuman, racist, and xenophobe.
Yet others describe how Romania and the Eastern bloc countries like Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, accused of xenophobia, struggle to integrate millions of gypsies; the western European world lectures them how to do it properly and humanely, while failing themselves miserably at integrating gypsies and Muslims when they became a nuisance in the West.
Those who live and work in the west understand that a few real refugees are not the problem but the Muslim theocratic culture and religion which are not compatible with the European Christian culture. They give examples of Pakistani Muslims who install themselves in violent enclaves and rape girls in groups.
Many citizens suggested that lefties should integrate the existing Muslims into the European culture first before attempting to bring in more religionists of peace. Cultural diversity has been a dismal failure in Europe as both Angela Merkel and Nikolas Sarkozy publicly admitted.
Some wished to know what lefty feminists would do and say once they find themselves forced to wear hijab, become subjects to Sharia Law, and are spat at in their own hometowns for wearing pants and a skirt. Such daring attire is considered by Islamists an invitation to rape.
Is it fair to require 18 million citizens to support these “refugees” who receive more in benefits than half of working Romanians must live on? Why must citizens survive on $300-400 a month pensions or salaries while these undeserving immigrants receive much more in benefits?
How quickly will the “refugee” invasion overtake the indigenous European populations that have 1.1 babies per family, insufficient for replacement value in any culture, while Muslims have more than eight babies per family?
And the “refugee” invasion rages on in Eastern Europe with standoffs on trains in Hungary http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/hungary-opens-budapests-main-railway-station-after-twoday-standoff–but-cancels-most-trains-10483964.html
and in the Czech Republic. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/czech-police-haul-migrants-off-trains-to-germany-and-write-numbers-on-their-arms-in-ink-10482651.html

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  1. Dr Johnson Paugh, I have had an incredible backlash from the last two shows. The first being the show I did with you and Tom Deweese, and then last Friday night I covered the Power of the Vatican. That said, I am not sure talking about communism this week is a good idea. I am cautiously rescheduling this show to another time not yet determined. In the climate of so much change it might be best for you and me. If you noticed it was your phone line and mine that kept going out during Tuesday’s show. I ask that you understand and please consider this a reschedule not a cancellation. I just think the show on the pope and the Vatican right behind the show on the 2030 Agenda shook some people up. So, if you need to contact me my personal cell number is (972) 802-6188. Thanks again…your input on Tuesday’s show meant so much to me and the listening audience.

  2. Cine nu are batrini sa isi cumpere !…. Ma intristeaza invadarea Europei de musulmani si ma revolta incompetenta conducerii Europei. Ma sperie prostia demonstrata de figurile politice si complezenta romanilor in fata situatiei de invadare a Romaniei de musulmani. Ma intreb la ce scoala si-au invatat acesti parlamentari si politicieni ai Romaniei ISTORIA tarii lor? Au auzit ei de Stefan cel Mare? Au auzit ei de Eminescu si Scrisoarea lll? Mircea cel Batrin? “Pân-în Dunăre ajunge furtunosul Baiazid… Din pristolul de la Roma să dau calului ovăs…
    Şi de crunta-mi vijelie tu te aperi c-un toiag?
    Şi, purtat de biruinţă, să mă-mpiedec de-un moşneag?
    – De-un moşneag, da, împărate, căci moşneagul ce priveşti
    Nu e om de rând, el este domnul Ţării Româneşti.
    Eu nu ţi-aş dori vrodată să ajungi să ne cunoşti,
    Nici ca Dunărea să-nece spumegând a tale oşti.
    După vremuri mulţi veniră, începând cu acel oaspe,
    Ce din vechi se pomeneşte, cu Dariu a lui Istaspe;
    Mulţi durară, după vremuri, peste Dunăre vrun pod,
    De-au trecut cu spaima lumii şi mulţime de norod;
    Împăraţi pe care lumea nu putea să-i mai încapă
    Au venit şi-n ţara noastră de-au cerut pământ şi apă –
    Şi nu voi ca să mă laud, nici că voi să te-nspăimânt,
    Cum veniră, se făcură toţi o apă ş-un pământ.”…..
    Au acesti politicieni o cauza mai inalta decit buzunarele proprii si conturile lor bancare? Rusine!!! Cum de nu au invatat ca “multilateral dezvoltata” si “multicultural” sint termeni falsi?
    “Cum nu vii tu, Ţepeş doamne, ca punând mâna pe ei,
    Să-i împarţi în două cete: în smintiţi şi în mişei,
    Şi în două temniţi large cu de-a sila să-i aduni,
    Să dai foc la puşcărie şi la casa de nebuni!”

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