My Own Teeth and Obamacare

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Every time I travel to my hometown for a visit, relatives take turns asking me if my pearly-whites are the original ones. They even break the personal space barrier for a close-up inspection. The first time the question shocked me but then I understood that it was unusual to be as old as I am and still have my own teeth. Most people have badly made dentures, gaping holes, or teeth so far gone that they should have been extracted years ago.
If you chip a tooth, a private dentist will charge 800 euros to repair the damage. Apparently nobody wants to go to a state-run dentist because the workmanship is not guaranteed and materials hard to find. This explains why so many people have ugly dentures, cavities, yellow-brown, or missing teeth. I concede that some may have fear of dentists or lack good brushing habits.
Medical care does not include much dental care and certainly few people clean their teeth professionally or wear braces. Dental hygiene is a subject seldom broached in public although there has been a concerted effort to teach people proper brushing and flossing.
Socialized medicine is unable to provide so much advertised free medical care; it sounds too good in theory; but in practice, once the money runs out, the meds are in short supply and access to doctors and hospitals becomes sporadic and difficult.
Do the promise of free medical care and a shiny plastic card get you the best doctors and hospitals? It is a great concept if you have the sniffles — care is immediate and free. It is not such a good idea if you have something more complex that requires better drugs, more medical skills and training, extended hospital stays, and better hospitals with private or semi-private beds instead of shoddy and dirty wards, or worse yet, gurneys in an ER hallway.
Americans are beginning to find out with Obamacare just how bad socialized medicine truly is. With an insurance card issued by one of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) state exchanges, people cannot get their meds refilled in another state. It’s bad enough that the premiums are much higher than the previous private insurance and the deductibles in the thousands per year. The advice from the medical staff that has no idea how to help such patients is to call their Congressman. Since the law has been in effect since 2010, the chance of reversing this government bureaucratic nightmare is zero.
Certain drugs that are expensive are no longer dispensed by government insurance to all patients; they must have other underlying issues before even a pricey topical cream is paid for. The patient must use cheap drugs instead that could potentially kill their livers. It saves the insurance money, who cares about your life? Do you need expensive chemical mixtures to treat on-going cancer or other serious problems? Too bad, your insurance no longer pays for them.
There was a reason why foreigners flocked to the United States for medical care because treatment was available quickly and rates of cancer remissions or cures were the highest in the world. Surgical expertise was also the best in the world.
How high are the premiums? It depends how you purchase your insurance and if you are eligible for a subsidy on which, of course, you will have to pay taxes because it is considered income. If you are on Medicare Part B, premiums are $104.90-$335.70 per month, per person. Medicare announced that premiums will have to go up 52 percent in 2016 in order to keep the system afloat. Medicare was stripped of billions of dollars in funding in order to use those billions to fund Obamacare.
People living on fixed incomes such as Social Security are finding out that they are not going to get a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2016 because inflation is low. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is reported at 2 percent. Anybody who shops in this economy knows it’s a manufactured number.
Employees stayed in lower paying jobs because they had good insurance. People who previously had good and affordable private insurance coverage, even half-timers, are finding themselves now dumped into the exchanges and having to pick bronze, silver, or gold plans with much higher rates and much higher per person annual deductibles. Chances are, most people, will be hard-pressed to meet the deductibles of thousands of dollars per year before the insurance pays anything at all.
Rates vary based on income, type of coverage chosen, where one lives, and quality of options and service may or may not be adequate. “Now they can at least get overpriced and underwhelming Obamacare policies,” said John Mauldin. He continued, “The worker’s share of premiums for a family policy went from $1,543 in 1999 to $4,955 in 2015, a 321% increase. The employer’s share went up almost as much, from $4,247 to $12,591 (+296%).”
The winners are Americans with pre-existing conditions; before ACA they could not buy insurance at any price. Illegal aliens, who allegedly were not supposed to be covered by Obamacare, are also beneficiaries of ACA.
According to Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2014 32 million non-elderly Americans were uninsured. About 10 million people have enrolled in state and federal Obamacare exchanges and approximately 14 million have enrolled in Medicaid. This means that the uninsured rate changed from 16.2% to 10.7% by first quarter of 2015. For less than 6 percent gain in insurability, ACA has disrupted or destroyed the insurance and quality of medical care for a very large majority of Americans.
The Heritage Foundation warned us in 2009 why Obamacare was wrong for America. Knowing what was wrong and that there was nothing we could do about it then nor now, provides no comfort to those who are sick or will become sick and in need of medical care.
1. Millions of employer-sponsored insurance holders will lose their insurance (88.1 million was the prediction)
2. Individual mandate translated into less freedom and more taxes
3. Private health care plans changed in order to conform with ACA standards
4. The federal government will push any private competitors out of business; as Heritage put it, “the umpire is also the first baseman”
5. Your health care decision will be made by the fed
6. Higher taxes will hurt small businesses
7. Medical decisions will be made by bureaucrats
8. The Affordable Care Act is not funded
9. Taxpayers will pay for abortions against their religious beliefs
10. The ACA was deceptive that is why it was rushed through and not read carefully
Most Americans are going to have to accept inferior medical care because their better plans are no longer approved by the government and do not meet their standards. Garth Kant listed in 2013, “52 reasons Obamacare can’t work.”
Perhaps people are now paying attention as they are beginning to lose their doctors, their health plans, paying higher Medicare costs, higher private insurance premiums, higher deductibles, experiencing denial or worsening of medical care, paying higher taxes, accepting less working hours, unemployment is growing as employers kill existing and new jobs, and doctors and specialists who accept Obamacare insurance are harder and harder to find.

One thought on “My Own Teeth and Obamacare

  1. I noticed you wrote about a year ago about the unfortunate experience of your mother (my best wishes for you and her by the way), and about a month ago you wrote again for Freedom Outpost on “Socialized Medicine Victims” in which you cited a number of more cases. Since you seem to have considerable first-hand knowledge on the havoc Obamacare is causing, I hope you would permit me to pass on an email I recently received. It seems to me that you could provide considerable material for their new website:

    Broken ObamaCare Promises‏

    Broken ObamaCare Promises
    Heather Madden, Independent Women’s Voice 10/27/15 Keep this message at the top of your inbox Newsletters
    To: Gary Thompson
    Independent Women’s Voice
    Broken ObamaCare Promises
    Dear Gary,

    President Obama promised that if we liked our plan, we could keep it, but millions of Americans then had their health insurance policies cancelled.

    Individuals and families were assured ObamaCare would be affordable, but too many have suffered staggering insurance cost increases.

    Then, Americans discovered their doctor networks and prescription coverage were being limited under ObamaCare. Many poor cancer patients have discovered that now that they are “covered”, it is illegal for cancer treatment centers to give them real treatment as charity, but only are served at places that shunt them to hospice to die rather than treating them.

    After more than five years of “health reform,” Americans have proof that all of these promises have consistently been broken.

    That’s why, yesterday, we launched Because there are so many stories about broken promises, and many more to come.

    We want to hear your story: Your lost doctor. Your rate increase. Your lost prescription. Your insurance cancellation.

    If you’ve been impacted by any of ObamaCare’s staggering harms, please submit your story to Video testimonials are encouraged.


    Heather Madden
    Project Manager
    Independent Women’s Voice

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    P.S.–I’m convinced that the further the word spreads on what is happening, and a human face is put on the issue for everybody when victims stop suffering in silence, the faster we’ll be free of the Obamacare monstrosity.


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