Musings on Indoctrination by Teachers

The depth of blatant ignorance and naiveté of American teachers, even smart ones, is astonishing. I have asked one of my former students, who is a math teacher, why she placed a crescent moon and a star together as a topper on her Christmas tree, an exact replica of the symbol of the Islamic Caliphate. She replied that she did it for her son who likes the moon.

Is it any surprise that teachers across the country willingly indoctrinate their students many hours a day into the tenets of Islam, collectivism, environmentalism, and perverted and inappropriate for their age sexuality, in an eager attempt to implement Common Core (Conformity Core) as dreamed and financed by Bill Gates’ millions and other billionaires who are determined to change the character and the fabric of this country to the detriment of its citizens, forcing three alien ideologies inside the minds of our children, Islam, Communism, and Environmentalism.

The third ideology, environmentalism, a Gaia-worshipping religion onto itself, has been successfully advocated for decades and it has now born fruit at the CO21 Paris conference. Congress is funding all the climate nonsense in its Omnibus Bill due to pass this week, including all the funding necessary for the regime’s planned Muslim and Hispanic invasion of this country, an overt attempt to change the demographics of this country because progressives have decided that we are not multi-cultural and diverse enough.

Colleges and universities are busy cesspools of fascism where independent thought and divergent opinions and discussions are verboten by the progressive left, eager to stifle any free speech with political correctness and overprotection of any self-proclaimed racist minority students who shout down anybody who has inexistent “white privilege” also known as work ethic.

Instead of emphasizing our American character of generosity, inventiveness, entrepreneurship, hard work, and altruism, qualities that have made America an exceptional country, raising the standard of living, health, and safety of many other nations, professors of fluff and often ridiculous social studies subjects are busy preparing tomorrow’s global citizens, persons without a country, without a culture, without a common language, and without borders, angry, confused and divorced from their roots and their history.

Why would we the people support such preposterous national self-suicide without as much as a whimper? Because decades of brainwashing and drug use have turned the nation into a lazy society, numbed and dumbed down, entertained with the proverbial Roman pane et circenses, game and circuses – sports, beer, smoking pot, and reality television.

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