Why Is Donald Trump Good for America?

Donald_August_19_(cropped) Donald Trump
Rally in New Hampshire 8-19-2015 Photo: Wikipedia
The often ostentatious Trump irritates Democrats, the liberal media, and the establishment Republicans for many reasons. They cannot understand how his popularity soars in the polls no matter what he says and what they do to unseat him, or what dirt, real or imagined, they try to dig up.
Donald Trump is a populist and a nationalist. He loves his country and does not like the path that the current administration and its supporters on both sides of the isle have chosen for 320 million Americans, even though at least half have vociferously expressed their desires, to seemingly deaf elected representatives and senators, to maintain our sovereignty, our Christian roots, our market-based economy, our traditions, and our exceptionalism.
Donald Trump is a successful alpha male, which Hispanic populations, with their cultural machismo, greatly respect. He is a billionaire who has experienced success and failure, yet has come back unscathed like a Phoenix bird from the ashes of bankruptcies, divorces, law suits, and other life-altering events. He is wise and knows how to manipulate and keep his enemies closer. He is brash and doubles down on his opinions which later turn out to be based on fact. He comes back with evidence to support his opinions.
Trump is not intimidated by media bullies, cyber bullies, and other individuals whose jobs are to take him down at all costs. He is loud, he is insulting at times, but he fights back. He does not roll over and play door mat to the ruling elites. He is a successful politician in his own right already. It takes guts and knowing the ropes to maneuver the mine-field of business in order to be so successful. He does not need the financial support of PACs even though political endorsements are beneficial. He does not have to compromise his belief system in order to receive money from big donors.
Unlike many politicians, Hollywood, and other assorted famous individuals, he has raised, in spite of his many divorces, a beautiful family, with highly successful, intelligent, and educated children. He believes in the American dream built the right way and in the success of our Judeo-Christian nation.
Donald Trump understands well the threat of unchecked immigration, open borders, of Islam, and of ISIS. He sees the need to build a fence along the southern border where people who wish to do us harm are entering day and night, hidden among those who are mostly economic refugees looking for a better life which their countries have failed to provide. But we have to care of the needs of our own population first.
Trump’s background and history are well known – he is an American born and raised in the United States to two American parents. His credentials are public knowledge and easy to access. He has America’s interest at heart and understands that we must preserve our Constitutional Republic if the country is to survive in the form that has made it the most successful nation on the planet for almost 240 years.
Because of his business acumen, Trump understands the damage that the many free trade agreements have wrought on the American manufacturing and on our trade imbalance: NAFTA, CAFTA, TIP, TPP. These trade deals are destroying our manufacturing sector, turning our country into a service economy, staffed with many foreign nationals who are brought here in ever-increasing numbers to replace American workers and professionals at half the wages, not the living wages liberals are advocating.
Someone said, Trump took a $1 million loan and turned it into a $10 billion empire. Even though he may have inherited some money from his dad, Trump is a man who knows how to make money, how to make a corporation highly successful despite temporary setbacks. He elegantly and cleverly defined and redefined “the art of the deal.”
Trump is not a supporter of political correctness, a liberal-forced form of free speech self-censorship. “The big problem this country has is being politically correct. I don’t have time for political correctness.”
Trump would hire the best minds in the business to deal with whatever problems may arise. He is fair, measured, and deliberate, but is not afraid to say, “You are fired.”
Donald Trump supports things that hard-working, tax-paying Americans care about such as jobs, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of the press, a press that reports the news not manufactures them to please the ruling administration, military strength, securing our borders, taking care of our veterans, ending crony government, enforcing the Constitution, and praising American exceptionalism instead of criticizing America on foreign soil.
Despite the media narrative, women and Hispanics love Donald Trump. Lobbyists are apoplectic because he has accepted no special interest money like the other candidates. He is a great negotiator who knows how to win in order to build an empire, a skilled executive, an honest man who does not deceive the public with polished and clever rhetoric coached in lies. Trump knows how to make sound decision and would thus help cut wasteful Washington spending.
In the face of so many vicious attacks from all directions, from “friends” or foes, Trump did not lose his resolve, patience, or his courage. Speaking without a teleprompter, Donald Trump is himself and listens to his audience. He understands the dangers our nation is in, attacked by those who do not want to maintain our borders, our language, laws, and our culture. He understands that such a nation would become a global entity under the aegis of U.N.
Donald Trump fearlessly speaks about the Christian persecution, the need to protect our gun rights, the need to curtail illegal immigration because it does not benefit the American citizens, it hurts those who are at the bottom of the pay scale and the legal immigrants who are already here and struggling to overcome their poor prospects. Trump understands the dire situation created by the true, two-digit unemployment, and our unpayable national debt approaching $19 trillion.
Trump may be the only qualified candidate who can truly say, he will devote all resources necessary to make America great again and to bring back the American dream.

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  1. I think he’s the only one to correct the problems in America. Liberal democrats and the old republican guard are all out of touch. He is making them and press look like what they are -a bunch of pandering morons without a clue. Very good article. I know you are a great teacher !

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