Confessions of Being a Young Conservative among a Sea of Liberals by Mimi Johnson

As I sit here attempting to write about my experiences as a young conservative, I reflect back on the choices and situations that led me to this exact moment. I look at the world and issues today, the constant onslaught of “he said/she said” everywhere, the constant blame games and lack of responsibility to oneself, commitment to striving for personal excellence, love for one’s country, respect for others and their opinions, and most importantly self-reliance.
The Liberal/Conservative debate is nothing new throughout political history, but I find myself wondering why can it be seen in every facet of life beyond politics? What has driven the young generation to such hatred and animosity?
Facebook used to be a social medium for college students to connect on a friendship level, to incite silly games and to get a break from the monotony of studying and being stressed out. When did it become a political forum for everyone in America? The bigger question is where was this fervor and voice when it actually counted to stand up for what you claimed you believe in so vehemently? Where were they when it came time to vote on issues that were destroying our country?
Growing up in Mississippi, where Conservatives are plentiful, was very interesting to say the least. I was raised more on European ideals rather than Southern ideals. I was exposed to things many children either were not interested in or parents had no interest in learning themselves. To say the least, I was well versed in the world and the way it operated.
I remember my mother telling me stories of how Communists oppressed and tortured citizens in her county, how the government kept everyone in a constant state of poverty to promote the wealth of the elite, orphanages full of sick children, horrible socialized medicine; the list could go on. At the time, being a teenager, I never fully understood the ramifications of these stories and rarely took them seriously – I thought them to be just rants of an adult. Since I was raised in a predominantly conservative area, I never once had to deal with any of those issues or ever remotely thought this would happen in our prosperous country. If I only knew then what I have witnessed and know now!
In college and Graduate School, I majored in the most Liberal subjects: Music and Education. I’m absolutely in love with music and couldn’t imagine a world in existence without it. It is difficult to juxtapose having conservative values and also being a musician – usually these two do not go hand in hand.
The educational system cultures you that conservatives are bad and want to take away funding from our programs and freedoms. It’s just hogwash and the furthest thing from the truth, yet so many buy into this dogma.
For over a decade, I kept my mouth shut, never uttering my opinions on political matters, because I was afraid of being ostracized amongst my friends. When I was in graduate school at Northwestern, I definitely would avoid political conversations as I was not in the right company. I wish now that I had spoken up and voiced my opinions. Fear drove me to silence. That is what political correctness does. I wish I had known that I could support my friends and still be Conservative. I felt bullied and forced to be silent.
It’s no secret that the Republican Party lacks support in the 18-40 year old demographic. I constantly ask myself why this is the case? Most of the liberal youth are in college and can rationally see what is happening in the world today. Why aren’t there more conservatives in this age bracket? Where are we as conservatives going wrong in adequately gaining this support? How can we shake the stigma of being a “stuffy Bible beating party full of white men?” How do we educate a population to stop giving handouts of other people’s hard-earned money and seeing the fallacy in doing so? How do we stop seeing Republicans and Conservatives as greedy mongers with no one’s interest at heart but the so-called 1 %?
People constantly ask me, “how can you be conservative and be a woman?” or even better, “how can you be conservative and still have gay friends? First off I answer them by saying that Abortion is not a choice, regardless of whether you believe life happens at conception or not. You advocate not killing animals, yet wouldn’t bat an eyelash at aborting a human even after it is viable outside the womb. No rights are being infringed upon except those of the unwanted fetus. Where is the fairness in this? Who protects their interest? This explanation normally will get someone’s attention.
Defining what a “right” is in this country is also important and I think we as conservatives fail to convey this definition appropriately. Ultimately people don’t understand the true definition of being Conservative. The media does an awful yet successful job at pitting people against one another and of course we, as citizens buy into it.
We love drama and the media gives it to us just like a Tele-novella! They’ve definitely done a tremendous job at demonizing anyone that stands for what this county was founded on and reads the Constitution as if it wasn’t intended to be taken ad litteram.
Liberals are right in one regard, the Bible is definitely NOT the Constitution. There aren’t any differing denominations of the Constitutional interpretations like there are interpretations of the Bible. The Constitution is a binding document that is meant as is, no reading between the lines and making things up as we go to fit someone’s agenda. People will constantly change, and so will society, but we must abide by a set of rules.
We can’t continually keep changing them to appease everyone. When amendments were made, they were because those cases were ACTUALLY devaluing human life. Abortion devalues human life yet many take no issue with it. It seems hypocritical to me. No one views women as being inferior anymore, but it’s still difficult to assert ourselves in certain situations. I see it as more of a challenge and not a hindrance.
Many of the so called “injustices” are manufactured by the media and by the most important element: the bottom line. Conservatives aren’t attempting to control anyone or stifle anyone’s freedoms; they simply want “Liberty and Justice for all.” In actuality, they’re attempting to PROTECT ALL FREEDOMS from Tyrannical leaders who want to weasel their way in, (or in our case, already have) promising free healthcare, free money, and a perennial nanny state.
I am sure your parents taught you the adage that if something is too good to be true, it usually is. We are so skeptical of anyone/everything else in our lives except when it comes to the most important institution governing our lives. Why is this so? Why would you, as a proud American, accept handouts over an education and a good paying job? Our system is flawed to a degree that I’m afraid is beyond fixing.
It is our job as responsible Americans to educate and influence the younger generations as much as possible before things progress to such a point of uncertainty and no return, that we’ve completely lost our way. I truly believe that all will come to fruition soon enough, unfortunately it will be too late for most, but hopefully when the upheaval does occur, it will put society on the right path for the sanctity of our glorious country!

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