Socialism, Failure, and the Progressive Deception

A 1989 video exposed the socialist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu visiting a Bucharest grocery store and a bread store. Greeted outside the door with flowers which he unceremoniously dumped into the arms of his minions, Ceausescu waved at the “adoring crowds.” He touched a few loaves of bread as if he really cared about what his people ate.
The shelves were bursting with food, bread, pastries, salamis, cheeses, meat, sugar, cooking oil, and other items that the poor citizens fought over in endless lines every day and often came home empty-handed, dreaming about a delicious meal while staring at their empty kitchens.
This abundance had just been delivered and neatly arranged for the dictator’s visit. The employees looked mortified, standing at attention in their white lab coats, applauding the dear leader like he was an adulated rock star.
The cult of personality had to be fed constantly by the pretend-adoring crowds who were forced to stand in sun, rain, or snow to applaud him where ever he happened to be or pass by. As soon as the dictator left, the just-delivered food was taken away, leaving behind the empty and dark shelves the equally miserable and exploited “proletariat” was accustomed to.
Venezuela is going through similar and very serious shortages of food right now. People are digging through dumpsters to find scraps. This is what Hugo Chavez and his socialist followers have done to a country with rich oil reserves, it has destroyed it to the point that the middle class fled and gangs are killing people for a loaf of bread. Socialism has all but destroyed their country and their previous prosperity.
Chavez had promised equality, fairness, free Castro-style health care for all, the end of corruption, yet he and his cronies have stolen billions for their own estates, and the health care system is ruined.
Socialists like Ceausescu and Chavez have killed economic growth by throwing in jail the successful, stealing their wealth and distributing it to the masses in the name of social justice. When failure is rewarded at the expense of success, economic growth is destroyed. Who in their right mind is going to try harder knowing that their work will be stolen and distributed to moochers? More and more people give up, pretending to work and waiting for the socialist handouts like the proverbial starving goose. It is a vicious cycle of failure and poverty, covered up with lies for the fools who believe.
To keep people under control, communists and socialists punished free speech even though their constitution encouraged free speech on paper. But those who dared to exercise their right to free speech were jailed. “Look at your college campuses which have become mini North Koreas, that’s what happens when they are run by socialists,” said Dr. Savage in a recent radio show.
Socialist dictatorships encouraged people to rat on their relatives. School children were interrogated by their teachers to find out what their parents thought or discussed at home. Once they got that information, the parents were arrested in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.
The massive bureaucracy and propaganda required to maintain the socialist state created such strife and division that families were broken up and orphaned children, whose parents were jailed or shot, became wards of the state in the many orphanages where brainwashing took place to such an extent that it turned them into drones beholden to the dear leader, transformed into the dictator’s youth brigades.
The police, the military, the secret police, and all journalists groveled at the feet of the dictator Ceausescu and his evil wife, Elena.
The socialism practiced today in many places has attacked successful people, taxed them unfairly, and redistributed their wealth to illegals. Some of these invited invaders were hard core criminals or suffering from diseases not ever seen in this country or previously eradicated. The bad economy has destroyed Americans’ ability to find suitable work and, in many cases, the desire to work.
Despite reports of a rosy economy and a published unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, there is a cycle of poverty that is going to increase. As more successful people are penalized, less and less people will want to work hard to achieve the American dream. When that happens, the economy slows down, taxes are raised, the burden of taxation becomes unbearable, and companies move overseas. The not so Affordable Care Act further drives small and large companies alike to cut back on the hours of their employees so that they don’t have to subsidize health insurance they cannot afford.
Bringing in diseased “refugees” and illegals who do not wish to integrate into American society but want to transform it into the hellhole they’ve escaped from, “is suicidal and homicidal,” said Dr. Savage.
Savage added, “Look what our colleges have become, infested with socialists who have named themselves progressives.” A more accurate description would be regressives as they are trying to take away our freedom of speech, the right to own guns, and forcing us to return to a lifestyle more suited for the pre-industrial age.
Opposition and divergent opinions have become all but verboten on U.S. campuses.
“Socialism requires propaganda, intimidation, protection in order for it to survive. Socialism cannot survive daylight and honest debate,” said Savage. Socialism leads to a growing tyrannical government, spying on people, taking their freedoms away, and passing punitive speech laws for daring to criticize Muslims, hate speech laws whereby the definitions are strictly developed by progressives. And the environmental global communism will destroy the rest with its sustainable development, green growth everything, wind turbines, solar power, and the hyper-interdiction of fossil fuels through impossible regulations.
It makes one wonder what is wrong with so many young Americans who think that the socialist ideology is compatible with freedom and flock to the two Democrat Party candidates who are overt socialists and Marxists. Do they really understand and know history? Or are they lulled by the Fabian socialism of the failed multi-culturalism of European nations that are drowning in debt and in violent Muslim refugees?

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  1. Venezuela, like Romania, will be crippled for decades to come by Socialism. It erodes the fabric of society that encourages and empowers people to do well. Instead it teaches people they’ll never get ahead, so don’t bother!

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