Immigrants Should Make America Better, Not Worse

Corey_Stewart_(Chairman,_Prince_William_County,_VA),_Nov_2016 Corey Stewart, PWC Chairman Photo: Wikipedia
Prince William County Chairman, Corey Stewart, Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, said during a press conference, “On behalf of the Board of Supervisors of Prince William County, I’m requesting the Trump administration to identify, detain and remove the 7,500 criminal illegal aliens that we have handed over to ICE over the past 10 years.” According to Stewart, the criminal aliens were handed over by local law enforcement to ICE under a program called 287g. “Of the 7,500, 1,000 have been rearrested.”
A mob of protesters stormed the board meeting on Tuesday, carrying signs in Spanish and English that it did not matter where or how you came from, we are all immigrants and we are all Americans. Speakers who advocate open borders argued that those arrested had not committed a crime and should not have been detained.
The fact that illegal aliens crossed into our country without visas and proper documentation is a crime. The last U.S. Census attributed the large population increase in Prince William County mostly to the illegal alien migration to the county.
Fredy Burgos, a Republican Party activist, posts regularly on Facebook examples of crimes committed daily by illegal aliens in Prince William County. Despite the protesters’ claims that illegals do not commit crimes, reality and police records speak otherwise.
In addition to illegals, counties in Virginia have to deal with the middle of the night surprise of forced resettlement of refugees in small communities that are ill-prepared to handle the influx of uneducated, illiterate, third world individuals who have no skills, do not speak our language, are often unwilling to learn it, do not understand our culture, do not accept it, do not share our religious values, and do not respect nor recognize our Constitution.
Legal immigrants throughout history have made America better by assimilating into one culture, the American culture. Back then there was no welfare state and no welfare generosity and dependency. But today’s immigrants are often here for economic benefits, welfare, and social security thanks to the leftist Open Borders policy. There is no economic boom to struggling communities who are forced to accept such refugees or close their eyes at the massive influx of illegals. In their media-driven narrative, leftists conveniently leave out the cost of welfare use, education of their children, and criminal justice system costs that counties incur in dealing with illegal aliens and refugees.
Looking at just one program, SNAP (food stamps), of the refugees who arrived in 2015, 92.5 percent received food stamps and, of those admitted in 2011, a whopping 60 percent are still receiving SNAP today. Take a trip in northern Virginia to Walmart on the days that SNAP benefits are distributed, and you will see a mass of illegal humanity, speaking languages other than English and wearing burkas and other ethnic costumes.
Our great-grandfathers had arrived here for the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families or future families. They had to go through Ellis Island, weeks of quarantine for infectious diseases, and some were even turned away because we wanted to keep the American public safe. And those immigrants, who cleared Ellis Island, worked very hard, built railroads, ports, tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, parks, highways, interstates, skyscrapers, and entire cities. As my good and patriotic Virginian friend had suggested, there should be “no immigration without verification and assimilation.”
Repealing the Open Borders mentality is essential. Becoming a U.S. citizen is a privilege, not a given right. Immigrants should benefit America in some way by bringing in skills and trades that are helpful in strengthening America. Immigrants must be an asset to our country, not a liability. Nobody should become a burden by drawing from our welfare system and from our social security funds built up by American workers who contributed with every paycheck into these funds. Taking social security funds without contributing to them is theft from the American people.
Given all the violent Islamist attacks on American citizens in the last years, we cannot afford to trust blindly, we must verify immigrants’ ulterior motives. “Can they prove that they are who they say they are? Can they prove that they are not criminal? What is their intent in becoming an American?”
Even though leftists claim that the demand to assimilate is “fascistic,” assimilation is necessary for numerous reasons:
1. Do the potential immigrants’ world views match the views of our founding documents?
2. Do potential immigrants intend to become Americans, or are they just drawing financial benefits, taking advantage of our American compassionate nature and generosity?
3. Will they protect and defend the Constitution and support American independence and sovereignty?
4. As Dr. Savage says, will they support our “language, borders, and culture?”
5. Are they interested in subverting America’s power, authority, and institutions with the intent of dividing our great nation?
6. Do they understand what it takes to be an American?
7. Do they want to be productive citizens?
We stand with legal immigrants who came before us and with those millions who are still awaiting the disposition of their backlogged files, immigrants who want to come to the United States legally, but live too far away. To now skip them and instead allow law breakers, border jumpers, and fence climbers to become American citizens is a slap in the face of every formerly legal resident alien who became naturalized American citizens after waiting years and years, meandering through legal hoops, learning history and civics, passing citizenship readiness tests, proving that they have what it takes to become an American, a privilege earned, not a right.
America welcomes legal immigrants with open arms and generosity but, if there is ever any doubt, after proper and thorough vetting, then, as my Virginian friend had suggested, “when in doubt, leave them out,” they don’t have what it takes to become an American.

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