Thank you Dr. Gorrie!

If you are comfortably cool in air conditioning during the hot days of summer, give thanks to Dr. Gorrie, a caring doctor and inventor!

I bless his memory every day as our Carrier machine keeps us cool if the capacitor does not blow from a power surge.

Mr. Carrier did refine the machine in the 20th century but the principle is the same.

Yes, Dr. Gorrie and Mr. Carrier were white men for you “systemic racists” out there. Their inventions benefit all races and incomes around the globe.

Dr. Gorrie invented the ice-making machine and is considered the father of air conditioning and refrigeration. Gorrie’s invention began with an attempt to cure Yellow Fever during an outbreak in Apalachicola in 1841.

Gorrie’s basic principle was cooling caused by the rapid expansion of gases. Using two double acting force pumps he first condensed and then rarified air. This is the one most often used in refrigeration even today. There is a model of the original ice-making machine in the Gorrie Museum.

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