How Was Sustainable Development Introduced

The lynchpin of U.N. Agenda 2030, originally U.N. Agenda 21, is Sustainable Development (SD) with its 17 SD goals established by the United Nations’ globalist cabal.

The concept of Sustainable Development (SD) was introduced in 1987 at the conference of the World Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, 29th prime minister of Norway. She served three terms.

To achieve SD, a vague definition was introduced: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It is quite vague, leaving room for abuse and constant changes predicated on a hidden agenda – what needs, whose needs specifically, who decides, for how long, and what ability of future generations. It can literally and figuratively be anything the cabal decides in secret. The rest of the world must obey.

The blueprint for SD in 1987 became U.N. Agenda 21 in 1992, signed by 179 nations at the U.N. Conference on Environment and development in Rio. The document was 300 pages long, now more pages have been added.

To “Americanize” this SD blueprint, President Bill Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development by Executive Order #12852 on June 29, 1993, with 12 cabinet secretaries, six environmental organizations, i.e., the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and executives from Enron, Browning Ferris, and S.C. Johnson.

Federal government grants spread Sustainable Development (SD) to all 50 states by creating a huge group of  Sustainable Development NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and by giving grants directly to cash starved state and local governments.

The federal grants provided the funding; NGOs provided the leadership; local governments provided the targets for change without the knowledge or vote of the population affected by SD changes.

EPA and other federal agenciesawarded “visioning” grants and “challenge” grants to develop a plan of action to transform communities across the country into sustainable development communities.

Universities also received grants dispersed to individual colleges within each university to teach students about SD.

NGOs (non-governmental organizations) received grants to work with local governments to create county-wide or region-wide plans such as Your Town 2024 or Sustainable Your Town or SD Region X, Y, Z Plan.

Visioning meetings developed comprehensive plans which included:

  • Nature preservation
  • Save the wetland
  • Improve the wetlands
  • Restrict development in sensitive areas (they decided what was sensitive)
  • Sustainable agriculture and farming (no fertilizer, no chemicals)
  • Never compromise wetlands or wildlife to the detriment of humans living in the area
  • Preservation of scenic views
  • Designate scenic highways
  • Development must be clustered and high rise
  • Rural village concept (it worked in Sovietized Europe after the Communist Party confiscated all agricultural land)
  • Smart growth, planned developments such as 15-minute cities
  • Walkability, 5 minutes from work, play, and school
  • Increased population density
  • Limit mobile homes
  • Zoning to encourage infill
  • More codes to be enforced
  • Conservation easements on agricultural land (a contract that forbids the landowner to do anything with the land without the NGO’s permission)
  • Sidewalks, bike paths, and walking paths
  • Multi-use trails and corridors that are landscaped

Comprehensive planning in SD cannot be initiated by the land owners but by the local community who are told what they need and want by a coalition of international organizations.

Smart Growth implies Land-Use control by the government:

  • 1976 U.N. Conference on Human Settlements “D(1)(d) Governments must maintain full jurisdiction and exercise complete sovereignty over land with a view to freely planning development of human settlements…”
  • 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment & Development “7.30(c) Develop fiscal incentives and land-use control measures, including land-use planning solutions for a more rational and environmentally sound use of limited land resources.’

Urban boundary zones appear in comprehensive master plans – municipal services such as water, sewer, fire, and police protection are not provided even though locals pay taxes for such.

Consensus of civil society (who is this civil society always quoted by the U.N. cabal every time they meet in tropical and very expensive locales where they issue new and revised documents and regulations) never includes locals who are affected by these comprehensive plans developed by outsiders.

Farmers know their land and treasure it. They know how to protect their resources because their livelihood depends on it. They don’t need outsiders telling them how to farm and where.

Government-managed societies end in environmental degradation, misuse of resources, greater division of economic classes, and hopelessness for the government-dependent poor. I know because I have experienced it. “Life is always better when people cooperate rather than a few try to dominate and control.”

Global governance using environmentalism as a tool started probably in 1891 when Cecil Rhodes asserted that the entire globe should be governed by the British Empire. How convenient to colonize the entire planet! Which is exactly what the globalist cabal wants to do.

Two weeks after Pearl Harbor Roosevelt used the term United Nations for the first time in his “Declaration of the United Nations.”

At about the same time, Professor Quincy Wright predicted the U.N. when he described in the Baltimore News Post a “Commission to Study the Organization of Peace”. United Nations became everything but an organization of peace.

Rachel Carson, another doomsayer, wrote Silent Spring and her infamous book convinced an entire generation that we are poisoning and destroying the earth.

In my 21st century America, I hear and see thousands of birds every year in the vicinity of our suburban home. Incidentally, the U.N. Agenda 2030 cabal wants to forbid suburbia while busy cutting down forests to make paper and carboard boxes, and burying CO2 pipelines (to mitigate the faux global warming), denying the gas of plant life to billions of trees that need to be replenished after so much paper use instead of the much maligned plastics.

The real goal of SD is to reduce and control the earth’s population drastically because they are producing too much carbon. How paying a tax for said carbon is going to save the planet and offsetting CO2 production is never explained. But, one of the cabal members spoke openly that those citizens who cannot afford to travel anywhere can sell their potential carbon footprint to those citizens who are rich and can afford to go places and spew more carbon in the atmosphere with their jets and yachts.

Obviously SD is a huge scam for power and control by the rich globalist cabal. It has nothing to do with the environment. If it did, the rich would be out there cleaning the environment polluted by China, India, and other poor countries that do not have a functioning garbage disposal plan, they use rivers and oceans to dispose of their trash.

If the cabal cared about the environment, they would not pay billions of dollars to spray daily our atmosphere with chemicals and chalk on their belief that blocking out the sun will mitigate the damage done by their global warming/climate change industry. In the process, they are harming mother nature, the weather, the climate, the food, water, and oxygen supply of the planet, killing animals and people.

Some Doctors Are Tele-Pretending to Practice Medicine

Among the numerous negative consequences for the survivors of the Chinese Covid-19 epidemic is the change in the practice of medicine and the lack of care extended to the rest of the population that did not get infected but needed medical care for so many other ailments that went untreated during the forced lockdown at the state and local levels.

The media kept lying to us every day how hospitals are overwhelmed with sick people yet thousands of nurses and doctors were furloughed, some were hired back, some weren’t, and others decided to retire instead of fighting the new twilight zone medical practice with all its CDC imposed infection controls and non-medical “social distancing,” arbitrarily set at 6 feet.

For the last five months, this “social distancing” has revealed itself as purposeful “social isolation” often going as far as forcing people to park their cars every other space in the parking lot, or use every other commode or sink in a public restroom.

We should not complain, at least some restrooms were open and we did not have to search in vain. In parks, they’ve closed them in April and the governor ordered port-o-potties brought in which the park rangers sprayed with Lysol in the morning in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The public restrooms, we were told, would have been too hard to sanitize.

And anglers could no longer fish on the pier, it was decreed, they had to scatter around the river bank. They promptly congregated under the railroad bridge, six feet apart or not, to share tall fishing tales.

People already afraid for their lives and driven into a panic by the non-stop public service announcements and the non-stop hyping of the casualties on all channels and 24-hour cable news, became so afraid to leave their homes that a trip to the “infectious” hospital was out of the question and suffered in silence locked in their homes. A few suffered heart attacks and, if they were lucky, survived to talk about it.

All my doctors kept sending me emails and text messages informing me that they will treat their patients now exclusively by various HIPAA-compliant tele-conferencing programs online, no doubt tele-pretending to treat my existing or future problems.

I am supposed to take my own blood pressure, how many times a minute I breathe, my oxygen intake at that moment, etc. Perhaps I need to buy other diagnostic machines normally found in a doctor’s office like a frontal temperature monitor, an EKG, and an oximeter. I draw the line at becoming my own phlebotomist.

It is sad to contemplate what would happen to our formerly stellar medical care now that one politicized virus has changed entirely the face of our country, including education, jobs, medical care, entertainment, travel, commerce, and professional sports. Only politics remained as corrupt as ever.

I can’t say that I will shed a tear for the demise of professional sports and of their highly paid players, but I am saddened that Americans will die before their time because of the lack of proper medical attention as the governors are forcing us indoors to escape Covid-19 until the expensive vaccine comes out.

Additionally, where will the rest of the world with large bank accounts come to treat their complicated medical problems their socialized medical systems can’t fix, if the best and the brightest American doctors and world-renowned surgeons are no longer practicing normal medicine but tele-pretending care?

There are still doctors out there replacing knees and setting broken bones and performing other surgeries that improve people’s lives, but general practitioners and some specialists are now switching their practice to tele-work, never touching their patients. Is this the kind of medicine we want?

Perhaps some of us are happier with this set up – no travel to someone’s office, no contact, no wait, etc. Except on a recent tele-conference with one of my doctors, I had to wait for her to show up online for more than an hour! A canned message kept telling me that she is tending to another patient and I should be patient.

We will never know how many Americans suffered at home because they were too afraid to go to a hospital for treatment, did not want to be on the Covid-19 tracing network and possibly home on an ankle bracelet if positive and refusing to sign self-quarantine documents, or did not have elective surgery because were unable to find a doctor who would do the surgery they needed and thus continued to suffer in pain and misery.

I am thankful for my mom’s doctor who treated her with the proper cocktail of medicines, HCQ, Z-pack, oxygen, and zinc and she survived her bout with pneumonia. But I wish some general practitioners and specialists in my town would get back to real medicine instead of hiding behind a computer and tele-pretending to practice medicine. Stop being afraid of your patients and please make eye contact with them, they are not body snatchers.

The New Abnormal is Socialism

The New Abnormal is Global Socialism

“Socialism is government force to control and change society.” – Paul B. Skousen

I have seen socialism creep in American education since 1979 when Jimmy Carter established the now massive bureaucracy called the Department of Education which became the blue print of socialist indoctrination in America. Through my experience first as a graduate student and then as a teacher in America, I also witnessed socialism advance in academia.

As a former citizen of a socialist republic for twenty years and after years of examining American society, I have seen in action most of the 46 goals of socialism as described by Paul B. Skousen in his book, The Naked Socialist.

Skousen’s highly accurate list describes the promotion of socialism and the U.N. as “the only hope for the world.” (#1 and #2)

As many Americans know, the U.N. and its many affiliates have managed to convince 178 countries to sign the U.N. Agenda 21 in 1992, later morphed into U.N. Agenda 2030, a document which controls every aspect of our economic and private lives through SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and subservience to the whims of globalists, beginning with abolishing of private property and destroying the U.S., the last bastion that stands in its way.

The global green economy has been promoted for decades and the Democrat Party has officially forced it through the passing of its Green New Deal, which is neither green, nor new, nor a deal. It is a subjugation of the U.S. economy to the globalist U.N. Agenda 2030. (#4)

We saw the influence of the World Health Organization (WHO), a U.N. affiliate, and its false claims about Covid-19 which pretty much destroyed the robust U.S. economy and left millions unemployed, all for the common good.

Environmentalists and CDC doctors became controllers of everything we do as human beings and business owners. Everything was brought to its knees in a mere five months, including religion, education, and organized sports.

Liberals and the socialist Democrat Party have been advocating no borders and vilifying President Trump for securing the border. (#3)

One-world currency servicing the one world government is already being touted through the cashless society.  A fully cashless economy means EVERYTHING is digital, traceable, and controlled. (#5)

No cash means, among many other nefarious elements of control:

  • No odd jobs to make an extra payment for your mortgage or car
  • No summer cash earned during school
  • No cash from grandma inside birthday cards and on holidays
  • No more piggy banks or savings for a special event/trip
  • No more rainy day fund
  • No more quick sale of that old bike or garage sales
  • No more hiring of teenagers to cut your lawn
  • No more collection for charity

Banks will have total control over every single penny you earn and it will be recorded electronically. If you misbehave or belong to a divergent thinking group, your electronic money will be unreachable until such a time that you have been scored socially adequate. Every movement will be recorded and traceable, no more off the grid economic activity. Every penny in your possession will be taxed and no more jobs under the table. There will be no more criminal and underground economic activity. (#27)

Somehow, during the Covid-19 lockdown, the nation is running out of change and stores are encouraging people to stop using cash. They say, money is dirty (it is literally and figuratively) and can easily spread disease. We seem to have managed fine since the invention of coins and paper money stashed in strange places circulated for millennia but suddenly they have become public enemy number one. (#5)

Control of the Internet and installing a thought police on social media has become a way to silence and censor conservative and libertarian points of view under the excuse that such thoughts violate “community standards.” Such obscure community standards include only leftist opinions. Facebook, Twitter, and Google do a pretty good job of policing opinions they dislike and wish to squash. (#6)

Mobs of violent protesters and rioters and the vagina-hat women’s marches screech about economic equality which strictly speaking is impossible. Equal pay is also impossible as we all have different levels of education, qualification, experience, work ethic, skill, willingness to do dangerous and unpleasant jobs, etc. We also have employment laws in place that bar job discrimination based on race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, culture, or disability. (#8)

In line with U.N. Agenda 2030 recommendations, we have already seen many advances in regulating all transportation under the ruse of pollution limits, fuel efficiency, and preventing further damage to the environment. (#15) This also includes the nationalization of energy production under the excuse of equal access to natural resources. (#16)

The paid mobs of rioters/protesters are holding glossy and preprinted signs advocating the U.N. goal of private property elimination, of private land, of wealth, of suburbia living because it is socially unjust. People can only live well if all land is used for the “common good,” a key word for the communist collective. (#17)

Hollywood and the media have promoted for decades pornography, gender fluidity, and other promiscuous activities in order to destroy the family unit, marriage, and the Christian faith. (#18, #20, #21) Any degeneracy has been portrayed as “normal, natural, healthy.” (#19) Deviations from the two biological sex distinctions have mushroomed. (#22)

Using the environment as a ruse, socialist globalists have created a one world governing body (under United Nations) in order to control any economic activity and development as a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT lynchpin goal.

The population has been forced into making “ecologically correct” choices – low-flush toilets, low-water washers, electric or hybrid cars, recycling, mandatory recyclable packaging, low-energy use appliances, CFL bulbs, solar panels, and rationed electricity access via controlled smart meters. (#32)

Students are controlled through socialist, social justice written textbooks and revisionist history in schools and NGO-driven (non-profits) environmentalism synchronized with U.N. Agenda 21 17 sustainable development goals. (#37)

The media has done a spectacular job of advancing socialism into society by controlling information and misrepresenting reality through daily lies in non-ending indoctrination of the pliable masses and low information voters. The juvenile attacks and insults on the President Donald J. Trump are never-ending and based solely on lies. (#38)

Socialism has marched unimpeded and is now devolving into Marxism, aided and abetted by other sources and means:

  • Presenting work as optional by providing funds from government for economic stimulus spending, unemployment (caused by the same people issuing the “generous” help from taxpayer dollars or from baseless money printing), endless welfare, illness, retirement. (#40)
  • Ignoring the Constitution and brainwashing people that it is an old-fashioned document. (#41)
  • Present Founding Fathers and American heroes as exploiters who did not care for the downtrodden. (#42) Making heroes out of cowards who burn the American flag and loot and burn stores while ignoring the real heroes. Use mobs to destroy historical statues and replace them with Marxist symbolism.
  • Discredit American culture and history in schools; present the discoveries and inventions of white men as supremacist and racist; use Caucasian academics to teach that whites are successful because of a media-manufactured construct called “white privilege.” (#43)
  • Government regulations in education, welfare, mental health, social agencies, arts, media, hospital care, doctor care, pharmaceuticals in an attempt to control everything. (#44)
  • Overt installation of socialism, beginning with the socialists in Congress, schools, and academia. (#45)
  • Use chaos and panic driven by the media and a viral crisis (Covid-19) to deploy top-down government control around the world and restriction on personal rights and freedoms – where and how to shop, worship, walk, get food, see a doctor, and how long to wear an oxygen-reducing mask. (#46)

The new abnormal, heavily advertised and promoted by the Democrat Party and woke sycophants is a huge disaster unfolding. Socialism has been a tragedy, failing miserably in all the tyrannical Communist Party-ruled socialist republics, but, if you ask the average indoctrinated and well-fed American students, they think that socialism/communism are better alternatives to the “evil” capitalism. I know firsthand, it is a gros distortion of reality.

Thank you Dr. Gorrie!

If you are comfortably cool in air conditioning during the hot days of summer, give thanks to Dr. Gorrie, a caring doctor and inventor!

I bless his memory every day as our Carrier machine keeps us cool if the capacitor does not blow from a power surge.

Mr. Carrier did refine the machine in the 20th century but the principle is the same.

Yes, Dr. Gorrie and Mr. Carrier were white men for you “systemic racists” out there. Their inventions benefit all races and incomes around the globe.

Dr. Gorrie invented the ice-making machine and is considered the father of air conditioning and refrigeration. Gorrie’s invention began with an attempt to cure Yellow Fever during an outbreak in Apalachicola in 1841.

Gorrie’s basic principle was cooling caused by the rapid expansion of gases. Using two double acting force pumps he first condensed and then rarified air. This is the one most often used in refrigeration even today. There is a model of the original ice-making machine in the Gorrie Museum.

Smart Growth and Green Growth – It is Not What You Think

“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption, and set levels of mortality control.” – Professor Maurice King
Progressives (regressives) have been educating (indoctrinating) our American children for decades, inculcating (forcing) ideas such as political correctness (approved speech), globalism (one world government), global warming/climate change (redistribution of wealth), income equality (confiscation of wealth), resistance (anarchy), social justice (reverse discrimination), and tolerance (intolerance). Continue reading

Academic Indoctrination into Communism and Pinkoism

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
~ Albert Einstein
The latest main stream media apoplectic vilification of our President focused 24/7 on his meeting with Putin in Helsinki, what he should have done and said to Putin. People with journalism degrees are suddenly experts at everything. Although the left’s deranged rhetoric against our President caused irreparable damage to our country, it might be the least of our worries at the moment. Continue reading

Hysteria, Hate, and Histrionics Defines the Left

Narrenschiff – Woodcut
Lacking any substance and sinking deeper into the abyss of irrelevance, the Democrat Party’s platform seems to be defined by the cause of defending illegal aliens over Americans, invaders who have broken our laws by crossing the border illegally. Mexican officials and liberals claim that immigration of any kind is a human right. Continue reading