The Hessian Powder Magazine

On the Carlisle Barracks grounds in Pennsylvania, a non-descript rectangular stone building was witness to so much of our early American history. The entrance is in the middle, a heavy and simple wooden door with rusted thick latches. It is now a self-guided museum which opens at daylight and closes at sun-down. It was captivating to step inside and to visit alone the former prison cells and powder storage magazine, now a museum which describes the rich history that surrounds the area. Continue reading

Cargo of Refugees, a Planned Invasion

Economic refugees “Refugees” on ferryboat
Cargo after cargo of “refugees,” defiant young Muslims seeking a better life in non-Muslim countries with generous welfare programs, are arriving on the Mediterranean shores and at the border of small and much poorer countries than the rich Arab states bordering Syria. Even though they speak the same language, they are taking in zero “refugees” with the excuse that they are trying to minimize the threat of terrorism. Continue reading

My Visit to the National Museum of Health and Medicine

The National Museum of Health and Medicine Photo: Ileana Johnson, June 2014

The National Museum of Health and Medicine
Photo: Ileana Johnson, June 2014

Surgeon General William A. Hammond founded the Army Medical Museum in 1862 to “document the effects of war wounds and disease on the human body.” Its staff has conducted pioneering research on infectious diseases, pathology, and medical techniques. Museum researchers “contributed to discovering the cause of yellow fever and developing a vaccination for typhoid fever.” The Army Medical Museum was designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935. Continue reading