Furs and Environmental Political Correctness

Chinchilla Photo: chinchillaguide.com
Genesis 4:21
The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

I touched the buttery soft banded white and grey chinchilla coat on the mannequin, draping a fiery red dress. I wonder how many tiny animals were sacrificed to make this beautiful coat that would adorn the shoulders of an elegant socialite who might get cold in the climate change winter air on her way to a fashionable restaurant or a D.C. party. The $50,000 price tag can certainly buy a small house in the south. Continue reading

Merry Christmas in the Trenches

Christmas Truce 1914 Christmas Truce 1914
Photo credit: Wikipedia
One hundred years ago, on Christmas Eve, in a muddy and cold place near Ploegsteert, on the WWI front between Belgium and France, surrounded by no-man’s land littered with barbed wire and dead bodies, German and Allied soldiers climbed from their trenches to celebrate Christmas in what became to be known as the Christmas Truce. Continue reading