3 thoughts on “Butler on Business Interviews

  1. Your article in Canada Free Press, November 2019 was excellent!

    I recently was at a meeting of thirty or forty people. Many were grey hairs.
    The speaker gave an excellent speech on fake news. During question and
    answer I pointed out the word “sloganeering” as used by Lenin. It was a new
    term. He took a pencil out of his pocket and wrote the word down.

    I left the building by about twenty feet and was stopped by some one I did
    not know. He listened closely to me. It was a new term to him.

    The next day I wrote up a two page e-mail on the subject and sent it to ten
    people. Four answered and thanked me. Simply put these were all conservatives that did not understand the thoughts and purposes of slogans. I mean slogans put out the communists.

    I think it would be a good subject. If interested I can e-mail my two page.

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