Cries Censorship Wolf

The Service Employees International Union, the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW), under the umbrella of have sent a letter on June 17, 2013, to their like-minded contributors who fund Democrat campaigns and socialist causes and organizations around the country.

The letter claims that PBS, the bastion of liberalism, has gone too far in their censorship of the film, “Citizen Koch,” a take on the much maligned conservative David Koch. Calling him the “Tea Party billionaire,” as if the Tea Party was a dirty word, the letter is asking supporters to sign a petition to PBS to air “Citizen Koch.”

It is apparently fine to silence the conservative opposition, using any methods possible, as long as the liberal end justifies the means. Compromising the integrity of public broadcasting should not be allowed, the letter says, unless of course, socialists are doing it.

Never mind that the MSM, including PBS, control what information is disseminated and the talking points of the current administration, and they have compromised the integrity of any broadcasting, including the taxpayer-funded PBS, long time ago.

MSM comrades have become a propaganda machine for the utopian virtues of socialism. Conservatives must read .orgthe press in the UK in order to find out what is going on in our own country. People turn to the Internet and real citizen-journalists who report the news accurately.

The SEIU letter states, “We believe that in a free society, our press and broadcasters should be strong and unafraid to challenge the powerful.” Most Americans believed so as well until the powerful IRS audited them or turned down their tax-exempt status requests based on their conservative, libertarian, or independent politics.

It is all right for SEIU to influence elections and to donate millions to candidates and organizations that promote liberalism. apparently does not think that Mr. Koch has the right to be a trustee and donor to PBS. also has a problem with Mr. Koch’s $23 million donation, yet hundreds of millions in donations from Big Labor and other socialist groups have been suppressing conservative writing and broadcasting with a vengeance.

“This is especially urgent because right now the Koch brothers are interested in taking over ten newspapers owned by the Tribune Company, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. If Koch dollars could influence PBS as much as they did, imagine how much damage they’ll do to our daily papers.” I think those newspapers have damaged themselves. Nobody is interested in reading manufactured news and misrepresented data, the readership has dropped to record lows. Americans are starved for truth, accountability, and justice.

Signing the letter in typical communist fashion, “in solidarity,” the writer concludes, “PBS went too far. Tell them to stop the self-censorship and air the documentary Citizen Koch.” is distressed that “public television pulled funding for Citizen Koch,” a documentary “on the restricting and destructive role of money in politics,” allegedly produced by “Academy Award-nominated filmmakers.” If the documentary is so worthy of watching and so groundbreaking, why don’t they raise private money and venues? That is how free competition works.

I have met David Koch – he is patriotic and cares deeply about our country, truth, and the preservation of our Constitution. I have seen him personally attacked and intimidated by Big Labor goons when he tried to attend a convention in D.C., exercising his freedom of speech and assembly. The police did not do much to stop the menacing protesters who became violent.

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