Where Do We Find Money When We Are Broke?

Where do we find money to fund so much out-of-control spending when we are so broke, our national debt ($17.5 trillion) with unfunded liabilities ($128.3 trillion) exceeds $145.8 trillion? Where did the Democrats find almost $4 trillion to fund this year’s budget when Gross Domestic Product is $16.1 trillion and the total national assets are $112.1 trillion for almost 318 million Americans? http://www.usdebtclock.org/

How did it happen that United States, a former power house of wealth and industry, now burdened by a national debt impossible to fathom and repay, can find money to send to Ukraine in order to protect its sovereignty but does not care about U.S. sovereignty?

How can Congress find money to send to every tin pot dictator in the world and to groups that are not just hostile to the U.S. but desire our demise, but reduces benefits, commissary access to affordable food, and Tricare health care premiums to our military? Did Congress not promise care and support for life to our military in exchange for their service often paid with their lives?

The government is citing “economic woes” in their explanation for military families’ budget cuts. Should we not slash financial aid to Mexico, Pakistan, or other nations that “undermine U.S. sovereignty?”

Why do minimum wage earners, less than 2 million in the whole country, deserve over $10 an hour for low-skill jobs while our military in the trenches earn less for dangerous jobs yet they don’t complain so vociferously and publicly?

How can we justify cutting down our military so drastically at a time when the world is arming around us, rattling its swords, while China is increasing its military budget by 12 percent?

How can we find money to destroy our excellent educational system and replace it with yet another half-baked experiment in socialism called Common Core Standards?

How can our government tax the middle class to death, including poor American students who are struggling to pay bills, while finding $4.2 billion annually to give to illegal aliens in earned income tax credit for children who are not American citizens and do not even live in the U.S.?

How can we destroy our medical insurance system for 85 percent of Americans who were satisfied with it, in order to pay for the 14.8 percent who did not have medical insurance in 2008, in the name of social justice? How can Democrats spin the latest Gallup poll that showed that 17.1 percent of Americans did not have health insurance in 2013, compared to 15.9 percent so far in 2014?

How is it fair to give illegal aliens Affordable Care Act medical care (it is affordable for them since it’s free) while charging those who had good insurance plans higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher co-pays and offering them less care and less access to doctors?

How is it possible to claim that we are in a recovery when millions are out of work, millions on food stamps, and the labor force participation is one of the lowest since 1978? http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000

How is it possible to find money for Planned Parenthood to kill babies, but we must cut medical services to the elderly, the very young, and the handicapped?

How did we find hundreds of millions of dollars to waste on the computer program that was supposed to run ObamaCare smoothly yet it is a monumental failure?

How did we find money to fund infrastructure in other countries and “nation building” but our own infrastructure is in disrepair in spite of the billions of dollars spent on economic stimuli?

When did $300 million become a rounding error in the Democrat-controlled budget of almost $4 trillion?

How does it happen that U.S. never runs out of money for welfare? There are so many legal and illegal beneficiaries that choose welfare over work because it is more lucrative.

How did Congress find money to give itself a raise and subsidize 75 percent of the ObamaCare premiums for itself and staff under the excuse that someone who makes a six-figure salary cannot afford the premiums?

How can we afford to buy ammo to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars for federal agencies, including the post office, and why?

How can we afford to buy war-like urban assault vehicles and drones for small and large towns’ police departments in the nation and why? Should we not fill the pot holes first and secure crumbling bridges? Why are we no longer building roads?

How did we find so many billions to fund renewable energy projects such as solar and wind when they have gone bankrupt one after another, killed and fried birds, including the bald eagle, and generated so little electricity for such a high cost per kWh?

Why do we fund billions of dollars to support the global warming hoax when thousands of real scientists have come out to say that there is no such thing as “settled science” and “consensus,” it is just a convenient and profitable political tool to assert power and control?

Why did we kill NASA’s Space Shuttle program but we have money to fund studies that investigate the color of the feathers of the first bird on Earth (black), to develop a video game that “depicts a female superhero sent to save planet Earth from climate changes allegedly caused by social issues that affect women,” to fund a study that found “unintelligent robots do not have the ability to maintain a baby’s attention,” or allow “117,000 Americans to double-dip into Social Security disability insurance and the federal unemployment insurance program to the tune of $850 million?” http://blog.heritage.org/2013/08/20/morning-bell-15-pictures-of-ridiculous-government-spending-guaranteed-to-make-you-mad/

What is going to happen when the U.S. national debt we owe collectively for the out-of-control spending now will come due later? If we cannot pay it back to our creditors, are we going to lose our national assets? Are we escalating our nation’s wellbeing to a point of no return, the fundamental transformation we were promised?

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