Politics, Ebola, and Our National Health Safety

Rep. Nancy Pelosi walked across the House floor and, lacking any decorum, waved her finger at Rep. Tom Marino who was discussing the bill to fund the border invasion and the future chain migration that is sure to follow.
“Under the leadership of the former Speaker [Pelosi], and under the leadership of their former leader [Rep. Steny Hoyer], when in 2009 and 2010, they had the House, the Senate and the White House, and they knew this problem existed. They didn’t have the strength to go after it back then. But now are trying to make a political issue out of it now.” http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2014/08/pelosi-chases-republican-tom-marino-across-house-chamber/
The Dream Act, which was passed conveniently around election time 2012 and was presented disingenuously as a “courageous move and the will of the people,” and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), passed on June 15, 2012, are responsible for emboldening the current flood of illegal alien minors into the United States. Our government has prepared since January 2014 to receive such a flood by seeking employees to help with the dispersion around the country of adolescents with communicable diseases among our unsuspecting American citizens.
According to the inspector general’s report, [border] “agents have contracted everything from scabies and lice to chickenpox, including bringing the disease home to their own children, as they care for the unaccompanied minors.” The report said some illegal immigrants’ “unfamiliarity with bathroom facilities caused unsanitary conditions and exposure to human waste.” http://nation.foxnews.com/2014/08/01/illegals-‘unfamiliarity-bathroom-facilities’-causing-problems
Besides TB, other respiratory diseases, and a potential Ebola outbreak, unscreened and non- quarantined illegal aliens can bring in diseases that can be spread through contact with unvaccinated children and infected individuals who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom or who discard used toilet tissue with fecal matter into waste baskets instead of flushing them.
– Poliomyelitis (viral infection spread through the fecal-oral route)
– Norovirus acute gastroenteritis (spread through food and water contaminated by fecal matter)
– Giardiasis (a parasite transmitted via the fecal-oral route)
– Hepatitis A (a virus spread by eating or drinking water contaminated with infected feces)
– Hepatitis E (fecal oral transmission route)
– Rotavirus (vaccination can prevent it in infants; it is contagious especially in infants and children)
– Typhoid fever (caused by bacteria Salmonella; sick people and carriers have the bacteria in the digestive tract and in their feces; travelers are advised to be careful when going abroad)
– Shigellosis or bacillary dysentery (caused by the Shigella bacteria spread through the fecal-oral route)
– Cholera (an infection of the bacterium vibrio cholera which is transmitted through food and water contaminated with feces)
– Cryptosporidiosis (a protozoan parasite spread through the fecal-oral route)
– Ascariasis (round worm infection in young children, prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions where sanitation and hygiene are poor; not common in the U.S.)
Dr. Margaret Chan, the director-general of The World Health Organization (WHO) described the spread of Ebola as ‘catastrophic’ in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and now in Nigeria, carried by an individual on a flight. “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socio-economic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries.” The $100 million response plan will deploy hundreds more health care workers. http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/ebola-who-spread-fast/2014/08/02/id/586440#ixzz39GWowJI4
Although the Ebola virus was generally thought of as being spread through direct contact with bodily fluids, a 2012 experiment, which reported that macaques (primates) contracted Ebola from piglets inoculated oro-nasally with the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus (EBOV), while caged in the same room without physical contact, cannot be explained. http://www.nature.com/srep/2012/121115/srep00811/full/srep00811.html
In the middle of this serious Ebola outbreak, the U.S.-African Leaders Summit will be held August 4-6 in Washington, D.C. Judi McLeod wrote, “While Obama is bringing African leaders into D.C. for a summit that can be scheduled any time, the Centers for Disease Control has issued a travel advisory warning travelers to avoid nonessential travel to affected countries.” http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/65007
Democrats are manipulating our political system and the law, posturing and bending the truth, in order to increase future voter rolls through family integration and chain migration, using illegal alien minors, bussed or flown from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras into the U.S. at taxpayer expense in order to spare the unpleasant coyote trek through Mexico of those crashing our borders illegally.
Our country is overwhelmed by manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis and by a depressed economy, an anemic GDP, almost 100 million Americans unemployed or on welfare, and now the potential threat to our national health safety. Veterans die from VA hospital neglect and we are rolling out the red carpet for the next wave of unscreened border jumpers from unknown locales, claiming real or fabricated refugee status.

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