The Middle Class, Refugees in their Own Country

“We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” – Anonymous
Popesti sunset from the sheep farm
Red Sunset, Photo: Ileana Johnson 2012
My reality today in America, the former “land of the free, home of the brave” is crony capitalism ruled by an anti-American socialist/Marxist regime. I feel like the musicians on the Titanic.
A border guard, who asked a truck driver coming into the U.S. if he was an American citizen, was met with the surprising question, “Does it really matter anymore?” The border guard’s answer, after he waved the trucker on through, was even more shocking, “Not really.”
The reality in my former daily communist life was encapsulated in an anonymous play on words that goes like this:
“Everybody had a job; although everybody had a job, nobody was really working; even though nobody was working, the communist five-year plan was always fulfilled 100 percent; although the plan was always fulfilled, nobody could buy anything; although nothing was available, everybody had everything; even though people had everything, everybody was stealing to survive; although everybody was stealing, nothing was missing, ever.” There you have it, reality under communism. And it is already here in America in an incipient form.
I escaped this reality to come to freedom in America, the shining city on the hill, the example of generosity, hard work, excellent health care, outstanding education, and the opportunity to succeed. The problem is that this freedom no longer exists, other than freedom of the press and that is curtailed more and more by the day. Yes, you can speak freely but you are labeled a terrorist, a hatemonger, a racist, and, at worst, you lose your job, forever a pariah, joining the almost 100 million Americans out of work or on perennial welfare.
We’ve been so balkanized by entitled ethnic groups flooding our country who are forever insulted by our traditions or our Christianity and who have such vociferous and powerful lobbies in Washington, D.C., that we are being fast ethnically displaced and replaced by a third world population that refuses to learn English and assimilate, a backwards population that hates America but loves its generous welfare. The unwelcome guests are fast engulfing, overrun, and overwhelm the hosts, destroying them until there is nothing left to suck on but an empty exoskeleton blown by the wind into the dustbin of revisionist history.
We are no longer the protector and policeman of the world and the world is in utter chaos. The enemy is becoming bolder and stronger, occupying areas that we have spent years to free and sacrificed thousands of limbs and lives.
Our President tells us that our former archenemy, Russia, does not produce anything, yet we have to rent a chair on their space shuttle for $90 million if our astronauts are to fly to the International Space Station. Our wings have been clipped with the stroke of a presidential pen.
We have become the poor relative asking for handouts from the rich relative that we disdain. Russia’s cosmonauts are leading the space race now. It is not even a race anymore because we no longer have a race horse. It was mothballed in the museum of our former greatness.
The current regime thought that it was high time that we were cut down to size. We needed to be taught a lesson in poverty in order to experience what other poor people around the world struggle with every day. As if we arrived at our wealth and abundance overnight and never worked hard to achieve it. Somehow we’ve stolen it from the poor countries around the world whom we’ve exploited.
We’ve been forced by our presidents to redistribute so much wealth to the national and international poor and downtrodden, our middle class has now become a refugee class in our own country, a class which is fast disappearing, displaced and replaced by hordes of ethnic groups alien to America. We are refugees from the war on the middle class, the war on prosperity waged furiously and rapidly by Congress and various regimes elected by the low information American and illegal immigrant voters who flooded our country but bring with them the hellholes they’ve escaped from.
We are too busy appeasing the Muslims who apparently, unbeknownst to us, have made so many contributions to the founding of America. Who knew that our Founding Fathers were Muslims? The President said in a recent speech, “In the United State, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”
Bob FitzSimmonds, the Virginia GOP treasurer, who posted a message on his Facebook page that questioned whether Muslim Americans have made positive contributions to U.S society, has resigned unapologetically. Finally someone has the courage to stand for the truth.
World communism has been successful in oppressing and enslaving mankind because of “two species of ignorance –ignorance concerning the constitutional requirements needed to perpetuate freedom, and secondly, ignorance concerning the history, philosophy and strategy of World Communism.” (Leon Skousen, The Naked Communist, Izzard Ink LLC, Salt Lake City, 2014)
copyright: Ileana Johnson 2014

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