Political Journalism Endangers Our Survival

Journalism in this country, if it ever was completely honest and objective, has become in-your-face political journalism, to be more specific, Democrat Party agenda progressive journalism. Dr. Savage called it “narrative journalism.”
We often have to consult foreign news to find out what is going on in our own country. We are no longer watching the news when a talking head on location somewhere is trying to explain what happened, what we are seeing, and who is involved to the best of their knowledge. The actual news reporting is very rare.
What passes for news is the cable news owners’ progressive agenda or the newspapers’ affiliation with the Democrat Party. “News” is sensational videotaping and coverage of one event ad nauseam, the glorification of criminals, and of Hollywood stars who pass away from drug overdoses or other unfortunate accidents.
As my wise Grandma used to say, “The house is burning and the old lady is combing her hair.” Why tend to real issues and news overwhelming the country when there are so many manufactured crises and stories of racism, stoked non-stop by reverends and race baiters, organized protests with looting and burning, and narcissistic people to be highlighted in faux reality shows and in “breaking news” coverage.
How else can progressives and their organized welfare mobs and college-age crowds better redress the social injustice and racism then by looting and burning the property of innocent people and beating bystanders to a pulp or render strangers on the street unconscious in “knock-out games” accompanied by laughter?
We now watch a pretty face made exceptionally taut by plastic surgery, in skimpy clothes, well-toned and exposed arms, a plunging décolletage, and bright lipstick, reading a teleprompter with fed information that, curiously, is repeated often ad litteram by other talking heads across all the alphabet soup networks, and sometimes with little variation from the talking points fed to them by the regime.
Three or four political anchorettes sit together to discuss the “new normal,” the manufactured crisis du jour and what and how we should think. Occasionally there is a raised notch of pretend-journalism when males and females of different backgrounds are brought in to repeat the talking points of the day and to argue the new ginned-up crisis of the week. The “talent” is so made up and metrosexual, it is painful to watch on HD television. Every physical flaw is exacerbated. But it is important to look good and convincing even though content and veracity are sorely lacking.
Professors of Ivy-league provenance are usually the guests, dragged from the formerly objective bastions of academia to impart their socialist views and Leninist teachings to the low information masses that did not make it to the halls of Marxist “enlightenment,” people who work hard every day for a living and hang on to every word these Machiavellian educators spew. If they say it, it must be true, they are tenured, and have many degrees and abbreviations attached to their names. If the lie is repeated enough times, they begin to believe it themselves.
With such political journalism indoctrinating us daily, we are now a suburb of Mexico, criminals are mourned nationally and honored at the White House, criminality is rewarded with citizenship, dissenting opinions are now hate speech, good is bad, bad is good, the justice system must change laws to allow non-judgmental posture towards deviants and criminals, no more apprehension of law breakers, everything is turned on its head, and former enemies hold positions of power in government. When these political anchors and anchorettes are done crucifying the police who are generally staffed with good people who do a hard, thankless job, putting their lives on the line for perfect strangers, who is going to want to be a cop?
Once in a while a piece of accidental journalism escapes through the censorship’s heavily fortified gates, and the culprit disappears, never to be seen again on the prime-time screens.
We now have fake reverends with criminal pasts and huge tax evasion bills telling us how to behave properly, how to loot and burn a city down in the name of social justice, and to stoke enmity between races for financial gain.
An occasional inconvenient guest who does not go along with the program and dares to contradict or disagree with the anchorette’s points is rudely cut-off and the screen goes blank. Some anchors who fancy themselves the arbiters of truth and politics go postal on someone who disagrees with them, using the f word and other choice on-air expletives.
It is a political hot potato to tell the truth these days and definitely a career-ending move – your brethren will disown you rather quickly. If you love truth anyway, you are likely to be labeled by both sides a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat.
No sooner a terrorist has committed an atrocity around the world, as in the case of Sydney’s café, while only identifying the perpetrator as a “gunman” (guns are always the problem in the liberal mind), the vacuous anchorettes come out and start damage control by tweeting support for the religion of peace, fearing a backlash against Islam. They feel safe in their ivory towers of television or living in gated communities with armed guards.
The entire planet is under siege by progressive journalists who have taken the western world hostage in their quest to defend Muslim extremists who are terrorizing the world and to find out why these misunderstood savages kill with impunity, behead and enslave Christians according to the tenets of their primitive beliefs and Sharia Law. The MSM keeps protecting them, reporting that a “lone wolf” has done something despicable but the attack is in no way connected to hundreds of other incidents of terror and bombing and to the religion of peace. If we just understand their murderous motives and give up our western world and way of life, they will stop killing us.
Truth in journalism is a “rara avis,” it has become a manufactured agenda of the dangerous progressive mindset. For this reason, millions of Americans have switched to real news sources, away from the disingenuous “useful idiots” and servile main street media.

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