The Three Americas of Your Dreams

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Michael Savage made an interesting and profound statement on his radio show that struck a chord with me because I believe it to be true, based on my past experience with socialism and communism, my present knowledge of crony capitalism, and my research.
“We have three Americas – the America that was, the America that is, and the America that will be.”
The Facebook generation never experienced the America that was; they never knew the correct history of the exceptional America of the past, they only learned Howard Zinn’s revisionist history. They just benefitted from its greatness and its accomplishments. Their teachers have been telling them for decades that America was evil, racist, imperialist, and they need to be ashamed of being American, they must seek retribution for all the past wrongs at the hands of the bad white man who must have had invented “white privilege.”
Everything they enjoy, use and benefit from today, they owe in great part to the discovery, inventiveness, and entrepreneurship of the white men they hate so much. That is not to say that people of other cultures and nationalities have not contributed greatly to this country with their hard work. But not many invented things that make our lives so much better and easier today. Look how many white European men have received science Nobel prizes for their inventions and discoveries.
America that was is the exceptional America that so generously gave aid and knowledge to other countries in need, that built a successful nation that knew and was proud of its history, had a moral compass, was honorable, had stable families, and kept God at its core. America that was achieved unsurpassed greatness and, in that process, improved the lives of billions around the world, freeing an entire continent from the oppressing German National Socialists (Nazis).
America that is now is ashamed of its history, of what made it great, and people are afraid to express their feelings of pride because it is shameful and derisive to be patriotic; people are demoralized, have lost their decency, more than half of the country is on welfare or unemployed.
People who are in school know very little and are unabashedly unashamed that they know so very little. When asked simple questions that most foreigners can answer with ease, young Americans walk away with pride and a smile when they show their stupidity and ignorance, unable to recognize national landmarks, their own geography, famous Americans, their own history, and many rudiments of basic elementary education. But they can immediately recognize and worship pop-culture trash icons and recite sports statistics and worthless trivia.
Noah Webster was right when he said,
“Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country; he should lisp the praise of liberty, and of those illustrious heroes and statesmen, who have wrought a revolution in her favor.”
Unfortunately, most Americans with a college diploma would definitely be unable to pass a high school literacy exam from the turn of the 20th century, that is how dumbed down the American education has become by teaching to a test and lazily using calculators instead of their brains.
America that will be is yet to be decided. The electorate has two choices, go with one of the two communist candidates on the left, turning completely left to socialism and eventually communism or maintain the mixed economy of the middle with government socialism and crony capitalism.
It appears that the tendency goes toward socialism. Decades of brainwashing in schools, Hollywood, and the main stream media are finally paying off, politicians have enough domestic low information voters and imported illegal aliens to bring about their sought after utopian paradise in the vein of Venezuela and Cuba.
No matter what happens to the country, politicians will be part of the ruling elite while the useful idiots, including the media, academia, and all the fringe lunatics on the left will become part of the equally poor and miserable proletariat with implausible rights and demands that cannot be fulfilled in the real world of work. And they will have to labor when other people’s money will be gone and the middle class will become part of the dustbin of history, a blip on the radar of a formerly successful and abundant life which they squandered away by allowing their children to be brainwashed in schools.
Schools are not the only ones responsible for the creation of this entitlement mentality, an incurable societal cancer. The entitlement mentality started with the divorced single mom with children taken care of by the government largesse, a government that purposefully became daddy.
The entitlement mentality was exacerbated by two-income parents, who could not spend enough time with their children. To make up for this obvious breakdown and assuage guilt, parents started buying their children “stuff” which they did not need, thus creating an entitled future society of narcissistic people who felt that everything was owed to them free on a golden platter just because they existed.
And old communist politicians like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton told them that it was their “right” to have health care, free education, free housing, free prenatal and postnatal care, free vacations, all at the expense of society, no personal responsibility whatsoever. It worked really well in the Fabian socialist nations of Western Europe – they are all bankrupt, financially and morally, fighting off too late or not at all the Islamist invasion and the failed multicultural “diversity” with their ill-placed tolerance.
America that will be, with a socialist and communist utopian agenda, will be muddled by disaster after disaster exacerbated by the already doubled national debt, now sitting at $19 trillion and rising, over $120 trillion with unfunded liabilities such as the Social Security Ponzi scheme, Medicare and Medicaid. This unpayable national debt cannot possibly be reversed no matter who the president is.
How do you undo the open borders policy and all the illegal aliens that have been flooding the U.S.? We’ve been told for ten years that we have 11 million “undocumented Americans,” who, by simple mathematics should have grown to 30 million by now, a sizable non-information Democrat illegal voting bloc, deceptively named “undocumented workers” to cover the fact that they are foreign nationals who broke our laws to come in, but are now demanding and receiving more rights than Americans have, in exchange for their illegal vote across the country.
They are changing the demographic face of America on a large scale plan and forcing bi-lingualism on us. They are already burdening the welfare system, schools, child care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and the earned income tax credit system. How do you stop Muslim invasion? In the name of tolerance and their bogus contribution to America, they are allowed to change our laws, to introduce Sharia Law, proselytizing for Islam in schools across the country with the help of Common Core, in hopes of eventually taking over by sheer fertility, 8.1 children per family.
How do you undo Obamacare, the deliberate destruction of one of the world’s best healthcare systems in order to install government provided insurance? The socialist healthcare system for veterans did not work very well and thousands have died and are still dying daily, waiting to be seen and to be treated properly.
How do you overcome the weakened military? How do you overcome the Islamization of America? How do you overcome the destruction wrought in education by Common Core Sub-standards and by the State Department of Education? How do you overcome the destruction of the fossil fuel industry at the expense of building the Green, pie-in-the-sky, renewable energy of solar and wind? How do you overcome the debauchery and the loss of morality? How do you overcome the loss of faith? How do you overcome the infiltration at all levels of government of anti-Americans, communists, and Islamists who do not have America’s best interest at heart?
How are you going to reverse decades of indoctrination of our children into good socialists? How do you reverse the climate change industry? How do you overcome all the race-baiting, bigotry, hate speech, and white privilege rhetoric coming from the militant and violent left who has plenty of money to stage riots and destructive demonstration by young people addled by drug use? How do you reverse United Nation’s Agenda 21? How do you reverse all the spying on citizens? How do you protect American citizens who can be killed without due process?
The country has gone too far over the cliff. America that will be will not be recognized by baby boomers and legal aliens who immigrated to America for the opportunity of a better life, not for welfare benefits.

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