Free Market Economic Recovery with Trump or Global Collectivism with Hillary

Two weeks before the most outrageous presidential election in history, the stakes for the economic future of our country are high. There is no question that the U.S. economy is in terrible shape and that the policy decisions made in the last ten years have negatively affected everyone who trades, invests, and use the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. Are voters going to choose free market economic recovery with Trump or global collectivism with Clinton?
The government statistics claim that there are officially 8 million unemployed but the actual unemployment numbers are closer to 16 million people. The reported labor force of almost 156 million in 2000 has shrunk to 152 million today. The reported number of Americans “not in the labor force” is an astonishing 94 million. These are discouraged workers who are no longer counted as unemployed. This explains why this administration’s unemployment numbers are so rosy and low. For up to date numbers, visit the national debt clock here.
Our national debt is astronomical, approaching $20 trillion while GDP is below $19 trillion. We already owe more than we make in a year in final goods and services. Gross debt to GDP ratio is 106.38 percent. The U.S. total debt is $67 trillion. However, if we add all the unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and Obamacare, the figure jumps much higher.
The federal budget deficit (the difference between taxation and spending) is almost $6 trillion for this year. The more indebted we are to the rest of the world and to each other, the less money will be available for future generations to improve their standard of living and to defend themselves.
There are approximately 119 million U.S. taxpayers and approximately 124 million full-time workers. The biggest part of the revenue from taxation is spent on entitlements. Somehow, Social Security, a fund established with automatic paycheck contributions, has been lumped in with entitlements as if the Social Security fund did not belong to the tax payers but to the government.
Our Congress loves to spend money on entitlements because the recipients vote them back into office. Revenue to GDP ratio is a positive 35.6 percent but spending to GDP ratio is a red 36.04 percent.
During the third presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said that she would make sure public college education will be free, that parents will not receive a bill for their children’s college degree, and she will do it by not adding one penny to the national debt.
After fact checking the statement, it turns out to be not true. One source claims that $500 billion will be added to the national debt in the next 10 years while the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated that “$200 billion will be spent on infrastructure, financial aid for college students, and early childhood education.”
The current student loan debt is $1.4 trillion and growing. There are 50,182,018 public school students who will eventually take advantage of this “free” college offer Hillary Clinton has made. Who is going to pay? Taxpayers, of course, will be saddled with the cost.
Additionally, how is she going to create jobs to employ college graduates if her plan includes raising taxes? Employers create jobs when their taxes are decreased. NAFTA, which was President Bill Clinton’s achievement, has exported many manufacturing jobs overseas. Hillary Clinton supports the highly secretive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would finish off the manufacturing sector in this country, leaving the United States as a service economy.
We now have 12,500,256 manufacturing jobs left in this country. In 2000 we had 19,462,745 manufacturing jobs. There are about 120 million private sector jobs but large companies are pushing for more H-1B visas to import cheap technical labor from India and other foreign nations, leaving seasoned employees out of a job and having to train their replacements. More college graduates living in their parents’ basement will have to work as baristas in coffee shops.
Trump is in favor of school choice and wants to end Common Core. He favors the reintroduction of Vocational and Technical education, as well as making two and four-year college education affordable.
Donald Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA and to withdraw from TPP. He wants to end foreign trade abuses and currency manipulation by China. He wants to repatriate our own companies by reducing corporate taxation significantly and by establishing tariffs to prevent companies from leaving in the first place. He wants to offer middle class tax relief that would help create 25 million jobs. He wants to simplify the tax code.
Trump wants to create jobs by lifting regulatory restrictions on fossil fuel exploration and all mining. He wants to “lift road blocks that prevent the Keystone pipeline from moving forward.”
Trump wants to cancel payments to the United Nations Climate Fund and use the money to fix our water and environmental infrastructure.
Hillary Clinton wants to expand illegal immigration and open borders while Trump wants to cancel federal funding of sanctuary cities that harbor criminal illegal aliens. He will “suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.”
He will establish punishments for visa overstays, for repeat criminal offenders, and multiple illegal border crossings. Adamant that he will build the wall with Mexico, Trump promises to remove criminal aliens from the U.S. and to cancel visas to countries that won’t take them back.
Restoring the rule of law, dismantling criminal gangs, establishing a task force on violent crime to help police, cleaning up corruption, and admitting immigrants who have been thoroughly vetted, who want to be a contributing part of our country, should go a long way to begin the process of healing our nation.
Hillary wants to continue President Obama’s policies, including the admittance of many more “refugees” from countries that are inimical to us.
While Hillary wants to develop Obamacare into a one payer system, Trump wants to “repeal and replace” the very costly and unaffordable Affordable Care Act which has made healthcare premiums unaffordable for so many Americans who were forced to drop their insurance and just pay the tax penalty.
Trump favors health savings accounts, letting states manage Medicaid funds, and allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines. Cutting the red tape at the FDA is also on his radar. He promises to fix VA hospitals and to allow veterans to be treated by their chosen doctor in any private or public hospital.
Will Trump have the opportunity to replace Justice Scalia or will Hillary alter the composition of the Supreme Court, turning it into a bastion of progressivism for generations to come?
Trump promises to expand and strengthen our military, to guard our First and Second Amendments, and to protect our Constitution.
It is time that American hard-earned dollars take care of Americans first instead of providing for the rest of the world to the detriment of poor Americans, redistributing our wealth through schemes that the globalists behind Hillary Clinton have devised. Americans want to have secure borders, sovereignty, one language, self-determination, and economic prosperity through free markets not through collectivism.

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