#Resist, a Global Commie Totalitarian Movement

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The leftist hordes of a communist political culture are on the march around the globe, in alliance with Islamofascism. These young people are shaped by universities, the media, Hollywood with their trashy productions and vile behavior, corrupt politicians with allegiance only to their own pockets, the multi-nationals, the corrupt judiciary, unions, and non-profits with billions and billions of dollars of funding from elitist billionaires such as George Soros who fancy themselves the social engineers of one world government and of the climate change industry.
What happened to American universities since the early 1970s has finally reverberated around the world, like a wave created by a small stone thrown on a placid lake. It has now become a tsunami of #resist anarchists and drones around the western world. They are now resisting authority, law and order, and the capitalist system that had made their parents successful in the first place. Marching under the banner of feminism and equality, asking to be Muslims, and promoting the subjugation of women in western societies, violent millennials are bullying anybody who is a Christian and a nationalist.
Campuses have become bastions of leftism and anti-Americanism. According to David Horowitz, the schools of education are now training teachers for social justice in every major. “An entire series of texts designed for teacher instruction and published by Columbia Teachers College is devoted to ‘teaching social justice’ in mathematics and other unlikely subjects. Its editor is Obama collaborator and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers.” (David Horowitz, “Big Agenda,” p. 117)
Even in former Soviet-bloc countries the curriculum at all levels has been diluted by inconsequential studies that add nothing to scholarship or knowledge: ethnic studies, women’s studies, islamophobia studies, intersectionality, mixing biology, sex, religion, age, caste, nationality, race, and other bizarre criteria as systems of domination, discrimination, and oppression – all because the left finds social inequality and injustice everywhere.
Universities are no longer places of scholarship, invention, discovery, divergent opinions, peaceful discussion, but places of miseducation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. What these academics have achieved in a few decades, the totalitarian communists could only dream of. Inadequate graduates, who should have never been admitted to college in the first place, are now vessels of little knowledge who were told ad nauseam what to think, not how to think.
Radicals have crawled from the underground, spurred on by eight years of a radical American president who stoked the culture and racial wars non-stop, bringing America and its economy to its knees. The rest of the world watched in horror and disbelief the fall of the once great nation while dealing with their own problems brought on by a planned refugee invasion of Europe of millions of unvetted refugees from Middle-Eastern and African countries that harbor camps of Islamists fighting a holy war against Christianity.
Angela Merkel of Germany has managed to destroy her own country and many other countries in Europe who were forced to accept this flood of mostly single young Muslim men. And allegations are floating that she did it in order to save face, for optics, as the media would have gone berserk watching women and children being stopped at the border. For the sake of Merkel’s optics, Europe has become a safe-haven for terrorists and savages who slash and burn their way across many European countries with generous welfare states and no backbone to say no because it contradicts their multiculturalist generosity and Fabian socialist values.
It is not just the European youth who want to stay in college forever at the expense of government, with no idea as to what kind of taxes the rest of society must pay for all the welfare. Millennials are learning from their European counterparts that they deserve everything for free simply because they exist. The elderly in the former Iron Curtain countries are longing for the “simple days of communism.” And the young, who have no experience or idea what communism was like foolishly vote and demonstrate to bring about neo-communism.
The youth of Macedonia are involved in #resist and are active in trying to destabilize their center-right government, using anarchist advice from a translation into Macedonian of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, and money from the many radical NGOs in the west, allegedly including the Open Society Foundations.
Much of the youth in Romania who demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands for days, resisting (#resist) against an imaginary oppression, did not bother to vote because the government was not giving them discounts to go by bus to vote, only to those who had to go by train. According to my friend Darius, who lives in Romania, the Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) hard-core senior supporters threatened their grandchildren if they went out to vote. The elderly nostalgia for communism included the PSD promise of higher pensions. It did not matter to them that the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, was a “convicted criminal.” “Dragnea appointed a Muslim woman as Prime Minister. President Klaus Johannis rejected his PM choice as her husband’s ties to Syria came to light.”
Twenty-seven years after the theoretical fall of communism, Romania still struggles with the scars left by decades of totalitarian rule under a brutal communist dictator. Lacking the Romanian version of the American dream, most people put in positions of power use their authority to enrich themselves and their friends because stealing was a way of survival under communism and it remains “glorified” today. People vote for corrupt and often uneducated leaders because they sell their votes for a disposable cell phone or a 15 euro bribe. Then they complain when nothing changes. Corruption is a way of life, including the expectation and acceptance of bribes.
Poor Romanians, who fell through the cracks of EU development funds, still live the same deprived lives. They may find more food but cannot afford it, nor are they able to bribe doctors under the socialized medical care system. Unable to afford private insurance premiums, such superior care remains a luxury service. Consequently, many die of treatable conditions while waiting their turn in numerous lines to be seen by socialized medicine government doctors.
Communist rhetoric of equality and social justice entices and mesmerizes well-fed and clothed American millennials who are surrounded by wealth, food, proper medical care, good housing, transportation, college education paid by Pell grants, electronic gadgets, their Starbucks lattes, heating, cooling, clean streets, cars, and malls. They have no idea what communist life was and is like. Few visit Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea to see how people actually live under communist oppression. Thoroughly brainwashed, millennials dismiss as propaganda all testimonials of those who had lived under communism, survived and escaped to the west.
As Eugene Lyons wrote in his 1937 book, Assignment to Utopia, ”The Russian Revolution, in March, 1917, was, for most of the boys in my college freshman classes, just one more headline in a time replete with startling news.” They understood it as the initial stage of the world revolution, the fight against capitalists in America, the very capitalism that gave new American arrivals an opportunity to a better life.
“Anarchists, socialists, American lumberjacks, Jewish clothing workers, Russian intellectuals, Italian terrorists, Hindu nationalists, even liberals with creases in their pants and Harvard accents” were part of the radical movements during Eugene Lyon’s youth.
Not unlike today, the rabid anarchists of the turn of the twentieth century were brainwashed in college and on the streets to fight against the “capitalist injustice.” Their simpler motives were greed and envy. The sweat shops of the have nots and the opulence of the haves were infuriating the anarchists, many of whom were either coming from a working class background or were well off and ashamed of their creature comforts, yet were unwilling to give them up.
The shackles binding the people of the world to oppression were the shackles fashioned by communist revolutionaries and Bolsheviks who had a huge following of college-age anarchists. Crafty and sly, the commies sugar-coated empty and deceptive promises of egalitarian utopia, passing on clever euphemisms to new generations, including today’s oblivious global citizen youth who have no clue what they are dreaming of and demanding in their #resist demonstrations and riots.

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