Socialist Health Care Disguised as Tax

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It appears that Obamcare is here to stay. Those doctors who grew up with the conditioning notion of utopian “social justice” love it. Those doctors who hate the government intrusion and regulation into their medical practice hate it. The American public is split as well along those lines.
Nobody really believed that Obamacare, deplorably named the Affordable Care Act, would be amended to benefit the wishes of the American people, much less repeal it. Once a bureaucracy has been ensconced and billions and billions of dollars have been spent and trillions earmarked to be spent in the future, it cannot be walked back. The welfare dependency mentality of half of the country will prevent that.
Congress does not represent the middle class that pays taxes for Obamacare; it represents the interests of the major corporatist donors. Half of the country wanted and cheered when the Democrat Obamacare was passed in the dead of night, Christmas 2010, without any input from Republicans.
But Republicans are now in control of Congress and the White House and they are still doing the bidding of the Democrats and of their anti-America constituents – they want that shiny piece of plastic that says they have “free” insurance, it is demanded by their “social justice” platform. Never mind that this piece of plastic is worthless when it comes to providing them with world class healthcare or any healthcare at all once rationing of care commences.
Look at Venezuela’s healthcare if you can stomach the malpractice, filth, blood, decay, bugs, rats, neglect, abuse, and rust in their free clinics. Castro and Chavez never sought medical care for themselves in their own free medical care system, they came to see the best and the brightest doctors in the U.S. or had them flown in.
One of my uncles from Romania died recently of untreated pernicious anemia. The socialized medicine doctors told him to go home because he was too old and resources had to be used to treat younger people, he’s had his run in life. Never mind that, even on a bad day, he could still run circles around these young socialists, planting, tending to, and harvesting a huge garden every year to feed his family. Had he had the money to give bribes to the government socialized care doctors to convince them to treat him, he would still be alive today.
Obamacare was never “free” health insurance or health insurance at all, it was a tax. At least that’s what Justice Roberts told us. It should have been called the Democrats’ Obama Tax. In the last seven years, it became obvious that people could not keep their doctors, their premiums skyrocketed, the deductibles went through the roof, they spied on your mental health, your gun ownership, and you paid for illegal aliens’ free medical care.
The same people who complained a few months ago that their insurance premiums kept going up and they had such high deductibles that they would never reach their impossible deductibles in any given year in order to use their insurance, now are happy that they are keeping Obamacare. It’s easy to see how the one-carrier states might cease to cover them by 2018.
Does a government monopoly market and intrusion on every aspect of your life and death work well? Why is a 15-member non-medical panel the ultimate arbiter and decider of your medical care that may save your life but is expensive? Why should they decide your fate? How many cancer patients will be cleared for chemo, for example, when a treatment can cost upwards of $7,500?
Mandatory coverage should take into account the fact that some people deliberately lead a dangerous life that puts them at higher risk of disease. Like any other dangerous activity that is insured, such higher risk patients/customers should be placed in special insurance pools with higher premiums. It is simple economics. People who are healthy and lead a clean life should be rewarded with lower premiums.
Insurance should have never been offered as a condition of one’s employment. This keeps many people in terrible job conditions simply because they don’t want to lose their insurance. Make insurance portable and sell across state lines. The Cobra insurance when employment ceased was expensive and short-lived.
Few talk about reforming the legal system that allows frivolous lawsuits against doctors, making their malpractice insurance very expensive. Nobody talks about all the regulatory compliance with Obamacare that forces doctors to spend an inordinate amount of time on paperwork instead of seeing patients, and hiring extra staff just to keep up with the regulatory paperwork and computer electronic updates.
Dr. Lee Hieb suggested that patients with uninsurable illnesses should be kept on the Medicare system until their death but then the program should be phased out. The free market system used to price insurance tailored to the people’s needs and resources. Many Americans had no insurance but paid reasonable cash fees for care. When catastrophic illness hit, unless they had such insurance, they had to raise funds to pay for procedures.
Dr. Hieb also suggested the replacement of Medicaid with “personal health responsibility,” by establishing a health savings account for people who cannot afford insurance and a separate account for catastrophic health insurance coverage. The money could come from the health exchange subsidies and from other government sources.
According to Dr. Hieb “the federal government has no enumerated power to involve itself in health care at all, Medicare, Obamacare, and Medicaid are all equally unconstitutional.” Few examples exist where a bureaucracy has been repealed unless there was total social and political collapse.
To sum it up, when it comes to Obamcare, nothing is happening really fast in Congress, it is the same corporation, different divisions. As a famously quoted phrase said, “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.
We can make suggestions until Doomsday, Obamascare is here to stay.

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