Green, Rotten, and Red Sustainability Indoctrination

Every day I step outside my house I am reminded that every person born in this country is an American but not every American is a patriot. A patriot contributes to America’s exceptionalism, making it a better place for all. Americans rebuild what others have destroyed without propaganda and grants from the government.

Real Americans defend freedom around the world and do not apologize for their kindness, generosity of time, treasure, sweat, and blood. Real Americans love their country and wish to protect and preserve the land and waters they have inherited from Americans before us so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy it free of any interference from government, foreign powers, or United Nations.

Then there are those Americans who think our society is an “unjust” society. They are usually the brain washed, trust fund beneficiaries, who have never had to live under the “socially-just” utopian societies they so desire. They’ve never had to be subjected to the indignities of communism in Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other dictatorships they consider “paradise.” With every breath they take, these Americans want to fundamentally change our society to their desires and their terribly misplaced dreams that the rest of America loathes and despises. These are the “green environmentalists,” the “non-profits” who want to shape, influence, and change your consumer choices via “green options.”

You don’t have to take my word, just visit the upcoming Green Festival in Washington, D.C., September 29-30, 2012, a project of Green America: Economic Action for a Just Planet ( and Global Exchange (
The sponsors are:
– Sierra Club (
– Earth Balance (
– Bright Green, Sustainu ( – maker of sustainable clothing
– Democracy Now (!)
– Ford Community Green Grant (
– Ford Motors.

“Green America is a national nonprofit consumer organization, promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic justice through marketplace.” Sustainability, social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice are code words for UN Agenda 21, global communism.

“Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.”

No American objects to cleaning and protecting the environment in which we live, and we do not purposefully pollute it, but we must admit that the “greening” of America agenda is really the “reding” of America, turning us finally into a communist country. We are already so socialist, we can only recognize a smidgen of the former capitalist glory.

The Green Festival in D.C. is a “non-profit event, dedicated to celebrating social justice and sharing a vision of a healthier and more just future for us all.” I already live in a socially just society with equal opportunity for all citizens. What individual citizens choose to do with their time and the choices they make determine their future. It is not society’s responsibility to see that sloth and laziness are rewarded equally to those who work hard to achieve.

Who knew that social justice and a just future involved bicycle maintenance, container gardening, home brewing, recycled crafts, yoga classes, NAACP, Washington Peace Center, ( ( is building a global grassroots movement to solve the non-existent and manufactured climate crisis.), local non-profits, and national initiatives to speed up the transformation of America into the UN Agenda 21’s idea of one-world communist governance?

Recognizable speakers include consumer advocate Ralph Nader, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and Medea Benjamin, cofounder of the infamous Code Pink. The 125 progressive speakers tackle topics of sustainable economy, social justice, the expensive and so far often bankrupt green energy, community organizing (where did I hear that term before), Fair Trade, green business, ecological balance, urban farming, healthy home, environmental advocacy, green building, and toxic free living.

Urban farming sounds interesting. The EPA and the federal government are taking more and more land away from agriculture, either confiscating it or paying farmers not to farm, and giving land back to the wilderness but we are supposed to feed 313 million Americans via urban farming from high rise, densely populated tenements in the city?

The orgy of sustainability celebration includes green office, green pets, eco-travel (it must be paddling your own canoe to Europe with a bicycle attached to it), green media, the phantom green jobs that never materialized, eco-arts and crafts, organic food, green building and renovation, and “unbelievable green shopping.”

Ford Motors is promoting test driving its new Ford Focus Electric and C-MAX Hybrid. At the same time, Ford is awarding a $5,000 grant for “sustainable, forward-thinking ideas for improving the environment in local communities.”

A bike valet is provided if you are still alive after biking for miles to get to D.C. and the traffic did not kill you before exhaustion. Plant-based diet, raw food, raw fruit pie, raising urban chickens (that should be quite smelly and unsanitary), vegan sushi, brew your own “sustainable beer” (you will need to get drunk on that after all the weirdness in your daily life), and vegetarian food demonstrations will teach how to build a vegan pantry. (Do vegans live longer than the rest of us?) Sustainable cats, raw pet diet, how pets can help heal the planet (that is rich), and fashion for 4-paw friends should be interesting.

The festival teaches “how to break up with your bank,” changing a flat bike tire, how to be a responsible tourist, and about “electric bikes and the sustainable transportation revolution.” Electric bikes must be designed for those who are fat or handicapped and cannot traditionally bike or walk miles to work, grocery store, and school.

It appears that “sustainability can save humanity from itself,” create clean energy for all, provide “no stink indoor composting with worms,” and help humans to “find fullness: mindful eating.” We are so fat and such pigs that we must have the federal government tell us what to eat and when to stop eating.

If you are not that much into having your life changed into sustainable everything, there are other topics at the Green Festival on political agitation, Occupiers, community organizing, AIDS, and voter fraud:

– Billionaires and the Ballot Bandits: the Theft of 2012 (wishful thinking)
– How the 99% can occupy peace (Medea Benjamin)
– Alternatives to Neo-Liberalism: Latin American Leadership (this one is rich; I did not know the term neo-liberalism; tin pot dictators as leaders – that is laughable)
– We can save the world while we are young (Chicken Little, the Sky is Falling)
– Vibrant living: From healthy choices to political action
– Global collapse, prophecies, the future, and you
– One Earth, one people, one nation, one chance (we are global citizens now under one world government, no more pesky borders, sovereignty, language, nationality, culture)
– The silenced majority: Stories of uprisings, occupations, resistance, and hope
– AIDS activism from DC to Durban

If the festival attendance was free of charge, I would love to go for the spectacle component of it. But I refuse to spend $49 for green schools, green kids, and red Marxist environmental green indoctrination sold as two days of fun.

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