Global Warming Thy Name is a Manufactured Crisis

How much veracity should you ascribe to global warming theories? Aside from the fact that thousands of scientists across the globe have debunked global warming, consider this – proponents of global warming manufacture or delete data to fit their agenda. University of East Anglia admitted, after being caught, to have deleted data that contradicted their “consensus” hoax.

Heartland Institute, one the most prominent scientific and research-based rational voices against global warming alarmists sent out 100,000 copies of Steve Goreham’s book, The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism.

Dr. Craig Clements, Associate Professor in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University and Dr. Alison Bridger, Chair, enlightened and “tolerant” scholars that they are, decided to post a photograph of them, simulating the burning of Goreham’s book that contradicts their dogma. Officials at San Jose State University have since removed the offending photo and apologized for the “ill-attempt at satire.”

As Jim Lakely, President of The Heartland Institute, said, the environmentalist “progressive” academics do not just ignore sound scientific evidence that contradicts global warming alarmism, they dismiss any rational proof, refuse to debate, manufacture data, ban any contradictory evidence, and even “committing crimes against The Heartland Institute.” It is a childish and unscholarly behavior to even pretend to burn evidence of opposing views. It is an unreasonable practice for scientists not to consider opposing views because their unilateral decisions can fundamentally affect the lives of billions and professors shape the minds of so many students.

Lord Monckton aptly described the scientists who lack a moral compass as a danger to society. Disinformation about an opponent’s reputation and about science “is now encouraged as long as the inventions further the party line.”

“As with medical science, so with climate science, we have made the dangerous mistake of treating as a high priest anyone who wears a white coat.” A professor or scientist who “knowingly manipulates data in a manner calculated to deceive the scientific illiterates who now govern us” are committing a “grave wrong” and should be made accountable for the damage they create.
“Food riots in a dozen regions of the world tell us that millions were flung into starvation and death by the doubling of world food prices that, according to the U.N., resulted directly from the biofuel scam that is one of many pernicious spin-offs from what professor Niklas Mörner has called “the greatest lie ever told” – the global warming scare.” (Lord Monckton)
At the same time, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Monsanto, the government of Norway, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Syngenta have built a “doomsday seed bank” inside an inaccessible Norwegian rock Svalbard on Spitsbergen Island, on the Barents Sea near the Arctic Ocean, 1,100 km from the North Pole. According to F. William Engdahl, who wrote in Global Research on May 1, 2013, the impenetrable fortress/vault was built “so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future.” Engdahl asks, “What future do the seed bank’s sponsors foresee, that would threaten the global availability of current seeds, almost all of which are already well protected in designated seed banks around the world?”
Global warming proponents benefit handsomely from their schemes, to the tune of billions of dollars. Some trade carbon swaps. Some write erroneous and deceptive Power Point presentations and receive the ultimate prize from European liberals. Others start electric car companies that go bankrupt before they even produce one car or because nobody really wants to buy electric cars that do not go very far on one charge. Others receive government grants and subsidies to provide and store solar power, some build solar panels, and others build electric car batteries. Many of them declare bankruptcy because, as the classic excuse goes, they cannot compete with China.
Some academics create a name for themselves and fortunes by making up studies and conclusions to suit their communist ideology. Fraudulent studies harm humanity in general, but particularly those to whom the study is applicable. Such was Diederik Stapel, world renowned social psychologist from Netherlands and Tilburg University’s Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences since 2010.

Stapel’s star got brighter when he published a study in Science about an experiment at the Utrecht train station which claimed that a trash-filled environment brought out racist tendencies in humans. In another study published earlier, Stapel claimed that eating meat made people selfish and less social. Yet a third study claimed that association with the word capitalism made people eat more M&Ms. Stapel threw the questionnaires in the trash bin and ate the M&Ms himself.

These studies never took place, every research project of the 55 he published, every result, was a fraud. It was all his political views and agenda. And hundreds of his students’ Ph.D. dissertations were based on his faked data. How many more like this so-called scientists and academics exist in all universities around the world? I have met some Stapel type individuals, the darlings of the academia conference circuit, at universities here in the U.S. Nothing was worthy of publication or modeling with students unless these darlings said so.

Liberalism is codified as science based on “consensus” of like-minded ideologues. Once it is codified, there is no possibility for disagreement. If you disagree with their manufactured “science,” you are a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist. This is the case with global warming on a massive scale, falsifying or hiding data to achieve the results wanted to claim vociferously and definitively man-made global warming.

If you are a global warming skeptic, that is too bad. OFA will organize the masses to make sure the low-information voters will be watching you. A letter sent to liberal supporters by Organizing for Action, this administration’s team of community organizers, decried that “so many of our elected officials in Washington who represent us are denying science and using the denial to refuse to take action on climate change.”

According to Ivan Frishberg, House Speaker Boehner and the chairman of the House Science Committee have no right to say that they do not know “if the science behind climate change was real.” But, low information voters, do not worry. “Each and every day that congressional leaders hold on to their bizarre fantasy world, OFA is going to be there, not letting them get away with it. Add your name and say you’re ready to hold climate deniers accountable.”

How about holding global warming/climate change alarmists accountable for their debunked, manufactured crises, faux data, and the billions invested in global warming schemes? How about global warming scare mongers indoctrinating children in schools at a very early age that man is destroying the planet? Last time I checked, it has been quite cold in the last few months and real scientists have proven the fact, not “consensus,” that temperatures have dropped around the globe in the last 17 years.

Rachel Carson published in 1962 her book, Silent Spring, in which she claims that there are no more singing birds because of DDT, a human carcinogen. Without any scientific data to back up her claim, either in the number of birds or human harm from cancer, her book ignited the environmental movement which eventually led to the ban of DDT in 1972.

A real scientist, a physician, Dr. Rutledge Taylor, who studied the tropical world, produced a documentary, “3 Billion and Counting,” painfully depicting the human cost of banning DDT, a move that had “nothing to do with science, just a power grab, and wealthy westerners should be ashamed.” As author and medical doctor, Michael Crichton said, “That’s more people than Hitler and Stalin together killed.”

DDT had been a very effective fighter against malaria-causing mosquitoes. Without the effectiveness of DDT, approximately three million people across the globe die annually of malaria. India and sixteen other countries still use DDT today and they have plenty of singing birds. The liberal replacement solution for DDT? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides millions of dollars-worth of mosquito nets to people in malaria-prone areas.

The PC police that stifles free speech ridicules anything and anybody that contradicts their globalist agenda. The manufactured scientific “consensus” is driving the anthropogenic (man-made) global warming and the idea that humans are so powerful as to change the climate. In my book, U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy, p. 29, I explained DICED, U.N.’s Environmental Constitution for the World.

Only liberals are apparently smart enough to save us and micro-manage carbon dioxide levels through punishing carbon taxes, carbon swaps, and other schemes meant to enrich their pockets and to redistribute the wealth of the middle class in the name of social/environmental justice.
The global warming alarmists have no credibility with informed and rational Americans. “Climatism” has destroyed and redistributed a lot of hard earned wealth and altered/destroyed the lives of billions unnecessarily.

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