Only in America, How Wise an Immigrant

As a legal immigrant, I came to America because it was “the shiny city on the hill” where everything was possible if you were willing to work hard because everyone had the freedom and equal opportunity to succeed.

I came to America because I wanted to pursue higher education, something that was very limited under communism as the children of the communist party elite had first choice at any college no matter how bad their grades were. I did not want to wait until I was 60 years old and had the approval of the communist party to pursue a doctoral degree.

I came to America because I wanted a better life for myself and my children. I did not want to toil day and night under the watchful eye of the totalitarian government who decided how much our labor was worth and how much we were allowed to eat, where to travel, or live.

We knew there was a better place to live, a place called capitalism, a place called America, where they had freedom of speech and assembly. I knew there was a better life under capitalism where everybody had the opportunity to create wealth if they “served their fellow man” with needed products and services. I also knew that equal results were not guaranteed, only equal opportunity.

I did not want to live any longer under the failed socialist economy and the failed communist utopian ideology where wealth was stolen, property plundered, and the workers, “lovingly” called the proletariat, were enslaved with the false promise that the government will take care of them if they relinquished their most cherished possession – their freedom.

I wanted to own a home, no matter how small and I did not want it indebted to the government. I wanted proper medical care and medicine when needed for which I fully expected to pay. I did not feel entitled to anybody’s wealth that I had nothing to do with creating.

I wanted freedom to exercise my faith if I so chose and be able to own or read a Bible. I wanted my children to learn historical truth, not revisionist communist indoctrination. I also did not want to yield to other religions imposed by the government whether be the worship of Gaia, atheism, environmentalism, or Islam.

I did not want free housing, free medical care, free child care, free cell phones, free education, and I certainly did not want to be indebted for generations to the federal government for my family’s well-being. I did not want welfare and I expected to have as many children as I could afford to bring into this world, raise, support financially, and educate without the government’s interference. I certainly did not expect political correctness to stifle my freedom of speech.

I came to America to escape having to march in May 1 (May Day) forced parades paying homage to the grand communist party. Yet now our President has proclaimed May Day “Loyalty Day,” to “reaffirm our allegiance to the United States of America, our Constitution, and our founding values.” Do we really need a loyalty day? Are we not loyal to our country already?

I must admit that I am a bit confused. Since the rest of the world celebrates May Day as a communist day, does this mean that we are joining in with the commies, or is it just an accidental and unfortunate coincidence that we celebrate loyalty to the United States, fly our flag, and pledge allegiance to our Republic on the same day? http://www.whitehouse.gove/briefing-room/presidential-actions/proclamations

Listening to the Voice of America, the only radio of freedom news that we could covertly listen to under the oppressive communist regime, we held in high esteem the 100 Senators from the magical and free land of milk and honey, the United States. Unfortunately, living here as an American citizen, I must admit that I am shocked and puzzled by the bizarre behavior of some U.S. Senators and Representatives.

Take for instance Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) who spoke on May Day in Chicago to a rally of “nearly two thousand trade unionists, open communists, socialists, anarchists and illegal aliens.” He spoke of May Day as “Law Day.” I must admit, I have never heard of such celebration, “Law Day.”

Sen. Durbin, quoted by Rebel Pundit, said that, because he believes in free speech and the Constitution, he decided to come to “Law Day” rally attended by individuals who promoted the goals of communism. It is hard to believe – I fled communism 35 years ago and communism is following me to the United States, promoted by a U.S. Senator who also thinks that illegal immigration, breaking the laws of the country he swore to protect and defend, should be legalized because, he said, “My fellow immigrants, this is a once in a lifetime chance to get immigration reform.” I wonder from what country did Senator Durbin immigrate illegally.

We did “get” immigration reform in 1986 for 3 million illegal aliens and it did not work so well, we have gained since then 11 more million illegal immigrants. And they are still coming because the largesse of the American government towards invaders is world-renowned and their rights trump the rights of any American immediately upon arrival. All they have to do is “lawyer up.”

According to the Border Patrol, thousands have been apprehended since the administration and the Gang of Eight’s announcement of amnesty has been made. CBS news reported that in McAllen, Texas, 900 illegals were caught over a three day period. In March, 7,500 illegals were arrested in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, more than triple from previous months. (Todd Beamon, Newsmax, May 1, 2013)

Illegal immigration in the U.S. had slowed during our deep economic recession, particularly since Mexico’s unemployment rate has held steady at 3.68 percent from 1994-2012. This prompted the American Border Control, the formerly U.S. Seaport Commission, a project of the U.S. Public Policy Council, to demand through its Executive Director, Jonathon Moseley, that U.S. citizens have the right to take jobs in Mexico. Moseley commented that “We are gullible suckers. The error of amnesty is the myth that Mexicans are in financial trouble.”

American Border Control is “demanding that any compromise include a right for unemployed U.S. citizens to find jobs in Mexico after losing their jobs in the United States as a result of Sen. Marco Rubio’s policies.” Executive Director Jonathon Moseley said that “Those who showed contempt for our country by violating our laws and crashing the gate should not be also stealing jobs from U.S. citizens.”

Our President took an apology tour to Mexico to tout his immigration reform and shore up more Democrat voting support for the upcoming election. According to Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard, he made the following gaffe, “It would provide a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million individuals who are already in this country illegally.”

He apologized to Mexican college students for our sovereignty and thanked them for helping elect him President. Should Mexico not apologize to us for their lack of social responsibility to their citizens? Should Mexico not at least thank us for feeding, clothing, sheltering, educating, and treating medically for free millions of their citizens who sneak into our country illegally, becoming a burden to the U.S. taxpayers?

Perhaps instead of waiting 8 years to gain a green card and then my American citizenship, I should have crossed the southern border with Mexico illegally. It would have been quicker, I would have received immediate financial help to support myself instead of working, I would not have needed to learn English or assimilate, the government would have translated everything for me, given me free medical care, free education, easy citizenship, no waiting in line, earned income credit for other people’s innumerable babies, and no uncomfortable interrogations and interviews.

Isn’t self-suicidal, tolerant America grand? What other country in the world rewards law-breakers with citizenship for anchor babies, voting rights, free education, free housing, free health care, welfare, and chain migration? La Raza should be so proud! Our own officials are subtly promoting Reconquista of southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

I came to this country to find freedom and I did find it for a while. But the bright lights of “the shiny city on the hill” are getting dimmer day by day, and the “shiny city” is getting more tarnished with every new regulation, law, executive order, and proclamation that benefits illegals and other foreign groups and hurts American citizens.

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