Voting Insanity, The Price of Our Enslavement

Voters on both sides of the isle complain that their chosen representatives do not perform in office according to promises made during lengthy, expensive, and exhausting campaigns. Yet they choose time and time again the same seasoned politicians who have made a life-long career in Washington, greasing the wheels of commerce, national defense, justice, and legislation. Once elected, politicians become elitist residents of the insulated bubble of the District of Columbia.

The same voters see nothing wrong with having to produce two forms of I.D. in order to receive a 10 percent military discount in a chain hardware store but become outraged when proposals are made for voters to show I.D., to prove that they are who they say they are.

A frequent voting qualifier is, “he/she does not have enough experience.” Is the lack of perceived experience not knowing how to manipulate statistics, deceive the public, how to represent the interests of moneyed donors, corporations, unions, and banks who bring in the bulk of campaign donations? Must this magical experience be to know who the power brokers are in each party and cow-tow to their interests, desires, and platforms? Does this seasoned experience involve knowing who the powerful lobbyists are, what pork to accept and introduce in bills that would benefit their state, the country be damned, at a time when the nation is broke and can ill-afford to borrow more money from China in order to spend beyond our means? Perhaps this experience means knowing how to better represent the interests of the United Nations and promote their agenda?

Do voters consider desirable the candidate’s ability to say all the right things but do exactly the opposite once in office? Are they desirable because they are handsome/beautiful, young, well-dressed, and articulate, have a nice family, are photogenic, and have served in the military?

Are associations with undesirable characters who do not wish the best for our country even an issue with voters? Apparently not, voters’ memories are short; they repeat the same mistakes because they do not know their own country’s history well.

Talk is quite cheap but when it counts, in the voting booth and political discourse, voters tend to be ill-informed, ignorant, and absent-minded. They use the most insane reasons to vote for the wrong person, time after time, after time.

Millions stay home thinking that their vote does not count anyway and the crooks and liars will be voted into office again. Electronic fraud makes it that much easier to prove them right. Other millions have never exercised their right to vote although women’s suffrage was hardly won 93 years ago. These are just numbers to some people. Why worry about it when there is baseball, basketball, football, and other reality shows and distractions on TV?

No candidate wants to be seen as a heartless human being so they promise everything under the sun to every constituent group, careful not to alienate one by promising too much to another. It is ultimately a carefully orchestrated dance of meaningless but articulate and artfully chosen speeches, delivered with utmost confidence, constant hand-shaking, attending fund raisers with all the right power brokers, photo ops, and baby kissing to the tune of millions or billions of dollars, depending on the office sought. A candidate who would try to run his/her campaign from a central location like President McKinley’s front porch campaign would be laughed out of the room.

Candidates are vetted by various groups and individuals, and the endorsement criteria are sometimes strange. Take for instance Mark Sanford, the former Governor of South Carolina who disgraced himself by having a very painful and tragic public affair. He resigned his post but he is now campaigning for U.S. Congress, First Congressional District, running against Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who is not shy about using her famous liberal brother’s name, Steven Colbert. Although The National Republican Congressional Committee has pulled its backing, Sanford has garnered support from Larry Flynt, the king of porn, for the most perplexing reason. “I support him not for his character, but for exposing the [sexual] hypocrisy of traditional values. The liar has exposed the greater lie.”

When the Immigration Reform passes, 11 million more voters, educated into the fine points of citizenship by organizations such as Acorn, will vote to bring here the third world nations they’ve escaped because they truly believe that ever bigger government is the source of their prosperity and wellbeing.

There are also the perennial welfare recipients who vote for a living, early and repeatedly, coached by community organizers and college students eager to bring about the romanticized utopian communism their college professors described in which “social justice” reigns supreme. We must also not forget those who are mentally incompetent to vote but always vote Democrat and those who cast their Democrat vote from the cemetery.

The price tag of any candidate’s campaign and our casual and uninformed indifference to the corrupt political process is the price tag of our enslavement to the wishes of a small minority who rule the country in perpetuity and determine how our lives must be run, our health delivered, what homes we build, how much we pay for gas, how we start and run a business, how much taxes we pay, what education our children receive, what we eat and drink, how long we live to replenish the spending coffers of the ruling elite, what cars we drive, where we travel, and our freedom in general.

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