The Boston Bomber Tamerlan’s Burial in Virginia

Largely ignored by the MSM, a protest was held yesterday in Doswell, Virginia, outside the main entrance of the Al-Barzakh Cemetery. Caroline County residents were unpleasantly surprised that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26 year-old suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, was buried there on Thursday.

A press conference was held by the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force (VAST). Speaking for VAST, James Lafferty said that “No terrorist deserves burial in the same soil that so many brave Virginians and Americans died to protect. We are hopeful that the Caroline County Board of Supervisors will investigate and act to correct this matter.”

Local officials and community leaders oppose the burial, are shocked and offended, while out-of-state supporters of the burial vilify VAST as a bigoted and homophobic organization. The emotional opinions, insulting attacks, and the down- right ignorant comments were quite diverse.

– It should not matter where a dead terrorist is buried as long as it is not in my own back yard.
– There are more important problems to address in Caroline County than where a terrorist is buried. Spare the taxpayer dollars.
– Isn’t he innocent until proven guilty? This reader is a real genius or perhaps has a short memory of the dead campus cop, the three dead, the 180 injured, and the fire-fight with the police.
– Another reader accuses the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force of “historical discrimination.” He labels VAST a version of KKK, a white supremacist movement of bigots and discriminators. I have no idea what “historical discrimination” has to do with a terrorist attack and a terrorist’s burial in a state that did not harbor him.
– Another low information voter questions anybody’s sanity who thinks that Sharia Law is a legitimate threat to this country. Moving the body of a dead person will not change anything. He urges people to live their lives instead of worrying about the dead.
– The most reasonable and rational commenter is a woman who reminds readers that Tamerlan, a Chechnyan, committed a terrible act, murdered and maimed so many innocent Americans because he hated America, America who fed him, housed him, educated him, and gave him shelter. He does not deserve to be buried in the same soil with the heroes who died to defend America. Furthermore, the residents of Caroline County were not asked to choose or vote whether they wanted a terrorist buried in their back yard or not. Would his defenders have felt differently had it been their loved ones injured or dead in the blast? “Should we open our land to bury all who commit a terrorist act against us? Should we have buried Osama Bin Laden on our soil?”
– A martyred Jihadist’s grave will bring into the country unwelcome visitors to his “shrine” in Caroline County.
– Another reader opined that officials who approved the burial must have been bribed. “There should be laws preventing people from just burying people in Virginia.”

Let’s not forget the frightening crush, swooning, and love sickness of thousands of American brainwashed teens who are leading a social media movement to exonerate and free “Jahar,” the surviving 19 year-old suspect of the Boston bombing, the other Tsernaev brother.

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