Rroma and the U.S. Illegal Immigration

I have Latino friends who fancy themselves conservatives, even Republicans. But when it comes to illegal immigration, they are rabid Democrats. Any curtailing of illegal crossing of our porous borders, breaking our laws in the process, or discussion of voter ID becomes racism, discrimination, profiling, and sheer hatred.

The Latino lobby is quite powerful not just among our elected officials in Washington who want to cling to power by pandering to higher donors and loud non-English speaking groups, but also in the boardrooms of large and small corporations alike who want cheap labor and no employee healthcare costs to comply with Obamacare. Democrats cannot wait to have 11 million more low information voters without English skills who will vote Democrat in perpetuity. Who can resist Santa Claus?

The pressure is on to pass amnesty immediately for 11 million illegal aliens, “undocumented Americans in the shadows” at Seven Elevens, gas stations, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, the welfare office, the Social Security, WIC, EBT offices, ERs, shopping malls, in churches, and wherever else there is a way to milk the system and get free stuff from the “stupidly-generous gringos.”

The Multiculturalism agenda has warped the minds of many indoctrinated Americans into believing the talking points of the progressive lobby. They are now willing to destroy their economy, their language, their borders, their culture, and drive the last nail in the coffin of what used to be a country of freedom where immigrants fled to for freedom from oppression, equal opportunity to succeed, to build, and to create, not to become burdens to the welfare system.

Europeans are suffering the full-blown effects of this failed multiculturalism which we are now eagerly emulating. Germany and France are awake, albeit too late, recognizing that the multiculturalism they embraced with open arms and instant generous welfare has caused irreparable damage to the fabric of their society. Many towns and areas are no longer recognizable as France/Germany; they are forbidden ghettos, miniature countries the immigrants left behind. Which begs the question, why did they emigrate from a hell hole and established an exact replica in a western nation?

Der Spiegel, an independent publication from Hamburg, which employs 80 fact checkers, whom the conservative Franz Josef Strauss called “the Gestapo of our time” and the Social Democrat Chancellor Willy Brandt called “Scheissblatt,” published an interesting story, “The Rroma Conundrum.” Oezlem Gezer’s article was fascinating for many reasons. The story bears some resemblance to our illegal immigration and its consequences.

The local council of the Berlin Neukoelln district sent an envoy to a small Romanian village of 3,000, populated by Rroma, formerly known as gypsies. This district has an irritating problem of their own creation, 300,000 residents of 160 nationalities. Half of the students attending the 65 schools in the district have no knowledge of German nor an interest in acquiring language skills any time soon. Gezer describes how “large Rroma families move en masse from one village in Romania to Neukoelln and fill up an entire street.”

Giffey, the Ph.D. local council representative said, “I open a new school class every month,” surely the Romanian locals are missing their Rroma children. Who can blame the population who has migrated to Berlin and those who are planning on migrating when the welfare benefits in Germany are twenty times as generous as those given by Romanian authorities? Since Romania became a member of the European Union in 2007, any citizen can travel freely across the borders of the 27 EU member countries and seek work. The Rroma, Gezer said, “form closed microcosms,” similar to the villages they’ve left behind, moves “which go unnoticed by politicians until it’s too late.”

It is easy to pick on the Rroma because they have neither a powerful representation nor a vociferous lobby. Many lead a nomadic life and self-marginalize. They marry early in life and most do not attend school regularly. The communist regime marginalized them to an extent and the efforts to include them in society have failed miserably.

Rroma speak Rromani (romani ćhib), language variations belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. Confused with Egyptians, hence the word “gypsy,” they actually migrated about 1,500 years ago from the northwestern Indian subcontinent. “They arrived in Europe from the Middle East in the 15th century, separating from the Dom people” and settled across Central and Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, and southern France.
Rroma have migrated to the United States in the 19th century. There are one million Rroma in the U.S. and 800,000 in Brazil. The Rroma in Brazil are descendants from Rroma deported by the Portuguese government during the Inquisition. There are Rroma in Canada and in some South American countries.
The Berliners are upset because most Rroma children are not immunized, creating health issues that had been previously eradicated: rubella, whopping cough, tuberculosis, chicken pox, and measles. Some of the Rroma children have AIDS. “Mayors in Romania are glad to see their Rroma residents go.”

“The representative from Switzerland says his country has no problems with integration: Rroma come over during the day to beg, then travel back to France to sleep.” They are “rotating Europeans,” as a Bulgarian diplomat called them. The French stopped repatriating the Rroma. It was expensive and they always came back, thanking the French President for their free vacation home. http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/a-trip-to-romania-offers-unsettling-answers-to-roma-influx-a-905155.html

The officials described the tripling of Romanians in Germany to 205,000, as a challenge – they are either well educated or very poor. It was hard for me to believe that such a small number posed “the greatest challenge for German integration policies.” No mention was made of the millions of Middle Eastern and North African Muslims who have set up ghettoes and mosques across the EU and Germany, thanks to the generous welfare system and the multicultural self-suicidal immigration policies.

EU has built a cultural center and daycare in the Rroma village, with bathrooms donated by Britain – neither is used for lack of operating costs. The EU’s blue flag with yellow stars, a symbol of the freedom to move from country to country without being stopped at the border, represents for these Rroma immigrants the freedom to escape to the country that offers the most generous welfare benefits for life.

Here we are about to repeat the same mistake of 1986 when we amnestied 3 million illegal aliens and the mistake the European Union has made by allowing progressives to overwhelm the member countries with unchecked immigration in the name of religious tolerance and non-discrimination.

Margaret Thatcher’s prophetic words have now come true for Europeans. “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Bureaucrats are finding out how difficult it is to scale back the largesse given to millions of foreign nationals who hate them, refuse to integrate, refuse to speak the national language, self-separate in ghettoes, and are biting the hands that feed them quite well by demanding more and promising to take them over by violent means or by exploding demographics. Europeans no longer have enough children to replace the dying population, while the immigrants average 6-8 children per family. At this rate, it is easy to see how the generous hosts will be replaced in a few generations by the hordes of unchecked immigrants.

We are a few days away from the passage of the Comprehensive Immigration Bill, an amnesty that Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight are pushing very hard, responding to the wishes of corporations who want cheap labor and of Americans who want 11 million new Democrat voters. Progressives, business groups, donors, software billionaires such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg strongly support the bill in spite of the fact that average wages, education levels, and employment will be depressed for at least ten years. http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/23/sessions-border-surge-amendment-doesnt-require-surge/#ixzz2X6RvkHLt

Heritage Foundation graphically points out the ten problems with the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill: (http://blog.heritage.org/2013/06/24/morning-bell-10-problems-with-the-gang-of-eight-immigration-bill/?roi=echo3-16058868421-13347261-60332605b5a3a7c19c92c28f8042c315&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Morning%2BBell)
1. Granting amnesty encourages more illegal immigration.
2. Trillions will be spent on government benefits for those receiving amnesty.
3. The border will not be secured.
4. The national debt crisis and out-of-control spending will balloon.
5. The already bloated bureaucracy will have to be expanded to accommodate amnesty.
6. DHS receives new powers.
7. Four million legal immigrants are still waiting on the resolution of their cases.
8. States cannot meet their local needs.
9. Pork projects are included in the 1,190 page Immigration Bill such as special treatment for Alaskan seafood processing and $1.5 billion for youth job training.
10. Worst of all, it promotes dependence on government.

Do the Washington power elites care that hard-working Americans will have to pay trillions of dollars in welfare costs and will have to accept lower wages in the process? Do they care that the borders must be enforced because Americans are not safe from further unwanted invasion of illegal aliens? Judging by the fact that lawmakers want amnesty first and foremost and have no desire to build the border fence for which funds have been approved and appropriated long time ago, the answer is no.

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