Divergent Opinions No Longer Polite Discourse

Polite debate is no longer the accepted norm in our society. The liberal left is not tolerating divergent opinions, they want them eliminated. Outrageous labels, personal threats, and even violence have escalated during what used to be polite discourse and disagreements of opinion.

We provide evidence that UN Agenda 21 does exist, yet we are “agenders.” We cite the document called Agenda 21, 40 chapters long, and the UN Agenda 21 Constitution called DICED, but that is too much evidence for the globalist crowd to digest. It is easier to attack the messenger.

We have sufficient scientific evidence that global warming is a hoax, it has been debunked many times, yet we are “climate deniers” and “flat-earthers.” We do not deny climate change and the earth is not flat.

Climate has changed constantly since recorded history and before, just ask the dinosaurs. We don’t think the much maligned CO2 is the culprit nor do we believe that we are dealing with a “man-made disaster.” We happen to believe that we are in a period of global cooling, as evidenced by lower overall global temperatures in the last 17 years as recorded by more than 30,000 temperature probes around the earth. Self-labeled progressives can’t let incontrovertible truth get in the way of power, money, and control.

Because we are fiscally conservative and believe in government accountability, we are “right wing nuts.”

Because we think that government control and surveillance violate our Constitutional rights and have gotten out of control, we are “tin foil hatters” and “conspiracy theorists.”

Since we believe that we have been taxed enough and we take to the streets to peacefully protest the excessive taxation which supports permanent welfare recipients and illegal aliens, we are “tea baggers,” a derogatory term which has nothing to do with our belief in moderate taxation or with the fact that 49 percent of Americans pay no income tax.

When we stress and argue that politicians have become Machiavellian opportunists who push amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens who have broken our laws, yet lawmakers think it must be done right away so corporations can hire cheap labor, Democrats gain new voters, and the church new converts, we are “racists” and “xenophobes.”

If we don’t believe Obamacare is the magical solution to health insurance problems, and we see clearly a disaster in the making that will ultimately change our stellar healthcare system into “Castro care,” we are “hate mongers” who don’t want other people to have health care.

If we don’t believe that Sharia Law can “coexist” with our Constitution and our legal system based on Roman law, we are “islamophobes.”

If a white person admits using racially insensitive and insulting words thirty years ago, his/her career is over and they are crucified by the MSM and big business. They become instant “pariahs” or at best “persona-non-grata.” When a black person uses the same racially charged epithets, whether addressed to a white or to a black person, it becomes career enhancement. We even throw in extra accolades and prizes for their role in the moral and verbal degradation of our youth.

If we teach our children how to hunt and kill animals to feed a family, not for sport, we are rednecks “clinging to our guns.” Yet nobody bats an eye when millions of babies are aborted and killed each year, even when born alive, it is a liberal “choice.” I sure am glad my mother did not consider my life in her womb a “choice.”

If we pray, believe in God, and attend church regularly, “we cling to our Bibles” and our religion. Belief in Mother Earth, Gaia, is highly praised, recommended, and indoctrinated in schools and by the PC police. Accommodations are made for other religions, but our soldiers cannot carry a Bible for comfort.

If we believe in traditional family and marriage defined as the union between a man and a woman, we are “homophobes.” We thus need re-educating. We must be bombarded with everything homosexual, LBGT parades, parties, Hollywood movies, sitcoms, Broadway productions, training at work to become more sensitive, classes for children on homosexual love, and workshops on how to cater to a small minority so that everybody really understands what they do behind closed doors.

When we engage in political discourse and our liberal opponents have lost the argument, they turn to anger, shouting, and hurling personally insulting epithets. When the disagreements happen to be outdoors, fights ensue which often do not end well for non-liberals. At best, cars with conservative bumper stickers are keyed from end to end. At worst, windows are smashed, owners are ruffed up, escaping with black eyes and bruised limbs, but alive.

Civility has been replaced by class warfare stoked by politicians and race-baters who make a lucrative living at keeping class division alive and the concept of “black slavery” current as if we owe perennial reparations for what has been done in the past. During history, many groups, black and white, have been abused and enslaved – perhaps we should all ask for reparations and special treatment to atone for past wrong-doings. Slavery is still practiced in some Muslim countries today yet liberals are mum about it. Progressives have yet to “free Tibet,” “coexist” with people who think and live differently, and address the genocide of non-Muslims in Darfur and the killings of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

When we disagree with the liberal/progressive ideals, we are ridiculed by the Political Correctness police, we are attacked, banned, boycotted, fired, and discredited professionally. If we dare to criticize, we are accused of “hate speech” no matter what the topic. How long before we are fined, re-educated, and/or jailed for our diverging views and opinions? Isn’t political correctness the stifling of free speech and coercive censorship?

One thought on “Divergent Opinions No Longer Polite Discourse

  1. This is an interesting article, yet it fails to name those responsible for this mess. You again fall into the trap of using the oppositions language and thus, their implied definitions. The fundamental problem is that no-one appears to want to admit or acknowledge that the US governmental and cultural structures have been infiltrated for years by people with ideologies very specifically opposed to what the Constitution stands for. Perhaps an admission of this infiltration would be seen as an admission of ignorance… or of an admission that for many, watching the football or baseball game was MUCH more important than assuring that the Constitutional guarantees many of us benefited from would be there for our kids and their kids. Whatever the reason, we don’t want to admit what is happening even when it hits us in the face… … … DAILY!
    Let’s check out some facts. The Socialist Party of the USA, a communist group (ah! I already hear the screams of “McCathyist” in the background – although I hear no one admitting that McCarthy was proved right), split at the height of the Cold War. The hardline, marxist, USSR supporting faction, which also supported all Soviet policies, became the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC). Michael Harrington was its leader and many former SDS activists (who were also communists, by the way) made up the membership.
    DSOC attracted many communists to its membership: Ron Dellums (Dem., CA congressman), actor Ed Asner, Gloria Steinem, Harry Britt (homo rights activist), machinist union leader Willian Winpisinger (who with a name like than must have had a real bad time in grade school – undoubtedly a reason to turn to communism to seek revenge :-) ), and many others.
    Eventually, DSOC merged with the New American Movement (NAM) which was a descendant of the Maoist branch of the SDS. The new organization became the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a US affiliate of the Socialist International, a long time communist front. Now, these people helped organize the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus and practically every member of the CPC is a member of DSA. Now… guess what that makes the CPC. Yep, a communist cell operating in Congress.
    In the interest of time, I submit only this example (of MANY!!!) of communist infiltration throughout our institutions. I can link (c)bama to the DSA and through the CPC, I can link congressmen, like Keith Ellison a CPC and DSA member, to the Muslim Brothernhood and the IIIT (International Institute of Islamic Thought). You see, in the interest of common objectives, gringo communists and islamists have joined forces ot bring down the system.
    They’ve been very effective. They control the executive branch of government and the corresponding agencies, especially the “justice” department. They control the supreme court (which no longer deserves capital letters) with recently named communist scum or useful idiots now carrying the title of “supreme court judge” (and one judge which has either been blackmailed or bought off, perhaps with a “promise” of being the next presiding judge). They control the Senate. They have infiltrated their insidious ideology in academia. The number of useful idiots or “fellow travelers” or infiltrators in the media is now literally ridiculous. They get to censor the stories and decide which “truths” will reach the masses. They have also turned the media into the filthy propaganda machine that is in charge of the name calling you quote above.
    Now this filth, this scum, this low life, this herd of traitors… call them what you will… has been SO effective, that even YOU refer to them as “liberals” or “progressives”. Give me a break!
    WEBSTER: “liberal” (noun) – one who is open minded and not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional or established forms or ways.
    HA! HA! HA! HA! And these proponents of socialism, the oldest and most retrograde of economic models, designed for totalitarian political systems peopled by closed minded, vengeful, propagandists and assassins are what you are calling “liberals”? Uhhh. Maybe somebody needs a wake-up call? Or is it just fear of being the target of the vilifying propaganda machine what keeps you using their language? You’re going to have to make a decision at some point to call a spade a spade if you want to continue claiming that you are American by choice… assuming, of course, that America (which I believe no longer exists – all we are left with now is the United States – the idea of America was killed by these close-minded fanatical political and character assassins) survives the onslaught of this socialist horde.
    You might also want to note that the gringo version of communism is deeply entwined with fascism, a particular model of totalitarianism to which both Mussolini and Hitler contributed. Never forget that National SOCIALISM is what NAZIism is all about. And our socialist fascists, starting with (c)bama as POTUS and going right on down the line, are all following the party line.
    I’m not going to go to Webster for “progressive” in the interest of saving space and time, but I think you get the idea. Your article isn’t bad. It’s a good start. But you need the guts to call these people what they are. Maybe you need the facts, and the history, so that you can write with a clearer perspective of what is REALLY going on. But if I were you, I would quit dancing to the tune of the socialist fascist linguistic manipulation tune. Call them what they are, not what they want you to call them. It will add strength and conviction to your columns.

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