Trevor Loudon, Advocate for Freedom

Absolute power is when a man is starving and you are the only one able to give him food.”
– Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean dictator
(The Times, UK, July 9, 2004)

Trevor LoudonTrevor Loudon is a ball of energy. A New Zealander, Trevor is more passionate about saving America from the scourge of communism than most Americans are. Why would he care about what happens to America? He worries because without America, there is nobody to save the rest of the world in times of trouble and to carry the torch of personal freedom. Trevor should know because his country is run by socialists and progressives. Trevor wrote a very telling 688-page book about “The Enemies Within, Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”

On a rainy evening in October, Loudon spoke to a packed room in Alexandria about the state of socialism and communism in America. He is believable and real because he has no political aspirations, no grandiose plan of power and control over the American people.

Most Americans are bored by the peace and prosperity afforded to them by the capitalist economy, they want the illusory and utopian promise of communism, equality for the proletariat, equal misery and equal poverty.

He talked about a friend who spent 30 days in jail after he was caught at the Canadian border – he overstayed his visa by one day. Had he been an illegal alien, Trevor said, he would have been invited in, given a free cell phone, free housing, food stamps, free education for his children, free health care, and all welfare benefits afforded American citizens. The room erupted in nervous laughter.

Security is all around, he said, NSA is spying on you, TSA is checking your “crotches and underwear,” and clearance is difficult to obtain for low level employees. Yet, if you put on a suit and tie and run for office in Congress, you can “serve” on the Intelligence Committee, the Armed Services Committee, the Science and Technology Committee, or the Judiciary Committee with zero security clearance.

“There are over 100 members of Congress who could not pass a security clearance to clean the toilets at a military base in the United States. If you were a foreign agent and had friends in the Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialists of America, and the labor movement, would you not try to take advantage of such a relationship? Many members of Congress are linked to hostile foreign powers.”

I quoted in my book and named the names of those in Congress who influence your public policy every day yet their allegiance rests with foreign hostile powers, Loudon said; I wrote about the regular trips that the Congressional Black Caucus makes to Cuba, so much so that even the Castro brothers have boasted about these excursions. “What would you call people who frequently appease and work with foreign powers that are enemies of the United States, who want to bring your country down? Would Cuba, Russia, China, and North Korea tolerate such individuals in public office?”

The communists have terrorized journalists with the word “McCarthyism” so much that they are afraid to say anything in defense of your country, thus allowing communists to continue their destructive and relentless work undisturbed. The public intimidation is so strong, so bold, and in plain view now.

“Your country has been targeted for destruction long time ago. In order to take over the world, they (communists) had to take you out.” Communists are very angry; they blame their failure and collapse on your sabotage work. It is not that communism failed on its own merit or lack thereof; it is the United States’ fault. ”America is the only thing stopping the workers’ paradise.” But now, they say, with new leaders in place and the overt support of over 100 members of the U.S. Congress, world socialism/communism will succeed.

Loudon described how six thousand communist agents from around the world trained at the Lenin Institute for Higher Learning in the early 1980s and were taught that the capitalist system does not work, it’s inefficient, it must be abolished, and only then communism would work.

Leaders in the East were chosen by the oligarchy in power. Andropov, Chernenko, and others were just figureheads. Perestroika was not Gorbachev’s idea. Gorbachev was told in 1983 that “we are going to have a major retreat from power, we are going to give up” temporarily in order to regroup. Gorbachev was not in charge, he was just the man chosen to implement the already decided policy – “a staged strategic defeat.”

Glasnost was not Gorbachev’s invented concept of democracy, freedom, openness from a communist totalitarian state. According to the highest ranking defectors, Gen. Pacepa, glasnost was an Old Russian term that described the improvement, “self-promotion and polishing” of someone’s image outside of the country, which is exactly what the Russians did. Even President Bush fell for this scam, finding Putin “straightforward and trustworthy,” although Putin turned his country into an “intelligence dictatorship, not a democracy.” (Disinformation, Ion Mihai Pacepa, p. 14)

Gen. Pacepa believes that with the help of “Kremlin framing,” the Marxist ideology and the admiration for murderous communist leaders gained a strong foothold in the West and became the “greatest political hoax perpetrated in history.” (Disinformation, Ion Mihai Pacepa, p. 44)

Loudon described how the Soviet economy was crumbling and, if they “staged a strategic defeat, give up nominal control of Eastern Europe, give up the word communism, open up the country to trade with the west, rebuild the economy, then communists could flood western countries with spies, infiltrate NATO and still have structures (their communist machine in place) in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, for when we want to come back.” Communism thus went underground.

Loudon continued, “Communism controls most of Latin America, Russia effectively dominates most of Eastern Europe, Iran effectively dominates much of the Arab world, China dominates the Eastern Pacific, Africa is controlled by China and in some degree Russia; and all your allies are being taken away from you, everywhere you look.”

Russia withdrew from Afghanistan, endured defeat and the appearance of incompetence in order to paint to the world that they were a weakened nation that nobody should fear. This resulted in a weakened NATO and a quickly disarming and weakened United States while China and Russia are currently busy arming themselves.

Louden described how “Russia used the World Peace Council in order to destroy the United States, weaken its military power, and destroy its alliances.” “Your military has been gutted so much that you are no longer a threat to the evil military axes of this world.” The federal government, he said, is no longer protecting you; it is protecting the interests of your enemies.

Loudon talked about all the socialists and communists in Congress, their life-long associations with nefarious, anti-American groups operating in the United States, associations with labor unions, their methods of infiltration, and their plans to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

“You can drive a bus through your political security in this country. You are the prize, you live in the freest country in the world, and you love your fellow man!” Because Americans are so generous, benevolent, altruistic, and live free, they cannot understand evil, why people outside of this country wish to “take them out, much less members of their own Congress.”

When Loudon suggested his idea of a coalition of patriotic Americans to restore America’s greatness and exceptionalism in the world, including expunging the Common Core Standards and the Race to Top Education Standards which are nationalized socialist indoctrination, the room erupted in thunderous applause.
Ted Cruz – presidential candidate
Allen West – VP
Ron Paul – Sec. of Treasury
Sarah Palin – Secretary of Energy (“Drill, baby, drill!”)
John Bolton – Secretary of State
Mark Levin – Attorney General
Ben Carson – Secretary of Health and Human Services
David Barton – Secretary of Education

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