Low Information Voters in the Information Age

As a former college teacher, I know why idealistic young people vote with their hearts and not based on logic or with their pocketbooks. They have yet to mature into serious tax paying adults.

They lack a solid economic education because they are no longer required to take Economics classes in school and, if they do, are often exposed the entire semester to endless graphs that contribute very little to their understanding of how the economy works ; they are unable to put all the puzzle pieces together, they just build beautiful graphs.

Young voters are easily duped and charmed by charismatic, good-looking politicians who deliver scripted and articulate speeches devoid of truth and logic.

They are naïve and idealistic, holding jobs that pay so little that their meager contributions to society get lost in the economic translation.

They still don’t know how the economy works, where money comes from, how it is created, who sets the interest rates, how international trade is handled, or how the so-called Federal Reserve System’s fractional reserve banking creates/prints money out of thin air to the detriment of their pockets.

Once they graduate, after social promotions from grade to grade by those pushing affirmative action, or by those under pressure to justify standardized test scores tied to budgeting, they are not ready for real life prime time.

They are taught by the Common Core curriculum to feel and not think logically, to be community organizers from first grade, and to be angry in order to obtain “social justice.” They are told it’s fine to be wrong in math as long as they can justify their wrong answers and feel good about it.

They receive undeserved awards for participation even if they walk across a stage without tripping. They are told so many times, they are special, that they begin to believe it and make no effort to achieve anything.

Collectivism is good, individualism and creativity, thinking outside the box, and achieving exceptionalism are bad labels.

The media and the police treat terrorist attacks on people by underage racist psychopaths with no capacity for remorse or ability to discern right from wrong as a game, euphemistically calling it the “Knockout Game.” These are people who are going to vote at some point.

The deliberate dumbing down of education driven by teachers and administrators with a liberal political agenda and by the National Education Association, a union that makes it impossible to fire bad teachers, graduates many Americans who are unprepared and primed for failure.

Public school teachers, mentors placed on unshakable pedestals, come from the ranks of the weakest college students – they would be very hard pressed to pass some of the tests their students are taking; without an answer key, they would be lost.

Relaxing and lowering the standards of education to the lowest denominator for political reasons and self-esteem has been driven by a symbiotic relationship between the College of Education and the Department of Education who formulate the curriculum in education.

Fear of lawsuits and physical attacks from students and parents force many teachers to pass students who would otherwise fail multiple classes. The threat of contract non-renewal or firing by the administration if teachers fail undeserving students is also a real issue.

Many teachers are now forced, including via the onerous Common Core, to emphasize self-esteem over competition, the collective over individual achievement. Virginia Beach elementary schools are getting rid of the Honor Roll and the principal’s list. Why let achievement and hard work harm the self-esteem of lazy students? http://hamptonroads.com/2013/11/virginia-beach-elementary-schools-ditching-honor-roll

Parents no longer teach their kids a solid work ethic, pride in personal achievement, and shame of failure. They protest and threaten law suits if Johnny does not cut the grade, it must be the racist teacher’s fault.

Apathetic parents are no longer involved in their children’s education, abdicating their jobs to government strangers who mold and influence their kids’ future.

Scandal after scandal of overt corruption and lawlessness overwhelm low information voters who depend on comedians to get their news and information. It is too tiresome to process the deliberate manufactured crisis after crisis. They lose track easily because their minds are on cruise control, sharply focused on texting or the latest social media game.

There is no interest in real history because textbooks reconstruct events and historical documents, often replacing them with the latest liberal drivel masked as authoritative scholarship.

The government indoctrination in schools is evident in the many president-worshipping videos on the web and the communist and “social justice” written assignments given in different grades.

Few teach about pride in America’s achievement, history, and generosity, accomplishments that have lifted billions out of poverty and misery, giving Europeans freedom from Nazi oppression and a free economic fresh start.

Three free meals a day in school, free housing, day care, food, health care, Obama phones, and utilities have created a generational welfare dependency and complacency that does not involve patriotism or love for one’s country, just worship of government.

Adults are overwhelmed. There is too much information, too many sources, and inadequate time. People lack the patience or the ability to discern what is reliable and what is unreliable. Too much information does not necessarily lead to thinking that leads to an informed opinion.

Why wouldn’t 50 percent of Americans care about what is happening to their country and to themselves? Lulled by a false sense of security, by welfare derived from negative income taxes and earned income tax credits, the low information class votes for more freebies, more enslavement to a government that only cares about its citizens’ blind voting allegiance.

One thought on “Low Information Voters in the Information Age

  1. This is so startlingly scary! When the future of the next generation hangs on a thin rope, what is there to hope for? Are we going back to the primitive times when we had to invent how to start a fire?
    Are the hearts of those who are supposed to govern grown cold and indifferent? What drives them to push our kids and and grand kids over the cliff? It is blatant cruelty to rob the young of minds that can lead, innovate, invent, lead. What a crime!

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