“Robbing” and the “War on Christmas”

Psychological projection was described by Sigmund Freud as an immature “defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world.” (Sigmund Freud, Case Histories II, p. 132)
So it is that Democracy for America, the progressive organizational arm of the Democrat Party, agitating their voting constituents against the rest of the country, has sent out a memo, accusing Republicans of waging a War on Christmas – “Well, this year there is a real ‘War on Christmas;’ and it’s not being waged by the ACLU or the Democratic (sic) Party.”

Chairman Jim Dean said, “This year, the Republicans are playing Scrooge, robbing 1.3 million people across America of desperately needed unemployment benefits right in the middle of the holiday season – and setting the stage for robbing millions more of the same benefits later.”

What kind of “robbing” is he talking about? He is talking about unemployment benefits that would not be extended past December 28th when Congress goes on break — if a budget deal is not reached, “benefits will be completely cut off.”

Why don’t we have perennial unemployment benefits? Why stop at 99 weeks and fight over further extensions?

The people affected by the disastrous economic policies of the current administration who failed to create meaningful jobs and turned our nation into a part-time nation with its Obama Care, over-the-top spending, expensive green energy, war on fossil fuels, and small business, coupled with an exploding welfare dependency, are going to be sent “scrambling for income even as temporary holiday jobs disappear and more people find themselves without work.”

Yet the Democrat Party and its leadership blame Republicans for being heartless at Christmas and not extending the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, in a blatant attempt to cover up the monumental economic failure of this administration that has caused unemployment to deepen beyond imaginable levels, particularly among the young and recent college graduates.

In spite of what Nancy Pelosi said, a dollar paid in unemployment benefits or welfare does not create prosperity in the economy.

Yes, Bill O’Reilly was right, many liberals have stopped Americans from singing Christmas carols, from displaying nativity scenes, decorating their yards, places of business, schools, churches, public places, and have replaced the traditional “Merry Christmas” with the lame “happy holidays,” under the guise that it offends their beliefs or lack thereof.

Yes, it is convenient now for liberals to say that Christmas is about family, community, generosity, and lifting people up who are struggling and taking care of each other. What is appalling is the fact that we did not have to experience such a situation if the people in power on both sides did not create a nation of dependency, welfare, and racial divisiveness where sloth and lack of work ethic are encouraged, promoted through ads, and bought with more government freebies.

Enough with the handouts and the give-me mentality, how about creating some real jobs and prosperity, giving people hope and pride in a job well done, instead of giving false narratives with every speech that the economy is doing well, or stoking class warfare by maligning the “rich” who somehow “rob” from the “poor” and hoard the money while the rest of us starve. Who believes this drivel?

The Democracy for America memo ends with, “So this holiday season, let’s come together to tell Republicans enough with the Scrooge act – end your ‘War on Christmas’ and give millions of people the gift of financial security over the holidays.”

How about ending the Democrat “War on the American Way of Life” and stop giving millions of people the gift of one fish over the holidays. Why not teach unemployed Americans how to fish for a lifetime, giving them the ability to feed themselves?

Why doesn’t Congress pass a real budget and create real jobs instead of bogus “shovel ready” jobs that never existed? Show compassion and care by teaching people right from wrong, speak out against and punish the senseless “Knockout” violence, and stop inciting racial and class hatred and divide? Do it in the spirit of Christmas that you so conveniently promote now that it fits your political interests and agenda.

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