Falsifiers of History

“The absolute worst – and often irreparable – damage done to the Free World has been caused by the Kremlin’s disinformation operations designed to change the past.” – Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

The Oxford dictionary defines “disinformation” as false information that is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.” The word originated in the 1950s with the Russian word, “dezinformatsiya.”

According to Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the KGB manual he perused long time ago clearly described on the first page in upper case letters, “IF YOU ARE GOOD AT DISINFORMATION, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.” (p. 80)

Pacepa reveals that Kremlin’s “dezinformatsiya” goes back to 16th century Russia. In his opinion, the most successful disinformation attack had been launched against the Vatican and the Catholic Church, culminating into a “vicious war against Pope Pius XII and the Judeo-Christian world that broke out in 1945 and has never ended.”

Misinformation and disinformation are not interchangeable, he clarified. “Misinformation is an official government tool while disinformation is a secret intelligence tool.”

Lt. Gen. Pacepa, who defected from the Soviet bloc and was intimately knowledgeable of its security, explained that “During the Cold War, more people in the Soviet bloc worked for the disinformation machinery than for the Soviet army and defense industry put together.” (p. 38)

Disinformation is channeled in many ways. It is daily manufactured news, programs, and statistics from the main stream media, giving voters false impressions that the economy is quite rosy and recovering although stark reality reflects a different story.

Disinformation is telling naïve voters what they want to hear, making false promises of better and cheaper health insurance, of health care readily available for all, practically free, of redistribution of wealth of the “evil rich” who built their wealth on the backs of the poor, and of “social justice” reigning supreme.

The reality is that millions of Americans have already lost or will lose private insurance because their insurance plans, which they liked and afforded, were deemed inferior by the Affordable Care Act. The actual health care delivery will be hampered by the total chaos, faulty exchanges, ill-prepared and dishonest navigators, the lack of sufficient doctors and nurses, and by new patients who will rush to see doctors for basic services that are free under ObamaCare. Meanwhile, patients with serious illnesses will have to wait patiently their turn in line behind younger Americans and illegal aliens.

Disinformation is manufactured history spoon-fed by teachers and college professors to our nation’s youth, creating false narratives that our country has committed countless atrocities. The current and future Americans are thus obligated to redress such real or imagined atrocities through endless apologies, sensitivity training, and “white guilt” driven wealth redistribution caused by the invented notion of “white privilege.”

Did the current citizens of the United States engage in the slave trade or suffered from slavery? No. Yet race baiters continue to strain race relations through blatantly false storylines because keeping the Civil War alive, slavery, and racial division is very lucrative. The real slave holders and traders around the world today are never discussed.

Disinformation is the main stream media telling the public that a “study found” that mercury, a known neuro-toxin, is actually beneficial for infants when given in vaccines.

Disinformation is the media advising listeners and readers that they are wasting time and money taking daily vitamins; they are not beneficial to overall health. Never mind that the actual study was done on individuals who had suffered a heart attack. One of the stated biases in the study was that the subjects did not take the vitamins regularly or the proper dosage daily, making the reliability of the findings questionable.

Disinformation is portraying Mitt Romney and other conservative Christian political candidates as enemies who wage a fictitious “war on women” while the real war is waged on women around the world: abortions of millions of potential Americans at taxpayer subsidized clinics, genital mutilation, forced late-term abortions in China in order to comply with one-child policy, honor killings of women when these women are raped and falsely accused of adultery, or facial acid burnings when pubescent girls refuse to marry old men.

Disinformation is continuing to implement public policy affecting all Americans and billions around the globe based on the manufactured “consensus science” of global warming/climate change, costing taxpayers billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses, taxes, and fees in order to line the pockets of interested parties, individuals, and NGOs who gain immensely from taxing CO2 and from destroying the use of cheaper fossil fuels through unreasonable and costly regulations. The energy derived from cheaper fossil fuels must be replaced by more expensive and dirty “green” energy.

The MSM gave little coverage to the news that the global warming/climate change “team of scientists and members of the public retracing the footsteps of the Australian Antarctic expedition of 1911” http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/25/antarctic-expedition-scientists-trapped-ice found themselves and their cruise ship trapped in 15 ft. thick ice in the Antarctic, in need of rescue from ice breakers and helicopters. http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/30/world/antarctic-ship-stuck/
Was it a fact-finding mission, looking for dead polar bears and melted ice caps?

Disinformation is propagandizing the idea of Green Growth and Sustainability Everything for the better good of the planet while planning on massively moving people off their lands and from the suburbia into urban micro-pods, 200 square feet of space, stacked 9-story high, without cars and elevators, just walking and biking, in order to re-wild private lands because environmentalists have decided long time ago that suburban sprawl is bad and there are too many destructive humans on the planet. When challenged and presented with the evidence of all the Smart Growth plans and Agenda 21 documents, American citizens are “framed” and vilified as dangerous loons.

Disinformation is dismantling piece by piece, executive order by executive order, judicial decision by judicial decision, Congressional Act by Congressional Act, the American family, the military, the labor force, the stellar American healthcare system, the education system, decency and morality, the justice system, businesses, and our Christian faith while telling low information voters that it is done for the greater good, for the collective that will eventually rob them of their freedom.

Disinformation is allowing Islamic infiltration into America’s cities because our government has decided that we are so “intolerant and hateful” that we must be taught lessons in how to get along and “coexist” with invading cultures whose values and laws are incompatible with our Constitution and who wish to bring their third world slums to America. The sensitivity training and reeducation must include a healthy dose of welfare to make illegals and those who follow the religion of peace feel at home in our country.

Disinformation was creating a non-existent “well-organized white-supremacist movement” responsible for black church fires during President Clinton’s years in office. Lt. Gen. Pacepa describes in his book, Disinformation, how the National Fire Protection Association disclosed that “there had been far fewer church fires than usual, and law enforcement officials in the South could not confirm any as having been racially motivated.” Pacepa concluded that, after the National Council of Churches was accused of manufacturing “a great church-fire hoax,” nobody investigated why this hoax was created. (p. 2)

Disinformation is justifying by the MSM the violent attacks of black individuals against white and Hispanic elderly as a “knockout game,” while condemning only two attackers who happened to be white.

Pacepa used in his book an example of disinformation that was meant to vilify Americans as careless Neanderthals who do not appreciate museum artifacts. The MSM reported that “170,000 items of antiquity dating back thousands of years” were destroyed in April 2003 at the National Museum in Baghdad. In reality, treasures were safe in American custody and only 25 items were eventually listed as missing. (p. 36)

The “falsifiers of history,” the disinformation agents, have created the myths like Che Guevara, the darling of liberals and college students in this country. They wear with pride t-shirts and berets with the mug shot of a criminal who was sentenced to death and executed for mass murder and terrorism.

As part of the Soviet dezinformatsiya campaign, the “framing” of ordinary citizens as “uncooperative” or “Nazi collaborators” has resulted in the death of millions of innocents behind the Iron Curtain.

Lt. Gen. Pacepa believes “respect for Marxism and admiration for murderous communist leaders” to be “the greatest political hoax perpetrated in history.”

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