The Ship of Global Warming Folly

Das Narrenschiff Das Narrenschiff – Albrecht Durer
I ponder the 1549 German woodcut, “Ship of Fools,” Albrecht Durer’s illustrations, and even Hieronymus Bosch’s artistic allegory of humanity’s folly sailing aboard a ship without a pilot, a stark reflection of what humans do, sometimes ignorant of their own direction, pursuing untrue and unattainable objectives.

The January 2, 2014 article in The Australian, “Stuck on a ship of (cold) fools,” talks about the Australasian Antarctic Expedition from the University of New South Wales, led by Professor Chris Turney, on a mission to trace the Antarctic expedition of 1911 when Douglas Mawson’s ship was not icebound. Since then, the sea ice has been increasing despite United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) faulty forecasts based on its global warming modeling.

The global warming scientists, journalists, and concerned individuals, stuck aboard a ship in 15 ft. thick ice, have set out to prove that “the East Antarctic ice sheet is melting.” The University of New South Wales website describes in alarming tones “an increasing body of evidence” that proves “melting and collapse from ocean warming.”

The irony of the mission which had to be rescued by the icebreaker Aurora Australis, plucking scientists from the stuck Russian MV Akademik Schokalskiy, is that helicopters and other fossil fuel-driven, carbon-emitting machines and ships were used; there is no green energy, wind or solar vessel yet that could perform such a rescue job – the scientists would have been stuck until the ice melted. A second ship, the Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon, sent in to help, called off the mission about 6.7 nautical miles from the Russian ship.

According to Fox News, when the ship was trapped, it was 2 miles from open water. The rapidly expanding ice placed it 13 miles from open water. It was so bitter cold, the extreme low temperatures coupled with the chill factor, were unforgiving to unprotected human skin.

Does the overwhelming evidence that temperatures around the globe have been cooler in the last 17 years and polar ice caps have increased in size in 2013 by 65 percent deter the global warming scientists and their alarmist Gaia worshippers from imposing their insane agenda? The answer is a resounding no. Controlling how we live is more important than reality and fact. As a savvy person said, “You might be a climate denier if… You get your ship trapped in ice that you denied was there.”

The same scientists from the University of New South Wales where the ill-fated cruise ship to the Antarctic originated are doubling down on global warming/climate change agenda, saying that the “world’s climate is warming faster than feared because predictions were too ‘optimistic’ and overestimated the cooling impact of clouds.” Professor Steven Sherwood from the University of New South Wales told The Sydney Morning Herald that “The net effect of [climate change] is you have less cloud cover.” (Jonathan Pearlman, Telegraph, Jan. 2014,

Meanwhile, the blizzard dubbed Hercules is slamming northeastern United States, dumping so much snow that nearly 2,300 flights had to be cancelled, JFK airport was shut down, highways were closed, and the governor of New York declared a state of emergency. It is so bitter cold, exposed skin can freeze in 15 minutes.

“Consensus” scientists have been successful in convincing the EPA under the Bush administration to remove the inexpensive Edison bulbs on account that they used up too much electricity, causing global warming through the use of “dirty” coal that generates the said electricity (Thomas Edison must be rolling in his grave), and replace them with expensive and toxic CFL bulbs that contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin too dangerous for thermometers. “When a CFL breaks in your home, it releases mercury vapor.” To clean up the mess, the EPA instructions are:
1. Seal off the room and turn off the air condition system (HVAC).
2. Don’t vacuum because the mercury will spread.
3. Follow 3 pages of detailed instructions (

You might as well wear a Hazmat suit to protect yourself when removing a broken CFL bulb. Don’t you feel protected and secure in our home, a safe haven for you and your children, compliments of environmental zealots who know what is best for you?

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