Voodoo Economics and Unemployment

Ninety-two million Americans are unemployed yet the spin masters are telling voters with a straight face that the economy is recovering nicely. The much touted 6.7 percent (U-3) unemployment rate has dropped again miraculously in December thanks to voodoo economics and statistics that totally discount millions of discouraged workers who have dropped out the labor force and stopped looking for work.

If Americans out of the labor force are counted, the unemployed rate is the U-6 reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 13 percent. The civilian labor force participation also dropped to 62.8 percent.

The question nobody is asking is, if the unemployment rate is dropping and things are so rosy, why are Democrats asking for a three-month extension on unemployment benefits? In a normal world, it would seem logical that these people should go back to work.

Why would so many people stop looking for work and lose their pride in the newfound parasitic status quo? For starters, there are no shovel-ready jobs to be had in spite of billions spent on jobs stimuli – only 74,000 jobs were added in December. More Americans than ever in recorded history are on food stamps.

Those who lost jobs have become comfortable on 99 weeks of unemployment and are expecting Democrats to extend their dependency by three more months. Who wants to look for low-paying, part-time jobs when unemployment and welfare checks put food on the table, gasoline in the tank, pay rent, utilities, Obama phones are easy to get, and ObamaCare subsidies pay for some healthcare.

Worse yet, thanks to the Affordable Care Act’s unreasonable requirements that put undue financial strain on employers and employees, we have become a part-time employment nation.

Americans are told by the MSM touting bogus research that making something of yourself, achieving upward mobility and a better life for yourself and your family is stressful and damaging to your health. Who knew that admirable goals and a desire to better yourself can destroy your health?

There is no shame in staying perennially unemployed – Uncle Sam will take care of you with other taxpaying dopes’ hard earned money. It is your human right to be on welfare for generations! Who are they to deny you that right? Find yourself, take art classes, spend time with your family, work is overrated. Let bees and ants do the hard labor for little pay – it’s better to be a cricket. Maine welfare recipients know how to maximize their benefits and entitlements – they took their EBT cash to Disney World, Vegas, and Hawaii! http://townhall.com/tipsheet/sarahjeanseman/2014/01/07/maine-welfare-cash-being-spent-in-disney-world-and-hawaii-n1773200

Nancy Pelosi said that unemployment grows the economy and Republican lawmakers, who want job creation, are really using a metaphor for ‘tax cuts to the rich.’

Having solved the high unemployment crisis through invisible jobs, more unemployment benefits and welfare dependency, and having redistributed our wealth through the ObamaCare fiasco, the next item on the Democrat agenda is to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens as a human right, against the wishes of most Americans.

The Chamber of Commerce, Big Labor, and various business interests are pushing and lobbying for swift passage of amnesty. They are interested in the cheap labor that illegal aliens provide. It should not surprise anyone that socialist Big Labor is endorsing amnesty even though it hurts their dues-paying members.

What can possibly go wrong in adding to the depressed economic mix millions of marginally qualified illegal aliens who do not speak English, have no desire to learn it, are often illiterate in their own language, to the already strained social services rolls, public school systems, welfare rolls, and public hospitals load?

A nun who ran an orphanage in Mexico for a year, called into the Rush Limbaugh show describing how young Mexicans with visas cross the border into the U.S., work for a year, take savings back to Mexico to their wives and children to build a house. Once they have enough seed money, they build a garage attached to the house in which they open a business. The following year, the savings from the man’s earnings complete the house and the Mexican father never returns to the U.S. However, Mexicans who do not have a work visa, must pay each time to be taken across; there is less and less incentive to return to Mexico. Such young men settle in the U.S. and become perfect candidates for amnesty. Once they become American citizens, they sponsor many members of their very large extended families.

A guest worker program with an inexpensive $5 plastic card embedded with the biometrics of a citizen from Mexico or another foreign country could help them apply for a work permit and match them with a potential employer based on job skills, the employer’s needs, and the level of pay. Small businesses, including farms, are on a tight budget and can only pay so much in wages. If they received tax breaks, perhaps they could pay their seasonal workers more.

Furthermore, families from Mexico or South America would not be broken up by the breadwinner having to work so far away. At the same time, developing countries should offer a safety net for their citizens and job creation in order to stave off the mass exodus to the United States.

Instead, Democrats prefer to fundamentally alter the make-up of our country and of our culture by allowing citizens from other cultures, who do not wish to be assimilated, to establish separate communities in America, often hostile subcultures within our culture.

Because the government mandates translations into so many native languages of all welfare programs documents, school curricula, voting records, Social Security, medical care, there is no incentive for them to learn English. Over time, our country’s population will be replaced by multicultural intruders who hate America, do not speak English, and have no desire to do so.

I certainly do not oppose legal immigration because I am a legal immigrant myself. We are a nation of immigrants who came here legally, assimilated, learned English, became part of the melting pot called America, and made our country great.

This wave of new immigrants has a different agenda and that is why blanket amnesty must be stopped. At a time when unemployment is so high and job creation so low, we cannot afford to give jobs and welfare to 12-30 million of illegal aliens, some of whom are already on welfare, and will be automatically enrolled in ObamaCare at no cost to them.

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