Wind Turbines and Negative Effects on Animals

“The wind turbines look like evil hands swatting rhythmically at the beauty of nature.”
– Ileana Johnson

Kaj Bank Olesen at mink farm Photo courtesy: Aoh.Dk

Kaj Bank Olesen at mink farm
Photo courtesy: Aoh.Dk

I’ve recently reported on the bizarre behavior of animals, 1,600 miscarriages, and fetal deformities at a mink farm in Denmark after the installation and full operation on September 2013 of four 3-MW VESTAS wind turbines within a short distance (328 m) from Kaj Bank Olesen’s fur farm.

Mark Duchamp, Chairman of World Council on Nature, released an update on June 23, 2014 that farmer Olesen now believes that when the wind blows from the South West where the wind turbines are located, “mother minks attack their own puppies.” Olesen put down over twenty mink pups and forty are under observation because of deep bites.
The online Aoh.Dk referenced how, since the wind turbines “began to spin last fall, the number of stillbirths and deformed puppies increased fivefold.” Farmer Kaj Olesen Bank also explained, “The proportion of females that refused to mate has quadrupled as compared to last year when there were no wind turbines behind his mink farm.”

You could argue that we are not mink and should not worry that low-frequency vibrations created by wind turbines are harmful to humans. After all, green energy proponents keep reassuring us that wind and solar energy is harmless to the planet and to adjacent populations. When animals such as minks, cattle, sheep, goats, and horses, exposed to wind turbines 24/7, become aggressive, die en masse, abort their fetuses, some with developmental malformations, and attack their young, it is time to ask ourselves, what are wind turbines doing to the human body? The “wind turbine syndrome” is not just hypochondria as the wind industry and the environmental lobby explained.

Officials in Taiwan reported that 400 animals died due to sleep deprivation after the installation of eight wind turbines close to their grazing area. Farmer Kuo Jing-shan was left with 250 goats from the original 700 he owned before the wind turbines were installed. Taipower admitted no wrongdoing but “offered to pay for part of the costs of building a new farmhouse elsewhere.”

In Ontario, Canada, local deer were reported as “agitated and awake all night,” “birds were flying all day rather than going to roost,” and “seals suffered miscarriages.”

In Nova Scotia, David and Debi Van Tassell believed that the low-frequency hum of the wind turbines installed in the vicinity of their Ocean Breeze emu farm killed many of their birds after the first turbine went into operation in 2009. The emus were not sleeping and running in pens day and night, losing weight. The remaining birds, which cost $3,000 a pair, were sold for $100 each.

Another study described the case of Lusitanian horses who suffered deformities not attributed to any disease but seemingly connected to the installation of wind turbines nearby. “All horses (N=4) born or raised after 2007 developed asymmetric flexural limb deformities. WT (wind turbines) began operations in November 2006. No other changes (construction, industries, etc.) were introduced into the area during this time.

The low-frequency sound and the constant thump-thump have caused some people to abandon their homes located in the vicinity of wind farms. Health issues such as sleep disturbance, sleep deprivation, dizziness, tinnitus, and constant headaches in humans have been ignored by the main stream media who is eager to promote “clean” solar and wind energy generation.

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  1. The loony save-the-earth crowd are running on pure emotion and imagination, not science or common sense. The entire “Green Movement” is fraud No. 1, following its cousin Climate Change, fraud No. 2. Ethanol in gasoline is scam No. 3. … But big companies are scamming huge profits from the gullible mis-educated public, so nothing is likely to change anytime soon. Agenda 21 requires that populations must be dumbed down first. … Common Cause anyone?

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