Democrat Electioneering Day

On Election Day I agreed to pass sample ballots for a couple of hours for the Republican Party. They were having a hard time finding someone to do it – Republicans are generally busy working. How hard could it be sitting down and giving a ballot sample to those who pass by? It was a gorgeous fall day and I was glad to be outdoors. I would find out soon enough that it was harder than it seemed.
Armed with a small box of papers, I was told to stay behind a certain line, 40 feet from the front door, marked clearly in blue and by several huge signs warning not to cross the electioneering line.
A small unattended box with the name Democrat in big, bold letters was on the grass nearby. About thirty minutes later, a gentleman with a National Education Association (NEA) blue cap and a Mark Warner t-shirt took possession of the box and started giving out Democrat sample ballots.
He seemed oblivious to the Virginia State Board of Elections vote of October 14, 2008, “to ban clothing and hats as well as buttons and other paraphernalia that directly advocate the election or defeat of a specific candidate or issue.”
He was not just giving out ballots; he was walking across the line back and forth, solicitously “helping” the elderly walk to the door even though he kept violating the blue electioneering line. I brought this obvious fact to his attention and to the officials and he told me, quite annoyed, that nothing was illegal as long as he was helping people vote.
This man told me he was a retired reading teacher. Now I fully understand why many students cannot read when they graduate, and defy authority and the law without compunction. For Democrats, the rule of law and civil society are just suggestions.
Car after old and rusty car emblazoned with assorted Democrat/union/ Obama/Biden stickers drove up with voters who did not seem so well-off or particularly healthy – some were in wheelchairs and others moved slowly and painfully with walkers or canes.
These two hours would become an economic voting lesson I would not soon forget. Here were these people, obviously soon to become victims of the rationed and dysfunctional Obamacare and obviously poor, relegated to the same low income status, yet they could not wait to march in and vote joyously for the same status quo that had made them financially poor, unemployed, and on welfare. They rudely dismissed my Republican sample ballots with words such as, “I don’t vote for those crooks that have destroyed our economy and our country.” I was speechless in the face of such economic ignorance.
A couple from Central America, who could still vividly remember the poverty and socialist paradise exploitation they’ve left to come to the freedom of opportunity in America, told me, after they took the Republican ballot, they could not understand why people would vote for socialism.
Did they not learn from history and from the experience of millions of exploited who fled from around the world to come here for a better life, freedom of religion, and a chance to succeed? Apparently not, they are now coming here for the social programs, welfare, and other generous handouts from the hard-working Americans. As long as they vote the “right” way, they remain on the dependent and needy Democrat plantation.
A few well-to-do bureaucrats driving shiny new cars waved me off without a word, turning their noses in disgust, as if I was a malaria-laden mosquito.
I asked the Democrat volunteer why these people who drive up in such rickety cars are voting for Democrats again, for the status quo. He explained that it was a poor district; most people are unemployed, on welfare or disability, thanks to all the Republicans who stalled the Democrats and our wonderful President who tried to help the poor.
I asked him to give me one example of what the President and his party did in a stellar manner that improved the lives of the poor. His answer shocked me, “they sheltered Social Security from the grubby hands of Republicans and increased welfare and food stamp rolls.”
I tried to give him examples of the high unemployment, high inflation, the destruction of the dollar, and the destruction of the best health care system in the world under this administration. He told me that I had no idea what I was talking about, living under communism has warped my mind and thus my ability to properly understand what is going on.
I gave up in disgust and was relieved when my two hours were up – I even forgot my chair. I cannot say it was entirely a waste of my time. It was a reinforcement of what I already knew; the brainwashing of our population and its maintenance on poverty row perennially is a direct result of the warped education they’ve received from the highly inadequate teachers who support Common Core and are dues-paying NEA members.
It was no surprise to me at the end of the evening when all the socialist Congressmen remained in power in Virginia. The densely populated northern Virginia made sure that the Commonwealth maintained its socialist platform.

One thought on “Democrat Electioneering Day

  1. Dear Ileana;
    You experienced what those of us trying to campaign for election have all along. I was a newcomer to politics in 2012 when I ran for NC State Senate in one of the poorest districts in the state. There is a 67% Democrat voting record and 56% African-American population.
    I tried meeting with literally hundreds at events every day or so, and knocked on or visited thousands of families to no avail. I laid out careful plans to show them how I intended to develop business and build up the neighborhoods since I have a 35-year record of product development.
    With improvements in education and LOWER taxes for all, I showed how recovery of funds that are stolen each day by ghost providers and fake clinics, etc. we would have the millions of dollars needed to fund every services to its fullest.
    Their response was to spit at me, try to smack me, call me racial epithets, accuse me of crimes, tell me I was a rich, white (fill in the blank) and that I didn’t care about anyone and never contributed to the community.
    That part was funny since I spent my whole life, rising from poverty, giving back to everyone I could through charitable works and hands-on volunteering, often on a weekly basis. I calculated once I spent a year of my life for every six years I’ve been here in service to others.
    Yet, here I am, defeated again this year, because people believe what they want to believe. And will blindly accept destruction of their own lives at the hands of liars.

    Please don’t get too discouraged as we also witnessed a shift for the first time in 50 years. A small percentage have started voting conservative/Republican, and the college students I spoke with have caught on to the scams. They did not vote Democrat this year, albeit they vote in smaller numbers. As they mature, teach their children, and vote more regularly, they will become a large force that the Democrats cannot control.

    God bless and thank you for volunteering. No candidate can ever win without support.

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