How Did We “Fundamentally Change” So Fast?

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How did American culture fall prey to the lowest common denominator in our country?
When did we start admiring primitive cultures and considering them superior to our western civilization, giving in to their needy and outrageous demands no matter what happens to our own citizens?
How did the western world fall prey to Marxist-Leninists, to Islam, and to the rap music of the ghetto and prison culture?
How was Europe colonized by Islam in just a few decades of open-borders immigration? Why did its leaders eagerly embrace Islam instead of their own citizens, committing cultural and demographic suicide?
How did American education change so fundamentally that now communism and jihadi Islam are praised and admired?
How did our education decline so much that Boards of Education are composed of liberals and universities are populated by Fabian socialists and communists who have watered down the curriculum to the point where “studies of” have become one of the more popular majors in college even though jobs are not available in such fields?
How can sane educators teach Common Core indoctrination into collectivism and Islam in elementary, middle, and high schools, and still sleep at night, content that they have done their job to educate the youth of America into what it is to be a successful American citizen?
How in the world so many “useful idiots” socialist educators and administrators have made it into their positions of influence and power with superficial academic preparation?
I remember one outstanding history teacher, Judy M., who always posted gruesome pictures of the Holocaust in the hallways. Her message to students was that we must never, ever forget.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower had ordered plenty of pictures taken of the liberated concentration camps because he realized that someday there will be individuals who will deny that the Holocaust ever existed.
In April 1945 Dwight Eisenhower visited the concentration camp near the town of Gotha and wrote about his experience: “I have never felt able to describe my emotional reactions when I first came face to face with indisputable evidence of Nazi brutality and ruthless disregard of every shred of decency… I have never at any other time experienced an equal sense of shock.”
And Eisenhower was right. A 2014 Common Core assignment, a mere seven decades later, asked students to write on the topic, “Did the Holocaust really happen or was it staged for political reasons?” The six million Jews, gypsies, priests, and other innocents who died in concentration camps must be rolling in their graves.\
When Judy M. introduced the topic of the Great Depression each year, students had to forgo food all day except for thin soup so they could truly understand what it was like for people standing in soup lines. Students eating in the cafeteria their allotted bowl, surrounded by an abundance of food, found out that it was hard to concentrate and go about their daily studies with growling stomachs. There are not many teachers left like Judy M.
Carl B., invited victims of communism to his classes to give first-hand testimony of life under a totalitarian regime. He asked victims of the Holocaust with numbers tattooed on their arms to tell the story of what happened to them in WW II concentration camps and how few of their family members survived. He had former Ambassadors, Governors, and decorated veterans come to his classes. He was so proud of our American heritage and of our selfless courage in the face of adversity!
The late Carl B. loved history so much, he dedicated his entire life to preserving an abandoned three-story ante-bellum home in which doves had made their nests, and brought it to its former glory, filling it with antiques, carpets, music, and paintings of the era. He invited groups into his home every year during Easter and Christmas to admire and enjoy a restored labor of love. A 400-pound statue from a New Orleans antiquary graced his lawn on a bluff, shaded by colorful azaleas in the spring.
Carl B. organized a Pilgrimage tour to other ante-bellum homes in the area and facilitated an evening visit of the local Civil War cemetery. His students chose a few tombs, researched the family history, and, wearing period costumes, re-enacted a candle light tour, describing the lives of those buried there. People from around the country and around the world came to Columbus, Mississippi for the annual Pilgrimage and the Cemetery Candlelight Tour.
What happened to the American psyche? What intervened since 1979? Was it the establishment of the Department of Education by Jimmy Carter that began the slide of our education system?
Was it the college the education, a mill of socialist indoctrination, producing educators who were certified by the state to make beautiful lesson plans and eye-arresting bulletin boards, but lacked substantive content in their teaching areas?
College of education majors attracted weaker students, who often lacked basic courses of math and science. The fluff degrees taught them the latest methodology of instruction, usually an untested fad created by a college professor trying to get tenure. Such professors were the role models to emulate around the country, the darlings of the conference circuit, lecturing other minions how to dumb down the education system.
Was it the fact that we socially-promoted students, we accepted them into college based on racial quotas, minority groups, and other discriminatory systems, and not on merit?
We now have college professors who are open vitriolic Marxists who staff or chair departments of studies of feminism, racial issues, social equality, social justice, environmental justice, and collectivism, the hallmarks of communism.
Were educators in a North Carolina high school Common Core approved English class teaching vocabulary or were they proselytizing for Islam? Why would an American teacher be willing to drill their American students into such a subliminal Islamic lesson? Why would an American administrator approve such a curriculum and not call it into question? Why would parents not care what their children are taught?
If teachers had used Christianity and Jesus to teach vocabulary, liberals would be up in arms, invoking the manufactured excuse that church and state have no place in a state-run school curriculum, and demanding that the offending teachers be terminated immediately.
Common Core has not been tested, it is the dream of Bill Gates who has invested over $200 million of his vast fortune into its implementation and it is now pushed by politicians on both sides of the aisle.
It is sad how far and how quickly the Republic has “fundamentally changed.” Can we restore the spectacular education system that we had prior to the founding of the Department of Education that drains $72 billion annually from taxpayers? Can we reverse the insane Common Core math that is impractical and counterproductive in the real world? Can we reverse the Islamic and Marxist indoctrination of Common Core?
The liberal media is constantly harping and criticizing American values, often in front of foreign audiences, lying and inciting hatred and racial bigotry, enmity, protests, and violence. Manufactured reality takes center stage while real news are ignored. The main stream media is constantly dishonest, covering up for the Democrat Party and for corrupt politicians.
The “journalists” are talking heads who read teleprompters well, indoctrinating the entire country into falsehoods and lies, clouding the minds and judgment of impressionable youths with the agenda of the Marxist Democrats who are now running the country.
The globalist billionaires, with no allegiance to our country, have used their vast fortunes to turn it into a banana republic, infusing their money into progressive causes that are detrimental to the United States, supporting illegal immigration, amnesty, and open borders in their pursuit for cheap labor. Shamelessly, they are using their fortunes to make more money at the expense of future Americans who will eventually find themselves citizens of a global tin-utopia ruled by the United Nations.
The globalists and Hollywood elites with their decadent lifestyles are destroying the future of our children and of America. They are demolishing the middle class by demanding that everybody must be equally poor and equally miserable.
The welfare mentality and dependency created and promoted by politicians has produced generations of adults living on the financial plantation of the Democrat Party that needs their votes but doesn’t care about their education.
The Americans on the dole, who have given up their freedoms in order to live in gilded cages tarnished by fool’s gold, seem content to receive their welfare checks, the crumbs from the powerful elites who run the “changed” world.
Last, but not least, professional corrupt politicians of both stripes are also “fundamentally changing” the country by serving their own greedy interests in the quest for power and control.
Who will inherit the “fundamentally transformed” western civilization and what will they do with it?

2 thoughts on “How Did We “Fundamentally Change” So Fast?

  1. This is a very well done article that is 100% correct. Maybe if every single person in the country reads it a minute percentage would wake the hell up, but I doubt it. It saddens me greatly to see my once great country going strait to the devil on a high speed rail thanks to liberalism and conservative laziness.

  2. Or, was it us who changed, wide-eyed East Europeans, arriving into the free world, full of admiration, three decades ago?
    I think it’s not just our own perspective. The decay of the West is tangible, measurable. Let’s hope it’s also reversible.

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