A New Breed of Global Communism on Steroids

Politicians like to tell us ad nauseam that the immigration system is broken. What exactly is broken? I asked this question recently of the panel on immigration at CPAC 2015. It became obvious that conservatives and progressives conflate the issue of legal immigration with the issue of illegal immigration.
One of the panelists began to show us a very complex chart of the LEGAL immigration system and the hoops and offices that a person must navigate in order to legally immigrate to this country. The system appeared no different than the system in place in 1982 when I became a naturalized American citizen. We are told that there are 4.1 million unresolved applications for LEGAL permanent residence in the United States, some of them backlogged 15 years or more. These people want to join their families already legally in the U.S. They are unfortunate that they cannot jump a fence, swim across a river, or walk across the desert. They are not the chosen ones to be flown or bussed across the border by our own government that wants to fundamentally change the demographic makeup of our country.
What politicians and their minions talk about when they refer to the broken immigration system, is the wait time for LEGAL immigrants. What IS BROKEN is the fact that the government is not securing the borders, and is not enforcing the laws already on the books in regards to ILLEGAL immigration into our country.
Rep. Robert Pittenger of North Carolina, Chairman of the Congressional Taskforce on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare is telling us that “Americans should prepare to protect their homes, businesses, and families in the event of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster” in a 24-page booklet that was just released.
Yet they are leaving our southern and northern borders vulnerable to entry of any citizen of another country who wants amnesty. And we are not just talking about illegal Mexicans. Border patrols have found prayer rugs and Qurans abandoned in the desert on the southern border.
The government is bringing in refugees from countries that hate our western culture, our legal system, and our way of life. They are bringing in thousands of refugees each month from Somalia and Syria to resettle them in the United States, knowing that these people are not interested in learning our language, accepting our culture, and becoming Americans. As soon as they arrive, they become wards of the state, and start making demands to install Shariah Law and to accommodate their needs for madrassas schools, for exercise of their Islamic religion, and to take down anything that is American and offensive to them: our flag, our National Anthem, our Pledge of Allegiance, and our Christian religious symbols.
The new standards of education called Common Core, adopted pretty much around the country, are indoctrinating our children into communism and proselytize for Islam. It’s no news that academia has been communist for years but lately the assault against anything American has picked up speed. Take the case of the Irvine, University of California ban on the American flag. It is not the work of misguided individual students; they are supported by their professors. These are not isolated incidents. They are happening around the country at every level of our educational system and of our government.
When I came to this country legally, I had every intention of assimilating into the American culture, of learning the language, and becoming a contributing member of society. I did not run to the nearest Social Security office to sign up for benefits, to vote illegally, and to form barrios, countries within our country, bringing with me the hellhole I escaped from.
Politicians tell us that these people come here to work; they don’t come for the welfare or the in-state tuition. But the welfare figures and the earned income tax credit given to newly arrived illegals are in the billions of dollars a year and they are incontrovertible evidence that most don’t come here to work and then return home to their countries. They are here to stay; we are their social featherbed and financial support. The IRS tells us that they are entitled to retroactive earned income tax credit for 2011-2013 to the tune of $35,000 per family, even though they paid no taxes in those years and were here illegally.
Politicians and the main stream media tell us that illegals live in the shadows, they are euphemistically called undocumented Americans. They don’t live in the shadows. They draw welfare, they go to the same churches with us, they shop at the same stores, and they send their kids to the same day care, kindergartens, and schools. On the day when SNAP and EBT are distributed, all the cash registers at Walmart have lines of Hispanics and Middle Easterners who do not speak a word of English, not even “thank you.”
The illegal children that arrived last year to supposedly join their families were not all children after all , some were known-gang members and drug dealers from Mexico, many were sick, bringing in diseases that were formerly eradicated in the U.S. and new ones that are endemic to Central America. Some of our children have died from the enterovirus and a mysterious paralysis. Some adults contracted antibiotic-resistant TB. Illegals brought in measles, scabies, Chagas disease, and lice.
In New Hampshire there are some schools were 82 different languages are spoken. How do you accommodate so many different children who do not speak English and have no relatives, and still maintain a semblance of normalcy in schools where scores are now plummeting? How do you maintain standards of excellence without dragging down American students?
Churches took them in with open arms because they received millions of dollars in grants to do so from the federal government. It was not just the Christian thing to do; it was a money-making machine. The children were injected into small communities around the country, mostly without the knowledge of the population. Talk about forced colonization!
Many of these illegal immigrants come from dictatorships of communism, socialism, or totalitarianism. They don’t know what a democracy is, don’t care, and will not understand it. Many are illiterate in their own languages. Democracy for them is welfare from the government. Their trust and belief system are in BIG government. Capitalism and self-reliance are foreign concepts to them. Piracy, theft, cheating, stealing, bartering to survive, and a poor work ethic are the norm.
I remember the feelings of elation when I arrived in New York. I deplaned and I breathed freedom into my lungs. I knew, if I worked hard, I could be anything I wanted to be because I had freedom of opportunity, not guaranteed welfare. I did not expect anybody to support me and I did not expect others to translate everything for me into my language while I lazily pretended that I was too dumb to learn.
I still had a tremendous fear of the police state I escaped from and cringed every time someone knocked on the door and my heart pounded when I saw a policeman. Under communism, they were there to harass and to control us. We were always guilty no matter what.
Thirty-seven years later, I find myself more each day reliving the former communist country I fled in 1978. We now live in a neo-communism of sorts where the police state is everywhere, surveillance is more sophisticated and intrusive than the Soviets would have ever thought of; there is no need to place a spy on each street or stairwell in every block of apartments who registered the comings and goings of residents. There is no need to wiretap someone’s phone or home.
Now we have electronic surveillance that is neatly stored by NSA in Utah. If we don’t make it easy for them via Facebook and other social media, they now have installed smart grids, smart meters, smart appliances that communicate with the mother ship everything we do in our own homes under the guise of convenience, saving the planet from manufactured and imagined global warming, and saving us money. They are spying on us without a warrant not just with drones and cameras at every intersection, but with our TVs, our laptops, our GPS devices, our car computers, and even medical tags and I.D. tags embedded under your skin.
The immigrants of today are a total different breed from the immigrants of 37 years ago. They are here to demographically alter the makeup of our society in order to “fundamentally change” who we are as a nation, just like we were promised by our president five days before Inauguration. He has been mystifyingly successful beyond anybody’s imagination.
The 30-50 million illegals that were amnestied by both parties in Congress will change America into a borderless country with no identity, no sense of real history, no traditions, no pride, a hodge-podge of global citizens of various ethnic backgrounds and multi-cultures who have no allegiance to the Founding Fathers, to the Constitution, and to the citizens before us who have sacrificed themselves and built this country with their treasure, sweat, tears, and blood.
If you want to know what America will look like ten or twenty years from now, look at Sweden, Paris, London, Marseille, Belgium and other countries where senescent populations are replaced by fertile Middle Eastern and African populations. Europeans and now Americans are not having enough babies, instead are strolling dogs and cats. This fundamental change was brought by decades of progressive indoctrination in schools and universities that have destroyed the fabric of many societies with their preaching of communism, tolerance, diversity, multi-culturalism, and immorality.
For the last seven years, we have gone daily and weekly from one manufactured crisis to another, where a misperceived social injustice had to be redressed by creating more and more bureaucracies that we will never be able to undo. We have become the most racially divided that this country has ever been, thanks to the current administration.
We have witnessed the creation of the progressive thought police and intolerance, labeling everyone with whom they disagree as bigots, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, and domestic terrorists. We have also witnessed the government’s social engineering in action and takeover of the main stream media, of morality, marriage, education, finance, banking, housing, car manufacturing, health care, of millions of acres of arable land and parks, of the military, the Internet, privacy, nutrition, free speech, free assembly, of religion, and pretty soon the last bastions – the state police and the personal freedom to bear arms. It is déjà vu for me but it is communism on steroids.
Copyright: ILEANA JOHNSON 2015

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