Is It Another Conspiracy Theory?

While hiking through the woods, I am having a Rachel Carson “silent spring” moment. It’s early fall, nature is still beautiful, albeit a bit dry. There are no birds chirping, no squirrels, no snakes, just an annoying horse fly and a few mosquitoes. The fern gully is bone dry; all ferns have turned rusty brown from lack of rain. I finally spot a few small fishes darting about in the yellowish creek water.
The sky is blue for now but crisscrossed by grey and white trails that don’t disappear at all like vapors do but dissipate and blend hours and hours later into a strangely colored mist with blue-grey edges that blanket the sky. What is this? Why are the trails so perfectly parallel in both directions and intersecting like a chess board? Why would a plane maneuver in this grid pattern if it’s flying the shortest distance possible to a specific destination?
Conspiracy theorists call them chemical trails. Public officials have admitted that aluminum flakes are dropped from planes to “block the sun’s rays,” attempting to fix global warming. With so many real scientists acknowledging that global warming is a hoax and the climate change industry is an effort to fleece the public of trillions of dollars in carbon taxes across the globe, why are they spraying harmful chemicals into the atmosphere? Why have we engaged in weather modification for decades?
Pilots, doctors, and scientists gave their educated opinion to Shasta County Board of Supervisors on the issue of geoengineering/weather modification spraying of nanoparticles of various chemicals such as barium, strontium, and aluminum into the atmosphere. They voted unanimously to send the information obtained during this hearing to the EPA, the California Air Resources Board, and state and federal legislators.
Here are excerpts from testimony of various participants and concerned citizens at the Shasta County Board of Supervisors hearing:
– “The condensation trails occur in cold air (-30 degrees F) at higher altitudes, 30,000 feet plus; carbon dioxide and water vapor in that exhaust turns to ice crystals, that’s what you see, the white stream behind it; they warm up quickly and dissolve, and it never lasts more than a minute.” “These trails I’ve seen in the sky are not natural and are not normal.” (Jeff Nelson, former commercial airline pilot)
– “If you take a two-mile walk on a cold day and you can turn around and see your condensation trail tracking all the way back for two miles, that’s how crazy it is to think that what we are looking at in the sky are condensation trails.” (Iraja Sivadas, member, Union of Concerned Scientists)
– Chemtrails are real; they’re spraying almost every day. I’ve watched the clouds, I’ve watched the spraying. We are in great danger from this pollution that’s coming down over us.” (Allan Buckmann, former Military Meteorologist/Fish and Game Biologist)
– “I became interested in chemtrails when I was in Hawaii and Hawaiians were very vocal about it. When micronized aluminum is breathed in, it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth.”(Dr. Frank Livolsi, doctor and pilot)
– “When you look up at the sun and you see a white haze, that is aluminum floating in the air and is coming from aircraft.” (Mark McCandlish, former Defense Industry technician)
– “There is a huge amount of aluminum found; these sprays contain aluminum, strontium, barium, and manganese. Aluminum is common in a bonded form not in a free form, and we are finding high rates of free-form aluminum in the soil which is not natural.” (Iraja Sivadas)
– The metal compounds that are being used are environmentally dangerous; we need to be monitoring them and test them.” (Allan Buckman)
– “Water samples tested 13,100 micrograms/liter of aluminum, normally it should be zero. Pristine snow on Mount Shasta had 61,000 mcg/liter of aluminum, four times the amount found in the soil. Where is this stuff coming from if it’s not coming from the soil?” (Francis Mangles, 35 year USFS biologist)
– “I am seeing clouds I’ve never seen before, almost every day, and NASA even named a few of these new clouds.”(Allan Buckmann)
– NASA conducted research in metallized fuel, we’re actually putting aluminum oxide right into the fuel because it has two atoms of aluminum and three atoms of oxygen and during the combustion it releases all that oxygen and dramatically increases efficiency but it leaves aluminum in the air.”(Mark McCandlish)
– “We’ve got things coming from the sky down. As it [aluminum] comes down, it is in our air that we breathe into our nostrils, it goes into our brains, in the frontal lobe. The contaminant aluminum is the number one neuro-free radical in the brain to cause early Alzheimer’s.” (Dr. Steven Davis, D.C., C.T.N.)
– I’ve been practicing for 17 years and in the past five years I’ve seen a number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and other neuro-degenerative diseases tremendously increase, almost quadruple.” (Dr. Hamid Rabiee, Neurologist)
– Dr. Steven Davis voiced his concern about ADD which started in the 70s and autism which “was not on the radar, there were no documents, no information, there was one case in 100,000 children. Today, there is one case in 48 boys. I was part of the early group looking for aluminum in ADD and ADHD. All those children that started to develop those phenomena had high levels of aluminum. When we figured out protocols to detox them out, to free their bodies of those contaminants, their brains came back. When we do this to the aged, it does not come back as quick but it will come back. I’ve seen Alzheimer’s in 56 year olds when it used to be only in 80 year olds.”
– Dr. Frank Livolsi reminded the audience about the big move to remove aluminum from deodorant and cooking pots years ago because it caused Alzheimer’s. “Look what they are doing to us now,” he added.
– Mark McCandlish told the audience that 50 nanoparticles are the size of a red blood cell, that is how invasive they can be to a single cell.
– Francis Mangles was more concerned about the collapse of agriculture as we know it because of the spraying with toxic chemicals.
– Allan Buckmann was alarmed about overloading the ecosystem with aluminum, overwhelming and destroying microbial systems. “How did Monsanto know to create aluminum-resistant plants?”
– Francis Mangles said that “aquatic and terrestrial insects have taken a nose dive with a 20 percent reduction with the exception of ants.”
– Mark McCandlish said that trees absorb the thermal nanoparticles of barium and aluminum through the root system and, when trees burn, they burn considerably hotter, increasing the cost and danger of putting out forest fires. “The impact on human health is also dramatic.”
– Joseph Marman testified that he personally tested aluminum in water. He found large amounts of barium, aluminum, and strontium in a sample he held up that looked like a cobweb. Since they destroyed his previous sample, he said he was not letting go of this one. (Joseph Marman, attorney)
– Francis Mangles said that in Shasta County, “aluminum in soil has doubled in the last ten years and the soil is ten times more alkaline. Aluminum blocks essential nutrients. I am unable to restore normal pH in my garden because nanoparticles are now in the circulatory systems of both plants and humans.”
– Mark McCandlish talked about a study called “In vitro toxicity of aluminum nanoparticles in rat alveolar macrophages” and how long-term exposure to aluminum nanoparticles suppresses the immune system.
Joseph Marman concluded that the Board of Supervisors in Suffolk County, NY has outlawed geochemical engineering and Hawaii passed an ordinance banning geochemical engineering. Experimentation on humans is prohibited in this country, he said, and if anyone does experiment, they have 30 days to inform Congress. He wanted to know why was aluminum spiking in Shasta County, cases of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and why are there strange cobweb-like fibers on the ground?
All these private citizens, with years and years of experience in molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, agriculture, research, and flying, have put their reputations on the line and testified that chemical experimentation through aerial nanoparticle spraying of aluminum, barium, and strontium to modify the weather has been conducted for decades. Conspiracy theorists or not, many questions remain unanswered.

4 thoughts on “Is It Another Conspiracy Theory?

  1. global warming hoax! wait until maunder minimum ‘little ice age’ is upon us. no sun spot activity in 2016 just might trigger this! science has become so political and profitable. thanks again for a great article. i can show my friends your article and it will make me sound not as ‘crazy’ as they claim i am!

  2. John,
    You are not alone. I am not a scientist unless you consider economics a science which is a bit of a stretch. I do ask curious questions and report on what others have to say. You make up your own mind about chemtrails!

  3. Again thank you for this article about the geoengineering of the entire planet. Just wanted to mention that you have to use scientific terms when referring to the persistent contrails we are witnessing in our skies daily. Using the tern chemtrail leads people to the conspiracy sites. The use of scientific terms, SRM(solar radiation management),or simply geoengineering will lead you to the science pages that are loaded with patents and data about the program. The exact reasons for the aerosolization of our skies is still a mystery to me. The operation is covert for a good reason.If people found out they are being used in the largest experiment ever, with some really nasty “unintended consequences” the perpetrators would be sued off the face of the planet ,or worse! Again ,thank you for this and other articles that you so thoughtfully write.

  4. Definitely a conspiracy, but not a “theory”

    2015 was the warmest Christmas on record here in NYC, and by extension, it was one of the warmest Decembers. If I didn’t know better, I’d say yeah, the planet is getting warmer and maybe global warming/climate change is real.

    But I do know better. They’ve been messing with our weather for years and I have no idea why. But the chemtrails are in your face now. Strange rainbows, the sky is no longer deep blue even on a clear day. Next time you hear someone yammering on about “man made global warming,” maybe the first question should be, well why is so much crap being sprayed into our skies on such a massive scale??

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